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Truth Wills Out Against The Tides Of Tyranny

Newsletter | July 27, 2023

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We’ve devoted much attention to calling out the corruption of federal bureaucracies like the FBI, CIA, Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security, and others. And rightly so. The FBI spied on an American President after framing him as a Russian spy. With January 6, virtually every law enforcement agency in the Washington, DC area — federal and local — was tasked to violate the First and Fourth Amendment rights of U.S. citizens. And of late, we see the Justice Department scrambling to cover for the crimes of the President’s son, crimes that would put ordinary Americans in jail.

When unelected bureaucrats rig the justice system to serve their own causes and fix elections to advance their preferred candidates, it signals that our constitutional order is broken. But something else is happening, too — have you noticed? The clearest evidence we have of government malfeasance is coming from public servants working in the same agencies where corruption has taken root. Men and women sworn to serve our country are standing up to do the right thing, to do their jobs the right way. These are the whistleblowers, American heroes.

Congressman Jim Jordan explained how dozens of FBI whistleblowers have met with him and other House members to explain how the FBI targeted pro-life groups, Catholics, and parents as part of the current administration’s campaign against its political opponents — that is, free-born U.S. citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. Three of those FBI whistleblowers, Garret O’Boyle, Steve Friend, and Marcus Allen went public to deliver their testimony to Congress. It couldn’t have come as much surprise to them that they were vilified by Democrats and the media, only the latest injustice leveled against men punished by the FBI for doing their jobs right. But we’re with you. We cheer you on and stand with you.

We’re also grateful for IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler. In their recent congressional appearances, they testified that the Joe Biden Justice Department quashed their probe of Hunter Biden’s alleged tax crimes. Democrats and the press attacked them, too, but Shapley and Ziegler are good at their jobs and know what they’re talking about. They returned partisan talking points with facts, data about the millions of dollars the first family has collected from the apparatchiks of corrupt regimes, including Ukraine, Russia, and perhaps most significantly, the People’s Republic of China, America’s chief strategic threat.

The whistleblowers restore our faith in public servants. Not everyone who works in government sees it as an opportunity to steal from, lie to, and cheat the American public. Many just keep their heads down, happy to earn a paycheck even as their agency or institution is rotting away around them. But those who stand up to do what’s right, knowing they’re likely to lose their jobs and suffer the insults of the media and partisan hacks, are true patriots. They exemplify the best of our great nation, dating back to our Founding Fathers, willing to risk all for liberty by telling the truth. We stand with you.

Please participate in our Reader’s Survey. Your insights and thoughts are important as we learn what is on the minds and in the hearts of our fellow Americans. We read them all and share some of them Mondays at 9 a.m. during America’s Future live broadcasts with our Executive Director Mary O’Neill on America’s Mondays With Mary. Thank You!

America Patriots - Roger Simon

Roger Simon is a novelist, screenwriter, the CEO emeritus of Pajamas Media, and now editor-at-large at the Epoch Times. His forthcoming book American Refugees chronicles the massive exodus from Blue cities to Red regions, a population shift re-shaping not only our political landscape but also our society as a whole, as millions of Americans re-organize themselves into communities based on the values and virtues on which the greatest nation in world history was founded. We spoke with Roger recently to get his thoughts on where America and Americans are headed.

You’ve just finished a book about Americans moving, as you did, from a Blue state to a Red one. What is the biggest difference between the two?

In the Red states, you are relieved to feel you have returned to the America in which you grew up, although it is precarious.  The Blue states are another “woke” country now of their own making.

Do you think that Blue regions can regain their sanity?

They can, but it will take a long time and a monumental struggle. Media, academic, and entertainment figures will have to start being honest with themselves and admit they were wrong – not easy.

How has conservative media changed since you first moved to the right?

Conservative media has formalized and professionalized from the Wild West of the blogosphere.  Some of this is a positive (example: The Epoch Times), some of this is fraught with betrayal (example: Fox News).

If you were writing a movie about the current moment in U.S. society, what story would you tell?

An adaptation of Witness by Whittaker Chambers.  It’s from a long time ago (1952), but Chambers’ dramatic fight with the government has more to say about our current world than any literary work I can think of.

