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The Truth Is The Truth

Newsletter | March 14, 2024

Truth over a smoke background

Despite attempts to obscure the reality of the massive criminal conspiracy that has led to an invasion of our nation, it can’t be hidden – not by Biden, who is responsible for it, not by the crazed fake news narrative engineers, nor by anyone else, for that matter.

Facts are facts, and the truth is the truth. Millions of illegal aliens have entered the country unlawfully since Biden, who swore an oath to serve and protect America, landed in the White House. One of them killed 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley two weeks ago.

But when the President’s political faction was angered that he used the word “illegal” to describe the killer, a Venezuelan migrant, at the State of the Union, Joe Biden later corrected himself. “I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal,'” he told the media. “‘It’s undocumented.”

By using terminology designed to appease the globalist oligarchs and the leftist hordes more concerned about politically correct language than the murder of an American citizen, Biden gave more evidence that his talk about border security is hogwash. If he were serious about defending American sovereignty, which is his job, he’d match words to reality.

Those who enter our country unlawfully are not “undocumented Americans,” as the left’s media puppeteers like to say. And since their first action inside our borders is to trespass them in violation of the law, there is no other way to describe them than as “illegal aliens.”

For years, American officials, right and left, brushed off the problem by contending that our immigration system is broken and needs fixing. They’re still saying it. But the fact is that corporate elites have been pushing for open borders for decades, and the current administration has made their dreams come true.

What that looks like in reality is a figure that may be as high as ten million people who have come to our country in the last three years – felons, terrorists, spies, and quite likely military units sent by hostile powers like China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba. The facts are that Biden has allowed the attack on America, and with it, he has imported – first, a voting base to secure power for a political faction whose policies are dangerous to the interests of genuine Americans; second, labor that will further depress wages for U.S. citizens; and finally, a militia to service the cruel whims of a pathological ruling class that has divided the country in order to make war on it.

It’s also clear that the political representatives we elected to stand for the middle class have spent the last several years wasting their time trying to negotiate with an establishment intent on destroying the country when they should be gathering evidence for the next Republican administration in order to hold accountable those who have endangered our peace.

Our forefathers first came to this country and tamed the wilderness to build a new civilization, the new city on the Hill. Later, the pioneers pushed West to settle the land and increase our bounty. Today, by opening our borders, our leaders have imposed the wilderness on us and brought the frontier to our doorstep.

There will be more violence threatening our families and communities, and it’s up to us to protect them. We will have no help from the federal government, and local authorities may soon become overwhelmed. We will need to adopt the rough and ready mindset of the men and women who settled our great land, the mindset of the frontier. Plan with your neighbors to fortify your communities.

We pray for Laken Riley and her family and resolve to protect what those we elected have shown they will not — our loved ones, our homes, our communities, our country.

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Hans Mahncke holds LL.B., LL.M., and Ph.D. degrees in law. He is the author of numerous legal books, and his research has been published in a variety of top-tier journals. In addition to his role as in-house counsel, Hans has over 20 years of experience teaching at tertiary institutions across the globe. He’s also an accomplished investigative journalist whose reports on Russiagate and the Covid cover-up have brought the truth to the American public. He just finished a book on Russiagate, titled Swiftboating America. And he co-hosts “Truth Over News” on Epoch TV.

We spoke recently with Hans to get his thoughts on America, journalism, and accountability.

You’re a lawyer with a busy career that took you around the world, so what got you started writing journalism?

To be honest, I did not pay much attention to the media until around 2017. I knew the media lied about pretty much everything, so I took it all with a pinch of salt. In the end, it was the fact that the media completely lost its way under Trump and that no one was covering certain stories that got me started. I remember when Mueller charged Papadopoulos with something that did not align with the known facts, yet no one covered it. And then no one, not even the so-called conservative media, was covering the massive Covid origin cover-up, even though all the evidence was out there. It’s ironic that we now live in a world where there is more information available than ever before, yet the entire media is sticking to an extremely narrow narrative.

Why is it so important for Americans to understand Russiagate?

