IN FOCUS – Unequal Justice Under Law

Unequal Justice Under Law

In our mission and effort to protect and preserve our God-given rights and Constitutional Republic for our fellow Americans though information and education, America’s Future presents a series of “In Focus” articles on the nation’s premiere law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and its self-destruction over time. Many readers will be astonished that Bureau abuses are not new but have existed for decades. We introduce this series beginning with an outline of more recent activities causing grave concern to most Americans as signs of unequal, politicized treatment abounds.

A Series On The Self-Destruction Of The FBI — Part I

Over the entrance of the Supreme Court building in Washington, D.C. are inscribed the words, “Equal Justice Under Law.” Those words reflect a promise by our federal government that “We the People” will be treated equally by those entrusted with law enforcement, prosecutorial and judicial powers. It is our shared belief that there is one standard of justice that applies to us all, which has provided the glue that has held our nation together for over two centuries. Today that glue is dissolving before our eyes.

Consider, two dozen FBI agents had no qualms about conducting an armed raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago even though no former President had ever been treated in such a fashion. FBI agents have arrested Trump campaign officials in early morning raids on their own homes, placed them in handcuffs and leg irons, and seized their phones. At least thus far, it even appears that the role of the FBI has been more to protect the son of the current President of the United States than to investigate him.

Leftists Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters were allowed to storm the federal courthouse in Portland, burn down stores, and kill without consequence, but election protesters welcomed into the Capitol by police on January 6, egged on by informants who have never been arrested, are treated as terrorists, hunted down by the FBI, locked down in solitary confinement, beaten by prison guards and prosecuted, many without adequate access to effective counsel. Those who break into stores are released without bond, while those who defend themselves and their property are arrested and prosecuted. We recently learned that the plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan was largely concocted by FBI agents and informants. Could it get any worse?

Federal law enforcement has failed us. Government exists “for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well” (1 Peter 2:14), but in practice, it rewards evildoers and punishes those who do well.

This type of unequal justice is literally tearing America apart. The prophet Isaiah describes what happens when law enforcement acts corruptly: “Justice is turned back, And righteousness stands far away; For truth has stumbled in the street, And uprightness cannot enter.” (Isaiah 59:14.)

We at America’s Future are determined to stand against corrupt federal law enforcement. Until we know the true scope of the problem, we will be unable to correct it. We encourage you to continue reading our “In Focus” series in future newsletters to stay informed, and invite you to work with us to resist this evil that we may restore justice and righteousness to our land.

The Left’s Flip-Flop on the FBI – Part II

From its earliest days, the political Left in America has been highly critical of FBI abuses of civil liberties. With the advent of World War I and Congress’ enactment of the Espionage Act of 1917, the FBI began use of wiretapping and opening U.S. Mail as part of its nationwide surveillance of Americans. To be sure, the Bureau surveilled those thought to be German agents, but it also targeted political activists who were critical of U.S. entry into the war. As far back as 1924, an ACLU report described the FBI as “a secret police system of a political character.”

The Left’s criticism of the FBI intensified over the “Cointelpro” operation, which lasted from 1956 to 1971. There, the FBI targeted and disrupted political activities of American citizens viewed as troublemakers, particularly civil rights activists and the Black Panther Party. The FBI wiretapped, surveilled, and harassed Martin Luther King, Jr., and many believe at one point tried to drive him to commit suicide.

More recently, the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General examined the FBI in the years after 9/11, and its report showed the FBI had focused on left-leaning groups such as Greenpeace, Catholic Worker, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, violating its own policies while surveilling Americans. The Left objected when the Espionage Act was used against whistle blowers who revealed details of the NSA mass surveillance programs and the CIA’s use of torture to fight its war on terror.

All this changed during the Trump Era with the FBI’s protection of Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden while attacking anyone in the MAGA movement.

Some on the Left now are thrilled that the Espionage Act could be used to indict President Trump, as the search warrant used to justify the Mar-a-Lago raid asserted possible violations of that Act. The Left has made clear that they have no objections to a “secret police system” — it just needs to be their secret police. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich explains: “The arrogance, aggressiveness, and dishonesty of the FBI has turned it into the left-wing secret police.”

Congressional Democrats have attacked the FBI for decades, but when Republicans pushed back against the FBI raid, soon-to-be former Rep. Liz Cheney tweeted, “I have been ashamed to hear [Republicans] attacking the integrity of the FBI agents…. These are sickening comments…” Former FBI agent Peter Strzok told MSNBC, “Absolutely the American public should trust what the FBI is doing. It’s not that the FBI is targeting any one side or the other.” Really?

