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Breaking Through The Confederation Of Corruption

Newsletter | September 22, 2022

Mallet braking glass

The assault on common decency, common sense, our Constitutional rights, and the truth is relentless.

This month Facebook was caught passing its users’ private communications to the FBI. They rationalized their actions by claiming they were on the lookout for right-wing extremists. Yet government whistleblowers tell us the FBI is wildly exaggerating the danger of so-called “domestic terrorists” on the right. Next, we learn that political operatives are paying influencers on the social media platform TikTok to push the administrative state’s narrative about “right-wing extremists.” This revelation of a “pay-per-lie” scam is dangerous.

Both examples are just two of a long string of shocking abuses against Americans giving us clear vision of the larger scheme at hand – social media, political operatives and government agencies are coordinating assaults on our constitutional order and criminalizing political dissent.   

It’s not the first time our federal law enforcement agency spied on Americans’ correspondence to serve its political masters in Washington. From the Bureau’s very beginnings, it was secretly opening the letters of fellow citizens and reading their telegrams.

The difference between then and now is this: when congressional investigators revealed the FBI’s abuses in the 1970s, the press expressed outrage. Today, our supposedly unbiased media fully supports our government infringing on our constitutional rights of due process (Fifth Amendment) and violating protections against unreasonable searches and seizures (Fourth Amendment), so long as the government is targeting the conservative side of the political spectrum.

The absence of moral rectitude by the legacy press and its abdication of the vital role in American society to inform the public has put us on a collision course with an all-encompassing confederation of corruption.

In partnership with social media, government agencies, and political operatives, the legacy media helped silence critics of the official COVID narrative, shut down reporting of the Biden family’s illicit business dealings with foreign countries just before the 2020 election (“laptop from hell”), censored American moms and dads voicing their opposition to the administrative state’s CRT curriculum and narratives. And now, the same confederation has shut down opponents of those pushing vulnerable school-age children into chemical castration and irreversible surgeries.

The good news is that patriots are awakening, doing their own research and accessing the growing network of independent investigative journalists, researchers, and platforms. America’s Future urges patriotic Americans to continue to keep advancing forward in the march for truth and then stand up and speak it!  Get involved and stay informed. There is no superhero coming to save our great nation from the attempts to destroy it.  Our country is counting on us.

Hundreds of readers share their insights and thoughts with us each week by takings our Reader’s Survey. Please let us know what you are thinking and remember to watch America’s Mondays With Mary at 9 a.m. every Monday when America’s Future Executive Director Mary O’Neill shares some of the responses and comments we receive by survey-takers and provides updates about our organization’s activities.


Heading Into The Home Stretch – Are You Ready?

Vote November 8th

The primaries are over and the 2022 mid-term general election is 47 days away. Are you ready to cast your vote?

Have you checked your voter registration record in your state or local community? Is your driver’s license or state identification card valid with accurate information? Have you signed up to be a poll worker or volunteered in other ways to help your neighbors feel confident that their vote will be registered and counted properly? These are just a few considerations to think about now as we head into the stretch toward this year’s November 8th election.

America’s Future wants to help ease the way by providing an “Election Information Resources” page on our website. Here you will find direct links, telephone numbers and email address to all 50 states and U.S. jurisdictions’ election information websites. It’s user-friendly with easy access to check where your polling location is and other assorted points of voter information. 

Please share the page with your family and friends and be ready to get involved in your local community’s election process.

Every citizen’s vote is sacred. It is at the heart of our Constitutional Republic system of government. America’s Future urges all eligible voters to get out on Election Day and bring 10 friends to the polls with you and vote. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Elections belong to the people.”

Unequal Justice Under Law
The FBI’s War Against Donald Trump

This is the fifth article in our series on the nation’s premiere law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and its self-destruction over time.

While most think of the FBI as an agency that investigates crime, its real function is to serve as an intelligence agency which discredits or “neutralizes” opponents of the Deep State.  Sometimes those who the FBI believes need to be neutralized are the very presidents and congressmen with responsibility to oversee the FBI.  How are these officials neutralized?  It’s been an open secret for decades.  Even the pro-government and government-funded Public Broadcasting System reported in a 1993 documentary that “For nearly 50 years, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover amassed secret files on America’s most prominent figures, files he used to smear and control presidents and politicians.”

The FBI’s misuse of the information it collects continues.  While still President-Elect, Donald Trump criticized the Intelligence Community, causing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to warn:  “if you take on the Intelligence Community they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.”  No truer words have ever been uttered by a politician.  Members of Congress often have their own secrets to hide and do not want to provoke an agency that has a secret file on their lives and careers. 

President Trump was not like those who came before him who were willing to make peace with the creatures who live in the D.C. Swamp.  Worried that a President Trump would be uncontrollable, the FBI began investigating Trump.  The FBI claimed the reason was to find out whether Russian agents were interfering in the 2016 election — but that was a lie.  Actually, it was the FBI that was spreading the Trump-Russian Collusion hoax.

The FBI’s anti-Trump operation, “Crossfire Hurricane,” was launched when the Trump Campaign was in high gear — July 2016, according to a Justice Department Inspector General Report (IG Report).  Providing fuel for the FBI operation was the now-infamous “Steele Dossier,” compiled by ex-British agent Christopher Steele.