Russiagate has evolved from its origins as a Clinton campaign dirty trick to the criminalization of diplomacy with Russia under Trump and now serves as a versatile weapon against anyone who dares to criticize the Washington establishment and Western elites. All their failures are attributed to Russia, and anyone who highlights their failures is labeled as a Russian stooge. Russiagate has effectively insulated Western elites from accountability. Until the Russiagate hoax is destroyed once and for all, they will steer us ever further into the abyss.

Can you tell us about the book you’ve written about Russiagate?

My forthcoming book on Russiagate, titled “Swiftboating America,” tells the story of how an internal Clinton campaign plot, named the “Trump swift boat project,” evolved into a government-led effort to undermine Trump. The story is told through the eyes of online researchers, including Walkafyre, Fool Nelson, Steve McIntyre, and me, who uncovered a number of crucial parts of the plot. It also shows how a run-of-the-mill dirty trick turned into a global catastrophe. The book’s overarching thesis is that everything that has happened in recent years, from Biden becoming president to the Ukraine war, has its roots in the Russiagate hoax.

Will Anthony Fauci or Deborah Birx or any of the other public health bureaucrats who lied to the American public about Covid ever be held accountable?

No one will ever be held accountable for Covid, neither for its creation nor for the response. The reason is that the establishment will protect its own until it is itself destroyed. But that is a long-term project with no guarantee of success. Everything will have to be rethought and renewed, including shrinking the permanent bureaucracy, redoing the entire academic system from scratch – especially grants and journals – eliminating credentialism, eradicating the corporate media, and much more. Fauci and Birx, along with many of us, will likely pass away before any of those things come to fruition.

What is your prayer for America?

Ronald Reagan said it best: “If we lose freedom here, there’s no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” The current situation is significantly more challenging compared to the era when Reagan was in office. Consider the Censorship Industrial Complex or the increasing number of highly partisan judges. My prayer for America is that people heed Reagan’s warning. America is the last best place on earth. No other country even has a First Amendment. If the flame of liberty is extinguished in America, the entire world will descend into a prolonged period of darkness.

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America’s Future Files Amicus Brief Supporting Texas’ Right To Protect Its Citizens
Scales of Justice with Supreme Court

Yesterday (March 13, 2024), America’s Future filed an Amicus brief to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in United States of America v Greg Abbott, in his official capacity as Governor of Texas et al., Dkt. No. 23-50149.  This case is one of several lawsuits filed by the federal government to prevent Texas from defending itself against an invasion of its border by illegal aliens, including suspected terrorists, violent criminals, and traffickers that have been flooding into America through the Mexico-Texas border since day one of Joe Biden’s presidency.

The particular issue in this case is whether Texas Senate Bill 4 (SB 4) is constitutional.  Signed into law by Governor Abbott on December 18, 2023, SB 4 makes an illegal entry across the Texas border a criminal offense, punishable by up to 20 years in prison.  The bill authorizes state and local law enforcement officers to return illegal aliens to the Mexican border and to require they re-cross the border. SB 4 was scheduled to become effective on March 5, 2024, however on February 29, 2024, a federal district court in Texas issued a preliminary injunction, preventing Texas from enforcing this law.

Texas appealed the district court’s injunction, and on March 2, 2024, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals granted Texas relief by issuing an administrative stay of the district court’s injunction. However, on March 4, 2024, Justice Alito issued an administrative stay of the Fifth Circuit’s stay order (thus allowing the district court’s injunction to go into effect) until March 13, 2024 while the Supreme Court considers whether SB 4 must remain paused while the merits of the case are litigated through the court system. On March 12, 2024, Justice Alito extended administrative stay to March 18, 2024 at 5:00 pm (EDT).

As for the merits of the case, the federal government argues that the law is unconstitutional based on the Supremacy Clause and the Dormant Commerce Clause.  Texas raises arguments based on its right to defend itself against an invasion.  Texas argues that millions of illegal aliens, including many trafficked across the border by hostile drug cartels, illegally entering its territory constitutes an “invasion,” and we agree.

Our brief argues that there is an invasion, and that Article IV, Sec. 4 of the U.S. Constitution authorizes state action without the consent of the federal government.

