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Fed Investigation Into Diddy May Reopen Old Criminal Cases

The FBI raid on Sean “Diddy” Combs may lead to an investigation into old criminal cases tied to the rap mogul, including the infamous New York City nightclub shooting from over two decades ago.

In Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones’ recent lawsuit against Combs, he claimed that Jennifer Lopez smuggled Combs’ gun for him inside a Times Square club where three people were victims of a shooting in 1999. Jones also said Combs has bragged about bribing witnesses and jurors from the criminal case that turned into a seven-week long trial where Combs ended up walking free. However, a young artist under his Bad Boys Record label at the time, Shyne Barrow, was convicted.

“Mr. Combs’ girlfriend at the time, Jennifer Lopez, aka, J.Lo carried the gun into the club for him and passed him the gun after he got into an altercation with another individual,” Jones alleged in his suit.

Two law enforcement sources told The New York Post that the shooting and the trial could possibly be reinvestigated as part of a sweeping federal probe into

“They got eyes on him in Miami and the feds are talking to witness after witness,” New York criminal defense attorney Michael Discioarro, who is familiar with the case, told The Post. “They’re corroborating everything they can. But everything past and present is on the table with Mr. Diddy right now.”

Natania Reuben, who was one of the three victims in the club shooting, has said for years that she saw Combs shoot her in the face.

“I literally watched them pull out the guns, I had a clear point of view. I mean, for God’s sake, I got shot in my nose,” Reuben said during a recent appearance on NewsNation’s Elizabeth Vargas Reports. “I watched everything occur and have described it, vehemently, to all parties involved. I have nine bullet fragments remaining in my face.”

At the time of the incident, Lopez and Combs were apprehended by police. Police cuffed and detained Lopez for 14 hours but never charged her.

After shots were fired, Lopez and Combs fled the club in a Lincoln Navigator. Combs’ driver, Wardel Fenderson, later said Lopez said in the SUV that night that Shyne [Barrow] busted off.

“Shyne busted off! Shyne busted off in the air!” Fenderson quoted Lopez as saying — before cops pulled them over, according to The Post.

As Combs and his bodyguard walked free, Barrow was convicted on assault and gun possession and was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2001. Barrow has always maintained his innocence and claimed he was the fall guy, which he reiterated in an interview with Channel 5 Belize last week.

“It certainly reopens the wounds that I’ve been saying this all along, everyone knew all along that I was the fall guy. But my political enemies and, you know, detractors try to make me into, you know, this criminal. But everyone knew that I was a young kid that took the fall. Everyone knew that, that was the story. I’m just saying that I maintained my innocence all this time.”

Barrow also insists he never shot anybody.

“I maintain that I never shoot nobody, that there were other guns there. I’ve always said that, that has not changed and that is the testimony that came out. Fragments were never removed so there was never any forensic testing to say who it was, but the victims are vindicating me. Witnesses are vindicating me, but I have moved on, I am not trying to relive that.”

Barrow added that he prays for Combs, the alleged victims and, that whatever the truth is, may justice be served.

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