Among the claims in the Steele Dossier was the claim that Naval Academy graduate Carter Page and a Trump advisor was a Russian agent.  That same IG Report demonstrates the FBI knew that story was not true.  (IG Report, p. viii.)  The FBI filed falsified information with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain authorization to wiretap Carter Page, thus providing access to much of the Trump Campaign.  The FBI concealed from congressional investigators, and the FISA Court, that Steele was being paid by Trump’s opponent — the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The FBI renewed its FISA surveillance request three more times.  By the fourth time, the agent who filed the sworn statement with the Court stated that he wanted a definite answer as to whether Page was a foreign agent before filing the statement.  So FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith took an email from another agency discussing Page’s actual involvement as a source for the CIA, added the words “not a source” to the discussion of Page’s work for the CIA, and forwarded it on for presentation to the FISA Court. (IG Report p. xi.)  So the FBI, knowing that Page was actually providing intelligence to the CIA, swore to the FISA Court that he was a Russian agent instead, in order to obtain permission to spy on the Trump campaign.

The FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” involved FBI agents at all levels of the Bureau. Whether you like Trump or not, the FBI’s leading role in the Russia hoax demonstrates that the agency has never stopped working to neutralize its opponents — up to and including the President of the United States — to preserve the grip of the Deep State over our nation.

Editor’s Note: To read the articles in this series thus far, please click here.


America’s Future Files Amicus Briefs Protecting Constitutional Rights 

Constitution with Gavel

America’s Future filed two separate Amicus briefs this week supporting the Constitutional rights of all Americans. The following provides background information and details of both briefs. To stay up-to-date on America’s Future Amicus briefs and other legal filings, visit our Law & Policy page.

In Support of Americans’ Second Amendment Rights

On Sunday, September 19, 2022, America’s Future along with 10 other amici organizations, submitted a Motion for Leave to File a Supplemental Amicus brief to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in the Second Amendment legal battle Todd Yukutake and David Kikukawa v. Holly Shikada, in her official capacity as the Attorney General of the State of Hawai’i, et al., No. 21-16756 (2022).  This is America’s Future second amicus brief filed in this case due to the June 23, 2022 United States Supreme Court (SCOTUS) decision in New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. Bruen 597 U.S (2022).

The SCOTUS decision in the landmark Second Amendment Buen case altered the framework of Yukutake v Shakida along with all other Second Amendment cases in litigation on that day, across the nation.  The decision reinforced and made clear that Americans enjoy a near-absolute constitutional right to bear arms.  The decision warned national and local governments against enacting ticky-tacky arbitrary gun regulations; and further directed all lower courts to refrain from deciding Second Amendment challenges using what is known as the “two-step approach” which, in practice, gave courts unchecked discretion to uphold or strike down gun regulations at their whim by applying flimsy justification standards to the facts of any case to whatever outcome they wanted.

Specifically, the SCOTUS held: “New York’s proper-cause requirement violates the Fourteenth Amendment by preventing law-abiding citizens with ordinary self-defense needs from exercising their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms in public for self-defense.”

Writing for the majority in Bruen, Justice Clarence Thomas explained that in the Second Amendment context, there is only one question a court must tackle, “the test that the [U.S. Supreme] Court sets forth…requires courts to assess whether modern firearms regulations are consistent with the Second Amendment’s text and historical understanding [and nothing more].”

To assist lower courts with formulating proper analyses of Second Amendment cases, the Bruen Court categorized five different types of historical evidence: “(1) medieval to early modern England; (2) the American Colonies and the early Republic; (3) antebellum America; (4) Reconstruction; and (5) the late-19th and early-20th centuries.”

Turning to our supplemental Amicus brief filed this week, we posited that Hawaii has merely offered evidence that fits into the fifth category; the category the SCOTUS plainly states, in Bruen, as being the least significant.

For this reason and others, we urge the Ninth Circuit to heed the instructions provided by SCOTUS and restore the trial court’s decision granting summary judgment in favor of Mr. Yukutake, thus invalidating the following unconstitutional Hawaii gun regulations: HRS § 134-2(e) and HRS § 134-3(c), in relevant parts mandating that (1) “that individuals purchase a handgun (pistol or revolver) within 10 days of obtaining a permit to acquire” and (2) “that individuals physically bring their firearm to the police department for in-person inspection and registration within five days of acquiring it.” 

Like the New York gun regulatory scheme struck down in Bruen, Hawaii’s onerous state gun regulatory regime is arbitrary, overburdensome and violates the Second Amendment. 

In Support of Americans’ First Amendment Rights

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2022, America’s Future along with four other nonprofit organizations jointly submitted a Motion for Leave to File an Amicus brief to the Alabama Middle District Court – Northern Division in Eknes-Tucker, et al. v Ivey, in her official capacity as Governor of the State of Alabama, No. 2:22-cv-00184 (2022) a.k.a. Boe v Marshall, No. 2:22-cv-00184 (2022).
For background, plaintiffs in this case are challenging the constitutionality of an Alabama state law entitled “Alabama Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act,” also known as “VCAP,” (SB 184 and HB 266) which prohibits certain “medical” procedures that the state had determined to be harmful to minors.
Now in the discovery phase of litigation, the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a subpoena to Eagle Forum of Alabama (EFA), a nonprofit organization and a non-party to the case. The Amicus brief supports the EFA’s motion to quash the subpoena based on First Amendment rights.
As more fully described in our brief, the DOJ’s subpoena is, at best, overbroad and, at worst, an abusive tactic constituting a new type of threat to constitutionally protected liberties.  Not only does this DOJ subpoena seek disclosure of proprietary confidential information from a nonparty organization, but it also inherently seeks disclosure of “personally identifiable information” (PII) of all those EFA was in contact with regarding VCAP.  The First Amendment guarantees rights of assembly, association, free press and free speech among others.  On the flipside, the First Amendment encompasses the inverse of each – a right to retreat to your home in seclusion, the right to not associate with groups you disagree with and the right to be silent, anonymous, and secluded.
America’s Future steadfastly argues the DOJ’s subpoena to the EFA is vexatious and overburdensome.  Worse still, the subpoena is an imminent threat to the liberties and protections guaranteed by the First Amendment.

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