Texas’s rights of self-preservation and self-defense are essential to the concept of government and state sovereignty and the actions taken by Texas, including criminalizing illegal trespass into its jurisdiction, are found in the police powers under the Tenth Amendment which provides each of the 50 states with plenary power to regulate matters affecting the health, safety, and welfare of all those within its jurisdiction.

Biden’s border crisis is an abject failure of the federal government.  Texas’s actions serve the interests of Americans, a responsibility the Biden administration continues to shirk.

We fervently oppose all attempts by the current administration to undermine Governor Abbott’s response to Biden’s border crisis. Texas has not only enacted new laws to deter criminal crossings, but has implemented a comprehensive initiative that it calls “Operation Lone Star,” deploying the Texas National Guard and others to “work around-the-clock to detect and repel illegal crossings, arrest human smugglers and cartel gang members, and stop the flow of deadly drugs like fentanyl into our nation. While the federal government ignores this crisis, Texas is holding the line.”

We, at America’s Future, agree that Governor Abbott’s actions save American lives and advance America’s interest in maintaining the sovereignty of our Republic. Biden and his administration’s lawsuits against Texas are offensive to reason and an assault on our founding principles.

Editor’s Note: To read all of our Amicus briefs, please visit our Law & Policy page.

When Leaders Rise – Communities Win The War On Children

Child reaching out to adult

Understandably, the stark reality of the extent of the tragedy of child trafficking in America is hard to imagine for most good people. However, once aware and armed with knowledge and training, there is no limit to what one individual can do to save the life of a child. When a community is aware and trained, the fight to end these despicable crimes is on.

“If our children are to be safe in America, it will not be because we had a giant task force; it will be because the community decided that I’m not going to let this happen in my community, in my state, on my block, in my school,” explains Bazzel Baz, the president of the 30-year-old nonprofit, Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC).

Baz knows from where he speaks. He has rescued hundreds of trafficked children in America and worldwide and is one of the expert panelists at America’s Future Get In The Fight state campaigns. He and his wife, Tina, work hand-in-hand rescuing suffering children, and she is also among the leading panelists and training instructors providing information and tools to attendees of the two-day state summits and education sessions. The warrior duo also offers a six-day, comprehensive equipping course in association with America’s Future for those interested in receiving in-depth training.

Robin Stefanik, who resides in Illinois and attended the Get In The Fight Illinois campaign in January, is participating in the ARC equipping course presently. “The Summit showed practical ways to address child trafficking in my area,” she said. “After the summit, I shared what I learned with the anti-trafficking ministry at my church, which in turn helped the anti-trafficking organizations with their outreaches and safe houses in the Chicagoland area.” Now, as a result of stepping up and participating in the ARC training, Robin plans to have a greater impact combatting child trafficking.

“I was so thankful that ARC offered an equipping course so that I could obtain a comprehensive understanding and knowledge to make a direct impact on the sex trafficking industry,” she said. “I highly recommend the ARC training with its in-depth material, first-hand knowledge and expertise, compassion, and professionalism.”

The next America’s Future Get In The Fight state campaign is scheduled for Spokane, Washington on Friday and Saturday, April 26 and 27. The next ARC training will also be held in Spokane from June 17 through June 22, 2024.

Both Tina and Baz are panelists at the Get In The Fight Washington State 6:00 p.m. Friday summit, along with Buddy Jericho, All Things Possible Board Member and Founder and CEO of Indago Technologies; Jaeson Jones, CEO, Omni Intelligence; Tara Lee Rodas, HHS Whistleblower, and Mike Smith, filmmaker and America’s Future Board Member, who will show his blockbuster movie, Into The Light. Award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan, who is also an America’s Future Board Member, will moderate the panel and General Mike Flynn, Chair of America’s Future Board will be on hand to deliver remarks. The training programs on Saturday, April 27, will run from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Among the courses taught by experienced instructors include seminars for healthcare professionals, parents and caring adults, first responders and real estate professionals, and overcomers. Other training programs include sessions on “Navigating the Emerging Threat of Sextortion,” “Pitfalls of Pornography,” and “Artificial Intelligence and Media Manipulation.”

