Leadership Team

Mary O’Neill

Mary O’Neill


Mary O’Neill is a Finance Business Administrator specialist with over two decades of successful experience in non-profit, corporate and small business management.

She has owned and run many different types of entities, including Skater Island, Rock Island and D&D Fence Company, but her joy has been working in the non-profit arena, which includes the Preservation Society of Newport, R.I. and more recently the Catholic Church.

Mary holds a BS in Environmental Science, major in Environmental Psychology and an MBA.

She is so proud to be invited to join America’s Future, where she can use her skills to help continue the great work of General John K. Singlaub and to continue the work of the organization under General Michael T. Flynn.

Ed Martin

Ed Martin


Ed Martin is the President of America’s Future. Ed succeeded Major General John K. “Jack” Singlaub, USA (Ret.) in 2015 when he was elevated to Chairman of the organization. He is also the successor of Phyllis Schlafly and leads her continuing Eagle organizations. 

Ed is a lawyer who holds advanced degrees in medical ethics and philosophy and was awarded post-graduate fellowships in Italy and in Indonesia. Ed has served as Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party and as a member of the Republican National Committee. He was chief of staff for Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, where he helped Missouri to pass pro-life and school-choice legislation. Having run for office, Ed is well versed in political strategy and tactics, how candidates win and lose, and how legislation is passed and defeated. In 2016, Ed coauthored with Phyllis Schlafly and Brett Decker the New York Times bestseller The Conservative Case for Trump. He is also a frequent consultant on various media outlets.

Ed and his wife Carol, a physician specializing in geriatric internal medicine, have two sons and two daughters.

Board of Directors

General Michael Flynn

Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.)


Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.), Honorable Michael T. Flynn, retired from the Army after 33 years of distinguished service in uniform. He now serves as the Chairman of America’s Future, among the nation’s oldest 501(c)(3) Nonprofit organizations. His military career culminated as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and as the nation’s highest serving military intelligence officer.

General Flynn went on to serve in public life as an advisor to several Republican presidential candidates as a foreign policy expert, and subsequent appointment and service as the 25th National Security Advisor to the 45th President of the United States.

General Flynn also serves in a variety of civic, business, educational, and other non-profit roles, to include supporting veterans’ organizations around the country. His experience is broad and ranges in areas such as Diplomacy, Statecraft, Foreign Policy, Strategy Formulation, Defense, Intelligence, and more strategic issues of National and International Security.

General Flynn is a National bestselling author of the book, The Field of Fight, he is the author of numerous articles and papers as well as holding three master’s degrees and two honorary doctorates. General Flynn is also the recipient of numerous civilian, military, intelligence, and law enforcement awards.

He is happily married with two sons and has several grandchildren.

Joseph Flynn

Joseph J. Flynn


Mr. Joseph J. Flynn is a serial Healthcare IT entrepreneur. He is also the youngest of Lt Gen ( R ) Michael T. Flynn 8 siblings. Since 2017, he has been co-Trustee and Official Spokesperson for the Mike Flynn Legal Defense Fund which he co-founded with his sister Ms. Barbara Redgate Flynn to fight against the political persecution of their brother.

For the past 20 years, Mr. Flynn has served as founder and CEO of two Southern California based successful Healthcare IT Services startups. One of those companies, Auxilio (AUXO) he brought from zero revenue to a NYSE listing in January of 2017. The second Vereco, Inc., he successfully sold to a NY based private equity group in November of 2018. Mr. Flynn is current CEO of Global Telehealth Services, a Cleveland, OH based telehealth startup which he joined in July of 2020. He is also on the Board of two other technology related startups. Prior to his healthcare IT career, he spent 10 years in the International Exhibition Industry where he managed and acquired numerous large technology trade shows particularly in Latin America and Spain. Mr. Flynn is a 1987 graduate of the Catholic University of America with a BA in International Relations. He is fluent in Spanish and has working knowledge of Portuguese and French. After 21 years in Orange County, CA, Mr. Flynn and his wife Valerie recently relocated to Sarasota County, FL. The couple have two adult daughters.

Tracy Diaz

Tracy Diaz


Tracy Diaz is an investigative journalist, and Editor in Chief at UncoverDC.com.

An entrepreneur and successful C-level executive, Tracy also has wide-ranging experience in the political realm. Tracy was instrumental to the grassroots fervor that gripped the nation during the height of the Tea Party and the Ron Paul movement towards freedom and liberty. 

Tracy’s political experience starts at the grassroots level and moves all the way up the spectrum to establishment politics. She is a board member at the #WalkAway Foundation and has dedicated her life to preserving American freedom.

Her business acumen, investigative skills, leadership qualities, and success at corralling social media make her an asset to any organization dedicated to American Values. She is happily married and has two teenage children. 

Paul Hoffecker

Paul S. Hoffecker


Paul S Hoffecker has had a successful career in the Health Care non-profit arena.

He is currently the CEO of HMI (Hyperbaric Medicine International), a 501(c)(4), and CEO of Hyperbaric Medicine Foundation, a 501(c)(3). Both of these non-profit entities promote a standard of medical care using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for an array of medical and wellness conditions.

Paul’s career spans a history in healthcare administration, commercial and remodeling construction, senior project management and business consulting.

For many years, he was the past Founder and President of Renovating Hope, Inc. that rebuilt hundreds of homes throughout our country for wounded service members and veterans.

He works closely with the functional medical advocates in the U.S. military that strive to bend the curve in our nations suicide rate.

Paul is a staunch defender of the Constitution.

He is married with one adult son and lives in Chester County, PA.

Gen Jack Singlaub

Major General John K. Singlaub, USA (Ret.)

Chairman of the Board, Emeritus

Major General John (Jack) K. Singlaub (born July 10, 1921) is a retired two-star general in the United States Army, founding member of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and a highly decorated former officer in the former Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

As of 2014, he lives in Franklin, Tennessee. He is a member of the advisory council of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. Singlaub is the honorary vice president of London’s Special Forces Club. He is the chairman of The Jedburgh Group and president of the non-profit organization America’s Future, Inc. In January 2020 Singlaub used the “America’s Future” of Phyllis Schlafly to plead with Attorney General William Barr to “free Mike Flynn, drop the charges”


Hazardous Duty Book Cover
General Singlaub’s book: Hazardous Duty

“From the front lines of World War II to behind the scenes in the Iran-Contra affair, Major General John K. Singlaub recounts 40 years in the military. Mixing personal anecdotes with well-researched history and previously classified documents, he provides a unique look at the military, including the early days of the CIA. Photographs.”