At America’s Future, we believe that everyone’s Constitutional rights must be protected — or we will have lost the rule of law. The FBI’s violation of the rights of Leftist activists is just as serious as its violation of the rights of Conservative activists. The nation cannot survive if federal law enforcement personnel who are entrusted to carry badges and guns act as the enforcement arm of those politicians currently in power.

The FBI Mostly Enforces Unconstitutional Federal Criminal Laws – Part III

Increasingly, Americans have become aware of the politicization of the FBI and its efforts to target and often terrorize the political enemies of the Biden Administration. Why is it that more people are not demanding we simply eliminate the threat by abolishing the FBI? One reason is that there is the notion that America needs the FBI to protect the nation from criminals. Is that really true? The FBI has never played a major role in law enforcement in the United States, which is handled at the state and local level. The FBI’s only criminal responsibilities is for federal crimes, but that raises the question as to why are there so many federal crimes. Was this the way it was supposed to be?

The truth is that the Founding Fathers never entrusted the federal government with the general power to criminalize behavior — called the “police power.” Only three provisions in the Constitution expressly authorize enactment of federal crimes. The Constitution’s Article I, Section 8 authorizes laws for “punishment of counterfeiting,” and to “define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations.” Article III, Section 3 authorizes the crime of treason. Only a handful of other constitutional provisions could be viewed as authorizing other types of crimes.

Consistent with that constitutional plan, until the Twentieth Century, there were only a handful of federal crimes. But in response to every tragic event, someone in Congress will urge a new crime be created — promising that a tragedy of that sort “would never happen again.” Those in Congress have demonstrated little respect for the limits the Constitution places on them, and government schools have dumbed down the American people so we don’t think about the danger of the federal government usurping criminal powers that states should exercise.

Similarly, the Supreme Court has failed to require Congress to legislate within the limits imposed by the Constitution. Courts find a way to discover vast authority in the “necessary and proper” clause or the power to regulate interstate commerce to create crimes or the notion of “implied” powers. Neither the Congress nor the Courts pay much attention to the Tenth Amendment, under which all “powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

How bad is the problem? The American Bar Association has noted that “[s]o large is the present body of federal criminal law that there is no conveniently accessible, complete list of federal crimes.” According to one count made in 2015, America enforced “at least 5,000 federal criminal laws, with 10,000-300,000 regulations that can be enforced criminally.” These laws are not ignored by federal prosecutors.

The Founders would neither recognize nor countenance the modern federal criminal Leviathan that threatens the rights of Americans. American citizens should not countenance it either. And if the thousands of unconstitutional federal crimes were repealed, the need for the FBI would largely vanish as law enforcement would be returned to the states as the Framers of our Constitution intended.

The FBI’s Sense of Unbalanced Justice – Part IV

Since the 1930’s, the FBI’s motto has been “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity.” How well has today’s FBI lived up to that slogan? Has it been faithful to its duties? Does it follow high ethical standards? Or has it degenerated into the partisan, brutal enforcement arm of the ruling class? Let’s take a look at how the FBI treats key figures of the opposition party, and compare that to how it treats its friends.

In January 2019, the FBI stormed the home of long-time Trump confidant Roger Stone in a pre-dawn, military-style raid. Extensive video footage of the raid was broadcast by CNN, which the FBI apparently tipped off to arrive a half-hour early to cover the event to send a message to the American people. On cue, the deep state media fell into line in attacking Stone as a violent threat to everyone around him.

In 2021, in another early-morning show of force, the current administration’s FBI raided the home and office of former Trump attorney (and former U.S. Attorney) Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani was awakened by the agents. The FBI seized his cellphone and other devices and the computer at his office. In America, there has been a robust attorney-client privilege and protection of attorney work product, but now the FBI seizes everything lawyers have and reads everything, even if they can’t use everything as evidence in court. That’s no privilege at all.

On June 3, 2022, FBI agents arrested Trump Trade Advisor Peter Navarro on simple “contempt of Congress” charges for refusing to testify before the January 6 House Committee. Navarro explained: “[T]hey went with this shock and awe terrorist strategy…They let me go to the airport and then take me with five agents, like an Al Qaeda terrorist…and the next thing I know I’m in leg irons, handcuffs, strip-searched.”