To register for the Get In The Fight Washington State campaign in April, click here, where you will also find information about the ARC training and a link to register for the June course.

Hundreds of grassroots Americans have attended the state campaigns in Florida, Michigan, Illinois, and Texas thus far. Washington State and Ohio (June 14-15) are next, with other states in the planning stages. Many participants go on to enroll in the ARC equipping course, and like Robin Stefanik, America’s Future encourages individuals to do all that they can to save an innocent life from pain and suffering and help end the war on children in their communities and in America.

Individuals or organizations interested in coordinating a Get In The Fight campaign in their states are invited to email Lisa MacDonald, America’s Future Director of Strategic Planning, at [email protected]Click here to join the Project Defend & Protect Our Children (PDPC) network and receive news and information about upcoming events and other important educational material.

Keeping You Informed
Reporting On America’s Future Amicus Briefs

America’s Future takes seriously its role in filing Amicus briefs consistent with and in support of our mission and the rights of all American citizens. In doing so, we are actively engaged in legal proceedings around the country by participating in cases as a “friend of the court.”   Since December 2021, America’s Future has filed approximately 50 briefs in cases that involve issues of constitutional importance. These filings are powerful tools that can inspire case outcomes and persuade judicial rationale with insight into legal issues. They are also the means to directly communicate with Article III courts, including the Supreme Court of the United States.

To keep readers informed, this edition of the newsletter begins our reporting on the status of our filings starting with those filed this year. We will continue this series of reports over the next several newsletters. 

Case: NRA v Vullo, SCOTUS Dkt. No.22-842
Court: U.S. Supreme Court 
Filing Date(s): January 16, 2024
Primary Issue: Does the First Amendment allow a government regulator to threaten regulated 
entities with adverse regulatory actions if they do business with a controversial speaker, 
as a consequence of (a) the government’s own hostility to the speaker’s viewpoint or (b) 
a perceived general backlash against the speaker’s advocacy?
Outcome: Pending (Oral Arguments scheduled for March 18, 2024)

Case: Trump v Anderson, SCOTUS Dkt. No.23-719
Court: U.S. Supreme Court 
Filing Date(s): January 18, 2024
Primary Issue: Did the Colorado Supreme Court err in ordering President Trump excluded from 
the 2024 presidential primary ballot?
Outcome: Judgment of Colorado Supreme Court reversed (Aligns with America’s Future brief)

Case: Garland v Cargill, SCOTUS Dkt. No.22-976
Court: U.S. Supreme Court 
Filing Date(s): January 29, 2024
Primary Issue: Whether a bump stock feature transforms a rifle into a machine gun under 26 USC 5845(b) and whether executive branch agencies have authority to redefine known words common to promote ideologies?
Outcome: Pending (Oral Arguments held February 28, 2024)

Case: Fischer v US, SCOTUS Dkt. No.23-5572
Court: U.S. Supreme Court 
Filing Date(s): February 5, 2024
Primary Issue: Whether the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals erred in construing 18 U.S.C. § 1512(c) (“Witness, Victim, or Informant Tampering”), which prohibits obstruction of congressional inquiries and investigations to include acts unrelated to investigations and evidence?
Outcome: Pending (Oral Arguments scheduled for April 16, 2024)

Case: Murthy v Missouri, SCOTUS Dkt. No. 23-411
Court: U.S. Supreme Court 
Filing Date(s): February 9, 2024
Primary Issue: Whether the federal government’s actions to control content of social-media platforms violate First Amendment rights?
Outcome: Pending (Oral Arguments scheduled for March 18, 2024)

Case: US v Abbott, SCOTUS 5th Cir. Dkt. No.23-50632
Court: United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
Filing Date(s): February 23, 2024
Primary Issue: Whether a preliminary injunction preventing Texas from self-defense is valid?
Outcome: Pending (Oral Arguments scheduled for March 18, 2024)

Case: Moyle v US, SCOTUS Dkt. No. 23-726
Court: U.S. Supreme Court 
Filing Date(s): February 27, 2024
Primary Issue: Whether EMTALA preempts state laws that protect human life and prohibit abortions, like Idaho’s Defense Of Life Act?
Outcome: Pending (Oral Arguments scheduled for April 24, 2024)

Case: US v Texas, 5th Cir. Dkt. No.24-50149
Court: United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
Filing Date(s): March 13, 2024
Primary Issue: Whether a preliminary injunction preventing Texas from enforcing SB 4, a state law SB 4, is permissible?
Outcome: Pending 

Tools Of Tyrants
Gun Control

This is the thirteenth entry in our In Focus series identifying and exposing the tools that modern-day tyrants are using to thwart the will of We The People for power and control. To access previous articles, please click here.

