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We The People

One Nation – Under God – Indivisible…

Big news in the sports pages is that WNBA rookie Caitlin Clark, already one of the most popular players in a league that needs fans, was left off Team USA. Her response was generous and thoughtful. “I’m excited for the girls that are on the team,” the University of Iowa standout and number-one WNBA draft pick said.

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United States Flags

Pledge To Protect Liberty And Freedom

In New York this week, pro-terror protestors rallied in front of a memorial to the victims of the October 7 massacre. They waved the flags of Iranian-backed terror proxies Hamas and Hezbollah and chanted in praise of Hitler. In Brooklyn, they vandalized the homes of Jewish board members of a prominent museum and marked them as prospective targets for a

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American Eagle

The Irrepressible American

The American citizens who sniffed out the dirty dealings of tyranny at the doorsteps in 2016 and refused to stop pushing for the truth and speaking out amid the collusion of the political-media-corporate ruling class represent the best of the best of what our Founders envisioned for a free nation. These are the irrepressible Americans. They refuse to be silenced

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American Flag

Fight On Patriots. America Is Our Country.

Maybe you’ll be tempted to say we’re not a serious country. Or we’re a “banana republic.” The nation is lost, you might be saying to yourself. There’s no way back. After all, a New York City jury voted to convict the 45th President of our country and the 2024 Republican candidate on 34 counts of a crime that no one

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American Eagle

Americans Demand Accountability

James Comey is worried. The Justice Department, the former FBI director said recently, took too much time bringing its cases against Donald Trump. “They were too slow,” he told the press. “And it’s cost us because we finally got a special counsel very late in the game, and we’re stuck the way we are.”

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American Eagle over American Flag

It’s Rally Time Patriots

The coming months will be some of the most trying in our nation’s history as the 2024 election season heats up. With breaking news this week that the two leading 2024 presidential candidates have agreed to debate each other at least twice, one thing is certain: The 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, will finally get a

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