After the raid on President Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago on August 8, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called the FBI an “American Stasi,” a reference to the brutal communist East German secret police. The main charges against Trump dealt with the Presidential Records Act, and were instigated by National Archives.

Recently, it stopped Trump attorney Professor John Eastman and seized his phone. This week, the FBI seized My Pillow owner Mike Lindell’s phone while driving through a Hardees, and reportedly the FBI has done the same with dozens of others investigating election fraud. Intimidation is the FBI’s calling card with the pace of seizures intensifying as the November 8th election draws closer.

Now, compare how the FBI treats its establishment allies.

Former Clinton Administration National Security Advisor Sandy Berger stole classified documents from the National Archives by stuffing them in his underwear. These records related to the government’s official investigation into the events of September 11, 2001 and thus their removal and destruction could have impeded that critical investigation. Berger was allowed to plead to a misdemeanor for unauthorized removal and retention of classified material and served no jail time.When Hillary Clinton transferred highly classified documents to her private email server, once again, the FBI and Justice Department had no interest. Some of those documents were classified at a higher level than “top secret.” Then FBI Director James Comey issued his famous statement exonerating Hillary Clinton, which Senators Grassley and Graham revealed had been drafted even before the FBI’s investigation was completed.

More recently, former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith admitted altering a document about Trump campaign aid Carter Page that was used to justify the FBI investigation into President Trump. He could have been sent to jail for five years, but he reached a plea deal, 12-month probation and 400 hours of community service.

Americans are waking up as they watch – in real time – the FBI betray its motto, bending the law and sink to the dark side of unbalanced justice. Is there room for reform of the FBI? Or is it time to dissolve it?

The FBI’s War Against Donald Trump – Part V

While most think of the FBI as an agency that investigates crime, its real function is to serve as an intelligence agency which discredits or “neutralizes” opponents of the Deep State.  Sometimes those who the FBI believes need to be neutralized are the very presidents and congressmen with responsibility to oversee the FBI.  How are these officials neutralized?  It’s been an open secret for decades.  Even the pro-government and government-funded Public Broadcasting System reported in a 1993 documentary that “For nearly 50 years, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover amassed secret files on America’s most prominent figures, files he used to smear and control presidents and politicians.”

The FBI’s misuse of the information it collects continues.  While still President-Elect, Donald Trump criticized the Intelligence Community, causing Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to warn:  “if you take on the Intelligence Community they have six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.”  No truer words have ever been uttered by a politician.  Members of Congress often have their own secrets to hide and do not want to provoke an agency that has a secret file on their lives and careers. 

President Trump was not like those who came before him who were willing to make peace with the creatures who live in the D.C. Swamp.  Worried that a President Trump would be uncontrollable, the FBI began investigating Trump.  The FBI claimed the reason was to find out whether Russian agents were interfering in the 2016 election — but that was a lie.  Actually, it was the FBI that was spreading the Trump-Russian Collusion hoax.

The FBI’s anti-Trump operation, “Crossfire Hurricane,” was launched when the Trump Campaign was in high gear — July 2016, according to a Justice Department Inspector General Report (IG Report).  Providing fuel for the FBI operation was the now-infamous “Steele Dossier,” compiled by ex-British agent Christopher Steele.

Among the claims in the Steele Dossier was the claim that Naval Academy graduate Carter Page and a Trump advisor was a Russian agent.  That same IG Report demonstrates the FBI knew that story was not true.  (IG Report, p. viii.)  The FBI filed falsified information with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to obtain authorization to wiretap Carter Page, thus providing access to much of the Trump Campaign.  The FBI concealed from congressional investigators, and the FISA Court, that Steele was being paid by Trump’s opponent — the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The FBI renewed its FISA surveillance request three more times.  By the fourth time, the agent who filed the sworn statement with the Court stated that he wanted a definite answer as to whether Page was a foreign agent before filing the statement.  So FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith took an email from another agency discussing Page’s actual involvement as a source for the CIA, added the words “not a source” to the discussion of Page’s work for the CIA, and forwarded it on for presentation to the FISA Court. (IG Report p. xi.)  So the FBI, knowing that Page was actually providing intelligence to the CIA, swore to the FISA Court that he was a Russian agent instead, in order to obtain permission to spy on the Trump campaign.

The FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” involved FBI agents at all levels of the Bureau. Whether you like Trump or not, the FBI’s leading role in the Russia hoax demonstrates that the agency has never stopped working to neutralize its opponents — up to and including the President of the United States — to preserve the grip of the Deep State over our nation.

Check back for further articles in this series.

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