In the 1992 movie Red Dawn, America is invaded by Communist troops.  The movie focuses on the effect of the invasionby one detachment of Latin American soldiers in one small town.  One of the first actions taken by the commander on the ground is to issue these instructions:

Go to the sporting goods store.  From the files, obtain form 4473.  These will contain descriptions of weapons and lists of private ownership.

In cities, audiences that had no affinity for guns had no idea about the significance of that one scene.  But gun-owning audiences in rural American movie theaters shouted and clapped.  Gun owners knew that the ATF Form 4473 is the federal “Firearms Transaction Record” which must be completed for all commercial sales.  Gun owners have long understood the risk they suffer when governments have a record of which Americans own what guns.  Here, truth was being exposed on the Big Screen.  Both history and common sense tell us that when invasion from abroad or tyranny from within comes to America, the people owning guns will be targeted first.  Here was Hollywood teaching Americans a lesson about the dangers of gun control.  Amazing!

The American Revolution

It is often said that America is plagued by what the Leftists describe as its “gun culture.”  In truth, America is blessed by its affinity to guns.  The Framers of the Second Amendment believed that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” was not just important, but “necessary to the security of a free State.”  This truth, embodied in the Constitution, was learned the hard way by the Founding Generation.

On April 19, 1775, British troops marched from Boston, Massachusetts “into Lexington and Concord intending to suppress the possibility of rebellion by seizing weapons from the colonists.”  Back in Boston, the British were working to disarm Patriots there.  “[T]he inhabitants had been ordered to bring in their arms … and that those in possession of any after the expiration of a notice given them, were to take the consequences.”

On the Lexington green, British Major John Pitcairn shouted, “throw down your arms, ye villains, ye rebels! Damn you, disperse!”  Instead, the “shot heard round the world” was fired.  Before the day was over, the Americans had driven the British back into Boston and had saved their weapons from confiscation by the British king.

As the war raged, in 1777, when the British believed they would win, “William Knox, Under Secretary of State in the British Colonial Office, circulated a proposal entitled ‘What is it to be Done with America?’”  The crux of his proposal?  Complete disarmament. 

The Militia Laws should be repealed and none suffered to be re-enacted, & the Arms of all the People should be taken away, & every piece of Ordnance removed into the King’s Stores, nor should any foundry or manufactory of Arms, Gunpowder, or Warlike Stores, be ever suffered in America.

There were many forces which convinced Colonists that separation from the British was essential to their well-being, many of which were set out in the Declaration of Independence.  However, the spark which ignited the American Revolution was the British effort to disarm Americans.  We owe such freedom as we now enjoy to those Colonists who resisted the British gun control, refused to turn in their guns, and instead used them to offer armed resistance to the British troops.

Biblical Times

Across the world and throughout history, tyrants have utilized disarmament to conquer and enslave their subjects.  The Bible records that Israelites were disarmed by the banning of blacksmiths who made their weapons:

[T]here was no smith found throughout all the land of Israel: for the Philistines said, Lest the Hebrews make them swords or spears….  But all the Israelites went down to the Philistines, to sharpen every man his share, and his coulter, and his axe, and his mattock….  So it came to pass in the day of battle, that there was neither sword nor spear found in the hand of any of the people that were with Saul and Jonathan.  [I Samuel 13:19-22.]

Examples Across the World

The bloody Armenian genocide at the hands of the Ottoman Turks was preceded by mass disarmament of the Armenian minority.  “The Ottomans … decreed that any firearms the Armenians possessed were to be surrendered to the government.  Failing to do so, the decree said, ‘will be very severely punished when the arms are discovered.’”  Turkish authorities “swept down on Armenian towns to search for guns.  Villagers were tortured to induce confessions about hidden arms.”  Genocide swiftly followed. 