What is your prayer for America?

That Donald Trump will be our next president.  That sounds corny, almost trite, but I don’t think we go forward without it.

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Acclaimed Filmmaker Mike Smith Joins Our Board of Directors

America’s Future is pleased to announce that acclaimed filmmaker, Mike Smith, director of Out of Shadows and a powerhouse voice for freedom, has joined our Board of Directors.

Mike Smith

“Mike is an American patriot who put it all on the line to fight against censorship and champion freedom using his talent and faith in God to inspire and educate the public,” said Mary O’Neill, Executive Director of America’s Future. “His film, Out of Shadows, set the world ablaze by delivering the raw truth about the use of propaganda – and worse – by U.S. government agencies and Hollywood elites that aim to destroy our country…and, he exposed the horrors of child predators and rituals of cults that tear down the fabric of the values and foundational principles of our nation. We are privileged to have Mike on our team. He is a powerhouse voice and fearless fighter for freedom and the future of this nation.”

Before Mike’s viral film sensation, Out of Shadows, he had a successful career in Hollywood doing action stunts as a double for some of the industry’s biggest movie stars, appearing in hundreds of movies and television productions. He would later become one of the most sought-after action film directors.

His life would change in 2014 when he shattered his spine while working on a movie set. During recovery from his injuries, he began his journey to the light, using his talent to create and produce Out of Shadows to bring the truth to the public’s attention about the dark underbelly of media and the Hollywood establishment. Since the documentary’s release in 2020, the blockbuster has been viewed by over 100 million people worldwide. Next month, Mike will release his latest movie, Into The Light, in Nashville, TN. Stay tuned for more details to come! 

To read America’s Future media announcement about Mike’s appointment, please click here.

America’s Future Files Amicus Brief To End the “Administrative State”

On Monday, July 24, 2023, America’s Future filed an Amicus brief with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in Loper Bright Enterprises, et al. v Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce, et al., Dkt 22-451. Filed in support of petitioners, our brief was joined by 13 nonprofits. The Loper public docket can be found here

The question presented to the Court is:

Whether the Court should overrule Chevron (1984) or at least clarify that
statutory silence concerning controversial powers expressly but narrowly granted elsewhere in the statute does not constitute an ambiguity requiring deference to the agency.

The Chevron (1984) ruling provided great deference to executive branch agencies with respect to decisions and rules they create and carry out.  However unintentionally or not, this notion serves as the backdrop for the administrative state and un-democratic regime Americans are currently up against.

Chevron resulted in nearly unbridled discretion of contractors and unelected bureaucrats when it comes to creating and enforcing policies and regulatory schemes, thus subjecting our tri-branch system of government to near-irreparable harm.  The founders of this country likely did not foresee an America where the un-cabined judgment of unelected bureaucrats would shape or affect our everyday lives.  No reasonable person could think placing broad powers in the hands of unelected groups is somehow an acceptable exercise of power by the executive branch.

If SCOTUS rules in favor of the petitioners, the Chevron (1984) decision will be overturned, thereby purging significant power and authority away from federal administrative agencies like the IRS and EPA.  To rid the nation of bureaucratic rulers would bring about balance in our nation and return, to the people, a government existing as a system of checks and balances pursuant to our foundational Separation of Powers Doctrine. The American people did not elect contractors and lifelong government employees to draft rules at the expense of our three-branch system of government.

Significantly, just last year, Associate Justice Hon. Neil Gorsuch published his judicious opinion of the Chevron doctrine in a well-reasoned dissent to an order denying SCOTUS review in Buffington v McDonough, SCOTUS Dkt. No. 21-972 (petition denied).  Explaining the essence of the Chevron dilemma in this country, Justice Gorsuch stated,

Under a broad reading of Chevron…we tell those who come before us to go ask a bureaucrat. In the process, we introduce into judicial proceedings a systematic bias toward one of the parties. Nor do we exhibit bias in favor of just any party. We place a finger on the scales of justice in favor of the most powerful of litigants, the federal government, and against everyone else.

