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Perspectives On The Federalist Papers

America’s Future presents a series of articles below that provides readers with a historic review and modern-day perspective into some of our nation’s most important written materials found in the Federalist Papers, written between October 1787 and May 1788 by three of our Founders in their quest for ratification of the Constitution. Perspectives On The Federalist Papers articles were first published in our newsletters.

America’s Political Order Framed In Debate

This country’s political order was designed to be a contentious affair. Americans are supposed to argue. Good debates sharpen the mind, and, in the case of elected officials, can refine policies that affect our families, communities, and country.

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We The People with Lady Liberty

In Defense Of A Constitutional Republic – Liberty For All

Propaganda media, pundits, and political officials’ drumbeat of complaints about the threats to what they call “our democracy” are loathsome. It’s as if America belongs to that faction alone. In reality, those most publicly concerned about “democracy” are among the most anti-democratic people in our midst.

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We The People with Scales of Justice

Guarding Against Tyranny — Checks And Balances

Our Founding Fathers were revolutionaries, not idealistic dreamers. They knew that to introduce and maintain a system of government that had never been tried before, its principles would have to be grounded in an unsparing assessment of human nature derived from careful study of political history and scripture.

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Electoral College

Representative Republics Empower The People

The electoral college has become one of the most controversial features of our political system. Because it is a mechanism for sharing power between large, typically liberal urban areas and sparsely populated parts of America that tend to be more conservative, coastal elites want to eliminate the electoral college in order to dominate our country.

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Supreme Court of the US

Compelled To Deliver Blind Justice For All

Over the last year, the Supreme Court has delivered several important decisions regarding issues directly affecting our families, communities, and country. These landmark decisions concerned areas of great public interest – abortion, Second Amendment rights, and the federal bureaucracy’s attempts to circumvent congressional authority substituting agency regulations in place of laws passed by the men and women we elect to

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