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Conquering Corruption For The Ages

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To fathom the depths of corruption to which our elites have sunk, it’s not enough to look upon their works — open borders, surging crime rates, record-high inflation, an endless cash flow to Ukraine, and of course, a poisonous campaign of lawfare waged against the ruling party’s opponents, including the leader of the opposition. We must also take account of their children.

Behold then the Ivy League and other top institutions of higher learning across the nation, roiled by pro-Hamas protests since the Palestinian terror organization murdered 1200 people on October 7, including dozens of American citizens.  In deference to the terror-supporting teens, this week, Columbia University shut its doors and announced that for the rest of the semester, classes will be online only. Why will no one stand up to them? Because of the power standing behind them.

Yes, filling the campus quads are not the children of the earth’s most downtrodden. Rather, the boys and girls leading chants to exterminate Jews and hoisting banners in praise of terrorists are the sons and daughters of the elites. Their monstrous morality reflects the values of their parents and other leading authority figures, including the professoriate.

To date, at Columbia, only one professor, an Israeli named Shai Davidai who teaches at the business school, has stood against the mob to defend not only Jewish students but also the values of Western civilization. He’s an honorable man to be commended for his courage as much as his morals. The rest of the faculty insist it’s time for the students to put into practice the vile ideas they’ve taught them about class struggle, “resistance,” and Marxism. It seems, unfortunately, that their charges were attentive pupils.

Asked by an interviewer whether Hamas should release the hostages after half a year in captivity, students answered no. Unfortunately, that can come as no surprise at this point. The same campus cohort celebrates abortions and the industrial-scale sterilization and mutilation of children, aka the trans agenda. The students pose as edgy outsiders rebelling against convention, but the reality is that they stand for the same causes advocated by the political insiders, media celebrities, hedge-fund managers, Big Tech executives, and corporate oligarchs who sit on top of the establishment — their parents.

The spectacle unfolding at Columbia and other universities is designed to make ordinary Americans despair, an emotional state no doubt intended to be reinforced by the fact that the White House plans to cancel this cohort’s college loan debt. The message is that these are the regime’s beloved little ones, whose terror and terrible ideas they aim to compel us ordinary Americans to fund.

Instead, we’ll use it as an example to distinguish ourselves from our corrupt ruling class and their vicious offspring. We’ll continue to instruct our children and grandchildren in the values that have inspired us from our Founding Fathers to the present and instill in them the honor and nobility befitting those who have and continue to make America great.

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