Recognizing the significant data underscoring the harmful effects this wild engorgement of America’s federal government has on society, footnote 3 of our brief explains, “In 1790, [the federal government] it had just 1,000 nonmilitary workers. Today, we have 2,840,000 federal workers in 15 departments, 69 agencies and 383 nonmilitary sub-agencies. [These numbers can be themselves misleading since much federal work is now done by contractors as part of “downsizing” but the work of the agencies has continued to expand.]”

We, at America’s Future, do not think bureaucrats should run our country. And we do not desire to live under a bureaucratic regime in an administrative state. We hope the SCOTUS follows the lead of Associate Justice Neill Gorsuch and overrules Chevron once and for all.

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Be The Difference In A Child’s Life

Stopping the crisis of child trafficking in America will not happen quickly or easily. Unfortunately, with open borders, careless government agencies, the proliferation of online pornography, broken homes, and for so many other reasons, like unattended children using social media platforms, the tragedy of child trafficking requires each one of us to raise the alarm and be the difference.

America’s Future is taking a lead in the effort by establishing its Get In The Fight nationwide campaign as part of its Project Defend & Protect Our Children (PDPC) program. The first summit and series of training programs for parents and professionals is scheduled for the State of Florida, with the kick-off summit on August 17, 2023, in Sarasota.

The first educational training program will take place the next day (August 18) from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. It will offer real estate brokers and agents, first responders, home appraiser professionals, and other interested stakeholders information and facts to identify and stop trafficking in its tracks. Attendees will learn the tactics of predators and traffickers in order to leverage the knowledge gained from the program to spot a trafficking house, identify a trafficked victim, intervene, and file a report.

Later in the fall, a program for parents, grandparents, and other caring adults is scheduled for October 5th, where attendees will learn what grooming is, the traits of groomers, and what personality behaviors to watch for if you suspect a child is being groomed.  Additionally, the program will focus on raising a responsible digital citizen. On October 6th, a training program called, “Pitfalls of Pornography,” will provide information to attendees about the causes and solutions to sexual exploitation, the dangers of pornography and how it is an entry point for child predators.  It will explain why normalized beliefs about pornography are driving factors as to why some men feel emboldened to purchase sex.

America’s Future Get In The Fight campaign also includes a six-day comprehensive program in November in collaboration with the Association for the Recovery of Children, which will equip attendees with the knowledge and skills to combat sex trafficking on all levels, from prevention and intervention, to rescue and recovery.

The summit and training programs are all being held at the Sarasota Fairgrounds, located at 3000 Ringling Blvd. To learn more and to register, visit GET IN THE FIGHT. If you or an organization you are affiliated with are interested in coordinating a Get In The Fight campaign in your state, please email Lisa MacDonald, Director of Strategic Planning and Development, at [email protected].

Defund The Federal Beast

Restricting Spending With the Hyde Amendment

This is the fourteenth entry in our IN FOCUS section highlighting some of the most abusive and oppressive federal agencies and programs that House Republicans should target for ending. Readers will find the previous articles of the series here.

Most members of Congress seem to want to be known for the way they spend the taxpayer’s money.  They routinely issue press releases claiming credit for obtaining funding for their favorite projects.  Pell grants (named after Senator Claiborne Pell (D-RI)) fund undergraduate students with financial needs.  FEMA spends money for disaster relief under the Stafford Act (named after Senator Robert Stafford (R-VT)).  Countless federal office buildings and roads are named after Congressmen and Senators.  But there is at least one federal law that is named after a very different kind of Congressman — one who wanted to stop spending for one particularly evil purpose.

In 1976, in his first term in Congress, a World War II Navy veteran from Chicago named Henry Hyde (R-IL) sponsored a restriction on federal spending that would long outlive him.  The idea was to stop federal spending on abortion.  Known as the Hyde Amendment, this restriction was first enacted on September 30, 1976, as a rider to the appropriations bill.  In its original form, it only had an exception for the life of the mother:  

None of the funds contained in this Act shall be used to perform abortions except where the life of the mother would be endangered if the fetus were carried to term.  [Pub. L. 94-439, section 209 (1976).] 