Throughout summer and autumn of 1915, Armenian civilians were removed from their homes and marched … toward desert concentration camps.  The deportation … was accompanied by a systematic campaign of mass murder….

Survivors who reached the deserts of Syria languished in concentration camps, many starved to death, and massacres continued into 1916.  Conservative estimates have calculated that some 600,000 to more than 1,000,000 Armenians were slaughtered or died on the marches.

In the 1930s, the Weimar government of Germany imposed harsh gun control measures as unrest broke out between Nazi and Communist sympathizers.  The government imposed firearm registration at the end of 1931.  In 1933, Hitler took over, and used the Weimar government’s registration records to impose a gun confiscation mandate.  History records the bloodshed of millions of lives as a result.

Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge terror regime in Cambodia “ended private gun ownership….  [A]ll private firearms were moved from private ownership into the stockpiles of the regime.”  Half a million deaths in the “Killing Fields” were the result.

Idi Amin and successor tyrants in Uganda have used disarmament to subdue minority people groups and commit genocide.

In 1984, after Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi ordered a military assault on a Sikh temple killing thousands, Ghandi was assassinated by two of her Sikh bodyguards.  Indian officials confiscated firearms from the Sikh people, promising the government would protect them.  Then, the bloodshed began, and nearly 3,000 Sikhs were murdered — for a time at the rate of one per minute.  Law enforcement and government officials participated in the massacre.

The American Experience

One group of Americans who should be most committed to maintaining gun rights are Blacks.  In his infamous Dred Scott decision, Chief Justice Roger Taney declared the “necessity” of disarming black Americans.  As Justice Clarence Thomas explained, “If blacks were citizens, Taney fretted, they would be entitled to the privileges and immunities of citizens, including the right ‘to keep and carry arms wherever they went.’”  N.Y. State Rifle & Pistol Ass’n v. Bruen, 597 U.S. 1, 60 (2022).

After the Civil War, “‘[S]ystematic efforts’ in the ‘old Confederacy’ to disarm the more than 180,000 freedmen who had served in the Union Army, as well as other free blacks” were used.  “[T]hroughout the South, armed parties, often consisting of ex-Confederate soldiers serving in the state militias, forcibly took firearms from newly freed slaves.”  McDonald v. City of Chicago, 561 U.S. 742, 847 (Thomas, J., concurring).  Once disarmed, the freedmen were easy prey.  “The use of firearms for self-defense was often the only way black citizens could protect themselves from mob violence.”  Id. at 857.

[Sometimes] the use of firearms allowed targets of mob violence to survive.  One man recalled the night during his childhood when his father stood armed at a jail until morning to ward off lynchers….  The experience left him with a sense, “not ‘of powerlessness, but of the “possibilities of salvation”’” that came from standing up to intimidation.  [Id. at 858.]

Throughout history, disarmament is often the prelude to genocide and oppression of racial, ethnic, religious, and political minorities.  Yet Black Congressmen such as Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) demands gun control:  “We will not rest until we’ve taken weapons of war out of circulation in our communities.”

For whatever reason, many Americans simply hate the Second Amendment.  Walter Shapiro writing in the New Republicthat “the core problem is the Second Amendment itself….  [I]t is time to dream about truly disarming America.”  Gerald Ford was President for less than two and one-half years, but he gave us former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevenswho has urged “demonstrators [to] demand a repeal of the Second Amendment.”  Phoebe Bovy, writing in the New Republic, ranted:  “Ban guns.  All guns.  Get rid of guns in homes, and on the streets….  Ban guns!  Not just gun violence.  Not just certain guns….  All of them.

These politicians and pundits reject the wisdom of Justice Joseph Story who wrote in his Commentaries on the Constitution: 

The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.

As the Framers of the Second Amendment understood and as history repeatedly has demonstrated, “the right to keep and bear arms” truly is “necessary” for the preservation and “security of a free State.”

Editor’s Note: To read the articles in this series, please click here.

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