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IN FOCUS – Unequal Justice Under Law

In our mission and effort to protect and preserve our God-given rights and Constitutional Republic for our fellow Americans through information and education, America’s Future presents a series of “In Focus” articles on the nation’s premier law enforcement agencies and their self-destruction over time.

Unequal Justice Under Law

The Self-Destruction Of The FBI

Over the entrance of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. are inscribed the words, “Equal Justice Under Law.” Those words reflect a promise by our federal government that “We the People” will be treated equally by those entrusted with law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial powers.

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Gavel and Books

The Roots of the FBI’s Suppression of Dissent

With each day’s headlines, the American people are waking up to the fact that the FBI routinely works to silence the voices of those who oppose the policies of the Deep State.  What many do not realize is that this type of intimidation by federal “law enforcement” officers has deep roots that go back to the earliest days of the FBI.

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