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The Truth Is The Truth

Truth over a smoke background

Despite attempts to obscure the reality of the massive criminal conspiracy that has led to an invasion of our nation, it can’t be hidden – not by Biden, who is responsible for it, not by the crazed fake news narrative engineers, nor by anyone else, for that matter.

Facts are facts, and the truth is the truth. Millions of illegal aliens have entered the country unlawfully since Biden, who swore an oath to serve and protect America, landed in the White House. One of them killed 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley two weeks ago.

But when the President’s political faction was angered that he used the word “illegal” to describe the killer, a Venezuelan migrant, at the State of the Union, Joe Biden later corrected himself. “I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal,'” he told the media. “‘It’s undocumented.”

By using terminology designed to appease the globalist oligarchs and the leftist hordes more concerned about politically correct language than the murder of an American citizen, Biden gave more evidence that his talk about border security is hogwash. If he were serious about defending American sovereignty, which is his job, he’d match words to reality.

Those who enter our country unlawfully are not “undocumented Americans,” as the left’s media puppeteers like to say. And since their first action inside our borders is to trespass them in violation of the law, there is no other way to describe them than as “illegal aliens.”

For years, American officials, right and left, brushed off the problem by contending that our immigration system is broken and needs fixing. They’re still saying it. But the fact is that corporate elites have been pushing for open borders for decades, and the current administration has made their dreams come true.

What that looks like in reality is a figure that may be as high as ten million people who have come to our country in the last three years – felons, terrorists, spies, and quite likely military units sent by hostile powers like China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba. The facts are that Biden has allowed the attack on America, and with it, he has imported – first, a voting base to secure power for a political faction whose policies are dangerous to the interests of genuine Americans; second, labor that will further depress wages for U.S. citizens; and finally, a militia to service the cruel whims of a pathological ruling class that has divided the country in order to make war on it.

It’s also clear that the political representatives we elected to stand for the middle class have spent the last several years wasting their time trying to negotiate with an establishment intent on destroying the country when they should be gathering evidence for the next Republican administration in order to hold accountable those who have endangered our peace.

Our forefathers first came to this country and tamed the wilderness to build a new civilization, the new city on the Hill. Later, the pioneers pushed West to settle the land and increase our bounty. Today, by opening our borders, our leaders have imposed the wilderness on us and brought the frontier to our doorstep.

There will be more violence threatening our families and communities, and it’s up to us to protect them. We will have no help from the federal government, and local authorities may soon become overwhelmed. We will need to adopt the rough and ready mindset of the men and women who settled our great land, the mindset of the frontier. Plan with your neighbors to fortify your communities.

We pray for Laken Riley and her family and resolve to protect what those we elected have shown they will not — our loved ones, our homes, our communities, our country.

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