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The Not On My Watch Show – Be Inspired To Get Involved

America’s Future urges citizens to seek the truth and facts and speak up in their communities to preserve our constitutional rights and protect the future of our nation – our children and grandchildren. Watch our podcast series, Not On My Watch episodes, to be inspired by the stories of fearless citizens who are making a difference in helping to preserve our freedoms and protecting our children against the crisis of child exploitation and trafficking.

Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 11

Mason Weaver is a Renaissance man. He is a multi-published author, broadcaster, entrepreneur, and a dynamic commentator and public speaker who is true to his belief that “we’re all here for a reason and a purpose…to pay attention and act.”

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NOT ON MY WATCH Episode 10

Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 10

Jaeson Jones has spent a lifetime protecting his fellow Americans. He is an expert in the inner workings of massive cartel operations and speaks with authority from first-hand experience about the crisis at the southern border, warning Americans to be prepared for what’s coming next to our cities and towns as a result of the rapid increase of illegals flooding

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Not On My Watch - Mike-SMith

Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 9

It is no exaggeration to say that Mike Smith’s Out Of Shadows and Into The Light are masterpieces of filmmaking. Mike, who has decades of experience as a Hollywood stuntman – the starting point of his film career, is a writer, producer, and director who used his knowledge and talent to capture the attention of the audience with superb cinematography

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EPISODE 8: Not On My Watch

Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 8

Imprisoned, tortured, and repeatedly raped for over three years as a child, Lynz Piper-Loomis describes the suffering and trauma she endured as a victim of child sex trafficking in Episode 8 of Not On My Watch with show host and investigative journalist and author Liz Crokin.

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Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 7

Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 7

Kirk Cameron’s refreshing voice of determined optimism comes through loud and clear in Episode 7 of America’s Future Not On My Watch with host Liz Crokin, investigative journalist and a PDPC Advisor. He speaks with clarity about the need to push back against immorality in society, especially for children, and that with God’s grace, good will overcome evil when good

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Not On My Watch - Podcast

Not On My Watch Podcast Episode 6

In the sixth episode of Not On My Watch, viewers have a chance to learn about the essence of family love and how the tragic death of a young man became a fight for justice in a corrupt system for his aunt, Geri Perna. Geri is the loving aunt of Matthew Perna, a natural-born teacher who loved his students as

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