Its main function is to prevent the use of federal Medicaid dollars to pay for abortions but also applies to certain other health programs.  “Hyde-like restrictions have also been enacted into permanent law in various statutes that apply to TRICARE (the military health care program), Veterans Affairs, CHIP, Medicare, and more.”  The Hyde Amendment has been included in some appropriations bills in some form every year since.  In all likelihood, it was Hyde’s three decades of leading pro-life forces in the House of Representatives that caused George W. Bush to award him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which he received in his hospital room on November 5, 2007, at the age of 83, only three weeks before his death.

The idea for the Amendment was brought to Hyde’s attention through the work of three young conservative leaders.  The strategy was devised by Robert “Bob” Marshall who had seen documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by John MacKey (of the Ad Hoc Committee in Defense of Life) showing that the Department of Health, Education and Welfare (“HEW”) had funded about 280,000 abortions.  Marshall went to Congressman Bob Bauman(R-MD) to locate a House Member who could offer an Amendment to the HEW Appropriations bill to ban funding.  Bauman found a freshman Republican — Henry Hyde — who agreed to take on the cause.  Later, working as a Legislative Assistant to Congressman Bob Dornan, Marshall continued to draft Hyde-type restrictions for other federal spending programs, and then lead pro-life and pro-family forces during 13 terms in the Virginia House of Delegates.

In a speech on the House floor in support of his amendment, Hyde declared: 

we who seek to protect that most defenseless and innocent of human lives, the unborn — seek to inhibit the use of Federal funds to pay for and thus encourage abortion….  An innocent, defenseless human life, in a caring and humane society deserves better than to be flushed down a toilet or burned in an incinerator.  The promise of America is that life is not just for the privileged, the planned, or the perfect. 

Pro-life laws never go unchallenged, and so it was with the Hyde Amendment.  Medicaid recipients and even a component of the United Methodist Church filed suit.  A district court judge in New York ruled that the Hyde Amendment violated the Fifth Amendment’s Due Process Clause as well as the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.

Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court disagreed, and in 1980 the Hyde Amendment was upheld in Harris v. McRae, 448 U.S. 297 (1980) on a 5-to-4 vote, with an opinion written by Justice Potter Stewart.  Predictably supporting government-funded abortion were Justices Brennan, Marshall, Stevens, and, of course, Blackmun, who seven years before had written the court’s opinion in Roe v. Wade, 432 U.S. 113 (1973).  The High Court rejected the argument that the Hyde Amendment constituted an unconstitutional establishment of religion because its pro-life position was consistent with Roman Catholic doctrine.  (If the Constitution struck down all laws with a religious foundation, few good laws would remain.)

Has the Hyde Amendment worked?  A study by Michael J. New, Ph.D. estimated the number of abortions that have been avoided by the Hyde Amendment removing federal funding.  The number is staggering:

From its first enactment in 1976 until 2020, New finds that the Hyde Amendment saved 2,444,181 lives.  From that time forward, the law saved 60,588 lives in 2021; 47,069 lives in 2022, and 15,130 lives so far in 2023.  Overall, the Hyde Amendment is responsible for the lives of 2,566,968 of our fellow Americans.  It is also responsible for the lives of their children and grandchildren.  Few acts of Congress can claim such fruit.

As a historical footnote, when a Senator, Joe Biden always supported the Hyde Amendment, only reversing course in June 2019, on the Democratic campaign trail.  Biden worked to eliminate the Hyde Amendment in 2021, causing 200 House Republicans to sign a letter pledging to “vote against any government funding bill that eliminates or weakens the Hyde Amendment or other current-law, pro-life appropriations provisions.”  At least on the home front, the Hyde amendment continues to be enshrined in appropriations bills, continuing to block federal spending to take innocent life, to this day.

What lesson can be learned from The Hyde Amendment?  Following its pattern, Congress can add language to any appropriations bills to state “none of the funds appropriated hereunder may be used….” and then identify a program to defund.  How about, for starters, providing that no funds may be used for:

  • chemical or surgical castration of minors;
  • teaching Critical Race Theory; and
  • including pornographic books in school libraries.

America needs more men and women with the conscience and tenacity of Henry Hyde, not just on abortion, but also the other great moral struggles of our time.  The tool Hyde developed can be used to keep American taxpayer dollars from paying for the wasteful, the immoral, and the inhumane.

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