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At the heart of the vicious campaign to destroy the leader of the American opposition is the ruling party’s dirty secret. Yes, they know the incumbent is in danger of losing. Indeed, many polls show he trails the opposition leader by a formidable margin. But it’s even worse — the establishment knows that ordinary Americans hate their policies. That’s why they’re waging the lawfare campaign against Donald Trump, with cases in Georgia, Florida, Washington, D.C., and Manhattan.

This week, Trump turned the tables on his torturers. Forced to defend himself against phony charges in a New York City courtroom, he used his spare time walking the streets of his former hometown, once one of the greatest cities in the world. He promises to restore New York to its former glory, by backing the police, supporting the hard-working men and women who make America work, and by deporting the illegal aliens that have filled the streets and spiked crime rates since the federal government opened our borders.

In Harlem, Trump visited a bodega to show support for the owner, charged with murder after using a knife to fight off an attacker. Trump, the consummate object of establishment hatred, was received in the Latino-majority neighborhood like a star, as if he’d just hit the game-winning home run to earn the Yankees another World Series title. School kids shouted, “I love you Trump.” Their parents chanted, “four more years.”

The chances of him winning a city that voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden in 2020 are slim, but the point of walking the streets of New York wasn’t to win it. Rather, it was to embrace the love the man who made his name in New York had earned and to return that love. Americans are hurting. Americans are angry. And we are worried about our future. Trump used the media capital of the world to project the message across our country that he hears us, he gets it — after all, they’re going after him, too. But it’s going to be ok.

All of the strategies employed to destroy Trump are designed to protect a ruling class whose ideas are despised by ordinary Americans, from Harlem to the Great Plains, and from the California Central Valley to our southern border. And that’s why, according to reports from the Texas border, progressive activists are handing out fliers telling illegal aliens to vote for Biden. The ruling class knows that Americans hate their policies so much that they have to import new voters in order to stay in power.

It’s all out in the open now. Not even the massive censorship cartel joining the media, Big Tech, and U.S. spy services can hide it anymore. The truth has won out, and the ruling class is cornered. And the opposition is linking arms from sea to shining sea.

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