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Protecting Pillars Of The Republic

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The last decade of Deep State activism, during which intelligence operatives joined with the press to delegitimize a Presidency, destabilize the government, and demoralize half the country, is evidence that America is morphing into something alien and that our Constitutional Republic is at risk. But that may be just the beginning. What we call the lawfare campaign targeting Donald Trump is, in reality, the ruling class’ push to imprison the country’s leading opposition figure.

Thus, the question before the U.S. Supreme Court in the case Trump v United States will shape the future of America: Whether — and if so, to what extent — does a former President enjoy presidential immunity from criminal prosecution for conduct alleged to involve official acts during his tenure in office?

In the nation’s 236th year since ratification of the Constitution, and after 46 Presidents of the United States, until now, no former President had ever been indicted for a crime.  Although the court’s question is framed in terms of “presidential immunity,” what it really asks is whether America will join the ranks of countries where those wielding governmental authority abuse power to imprison their political opponents under the color of law. In other words, is the United States on the verge of becoming a third-world-style security state

Targeting political opponents has long been a feature of third-world politics. Perhaps most famously, South Africa’s leading opposition figure, Nelson Mandela, was incarcerated for over two decades. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe ordered the arrest of opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai before the results of the 2008 election were known.

More recently, China’s President Xi Jinping had his predecessor Hu Jintao escorted off the stage at the closing ceremony of the Chinese Communist Party National Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. The Chinese media reported that Hu was not feeling well. Other reporting suggested it was political and Xi’s way to “deliberately and publicly humiliate his predecessor.”

Of course, that’s the point of silencing opponents — to show that opposition to the man in charge is dangerous. In Russia, for instance, Vladimir Putin put opponent Alexei Navalny in prison, where he died in February. Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the country’s leading opposition figure, was sentenced to a three-year jail sentence for corruption last August.

The court will resolve the issue of presidential immunity, but that won’t put the genie back in the bottle. Now that the criminal justice system has been used to destroy opponents and secure power, we are in a different phase of our history. And it’s up to We The People to restore and protect the pillars of our Constitutional Republic. Get involved.

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