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American Patriots – Pillars Of The Republic

Newsletter | June 15, 2023

George Washington & Thomas Payne

It’s no accident America’s previous President was indicted the same day Congress disclosed evidence of the current office-holder’s corruption. Nor is it by chance that the former was charged under the Espionage Act to frame him as disloyal to the United States, while the latter is alleged to have accepted a $5 million bribe from a foreign power. The even more troubling fact is that federal law enforcement’s efforts to cover up for the man now occupying the White House by implicating his predecessor is setting the country on course for conflict.

Americans have never seen anything like what is unfolding now before us. The recent revelations of rank corruption are astonishing. For more than six years, the Justice Department and FBI have been hiding evidence implicating Joe Biden and his son Hunter in a criminal enterprise to leverage the former Vice President’s position to pry money from foreign officials and enterprises. Instead of bringing Biden to justice, federal law enforcement authorities have spent that time prosecuting an unlawful campaign to frame Donald Trump as a foreign agent. And thus, for the first time in our history, a former president, and frontrunner for the 2024 Republican nomination, has been indicted on federal charges.

What would our Founding Fathers have made of it? How would those who built the pillars of our nation look on the current heirs to the Constitution? The Founders were scholars and men of worldly wisdom who understood human nature in all its manifestations from high to low — how mankind has the capacity to make the noblest sacrifice on behalf of his countrymen and plot the most vicious conspiracy against them. Knowing that all men seek power, the Framers of the Constitution built a system of checks and balances to deter any one institution, any one man, from becoming too powerful.

What would they say today when it seems that all our once seemingly solid institutions have melted and behind the marble facades are nothing but vulgar schemes to satisfy the coarse ambitions of cruel and mendacious men and women? What is our defense when those tasked to enforce the supreme law of the land lay siege to the Constitution to satisfy their appetite for power? These are trying times.

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” wrote Thomas Paine. The famous opening words of his pamphlet “The American Crisis” were first published at Christmastime in 1776 when victory in the fight over tyranny seemed uncertain. General George Washington’s troops were disheartened, and he had Paine’s words read aloud to his men to fortify their courage. 

The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.

Paine’s message to us today is this: In truth, it is we who are the pillars of the Republic, freeborn men and women who revere God, the foundation on which our country was built. It is we for whom the laws were made, the institutions created. And it is we who are now being called to defend our country, our families, our communities from tyranny. 

In the coming time, all of us will waver, all of us will be tempted by despair — and that’s when we must reach out in fellowship for loved ones, families, friends, patriots. These are meaningful times, times that try men’s souls. We will stand, we will fight, and we will win.

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Juanita Broaddrick

Juanita Broaddrick speaks her mind with wit and wisdom. She is straightforward in her politics, fearlessly candid, and approaches current affairs with clarity and common sense. A retired nurse, business owner, public speaker, and American patriot through and through, Juanita shares her truth at all times, just as she did in her book, “You’d Better Put Some Ice On That. How I Survived Being Raped By Bill Clinton.” We spoke with her recently about the rise of citizen journalism, leadership, the state of our nation, and her prayer for America.

What convinced you to tell the world that you were raped by Bill Clinton, and how did you overcome the vicious reaction you received for telling your truth?

I never came forward on my own. I saw how the other victims of Bill Clinton were being savaged by the media and Hillary.  I wasn’t that brave.  I was outed by the Paula Jones vs Bill Clinton suit.  When I was informed my name was going to be leaked to the media, I decided to tell my story to Lisa Myers on NBC Dateline in January of 1999 before the media could spin it.

The rise of citizen journalism has made a difference in getting the truth out to Americans. Is this the solution to the information war that is happening in our country today?

MSM will never be as powerful as it once was, and that is due to citizen journalism on social media. I am especially partial to Twitter since Elon Musk took over. My early morning routine is to get a cup coffee and log onto Twitter for the news.  Cable news is dead to me.

Recent boycotts of Bud Light and Target by conservatives have been effective in shedding light on trans mania. Are there other ways for Americans to consider that would cause corporate leaders to get out of politics?

You’ll have to admit, the call for boycotting on social media is extremely effective, and it is accomplished instantly.  Just look at Bud Light and Target.  Other actions could certainly include emails, phone calls, demonstrations, and legal actions.

Can you describe what it means to be an inspiring leader?

When it comes to leaders who inspire, Donald Trump and General Flynn immediately come to mind. They are both calm in stressful situations and have that unique ability to show their human side.  Aspiring leaders are resilient and never give up.  They make you feel safe, and I haven’t felt safe in over two years.

What is our country’s greatest challenge right now, and what is your prayer for America?

Election Integrity!  We must realize that voter fraud is a very real problem.  When someone commits voter fraud, all votes get diluted, and election results can be changed.  Every state must require government voter ID.  Election integrity can no longer be left to a simple honor system.

 My prayer for America is for a moral, civil society. Without it…liberty is not possible. 

A Father’s Mission
Fathers Day ShoesKids and Father's shoes

America’s Future joins all the families honoring their fathers on Father’s Day, this Sunday.

We pray that every father takes this day to remember that you are blessed and surrounded by your greatest wealth – those who cherish your love and depend on your kindness, courage, wisdom, and strength. Your family is your fortune, your fame, as well as your future.

A father’s mission is America’s most sacred work — to love unconditionally and teach your children right from wrong, and to raise a family that contributes to our communities that make our country great. America’s Future salutes those who lead from the front, America’s fathers.

Keeping You Informed

Is Class Action Litigation A Cure For The Crisis of Corruption?

During a recent “Champions Conversation With General Mike Flynn” live webcast, a Champion community member inquired about class action lawsuits. In furthering the conversation here and to help answer the question, we took the liberty to focus on whether (and how) class action litigation might be pursued in order to bring about transparency and meaningful accountability from our country’s most shadowy and secretive institutions –the FBI, NSA, CIA, DNI, and others.

Like justice, due process delayed is due process denied.  Reckless disregard for civil rights and abject contempt for ordered liberty flows like a lazy river through all three branches of our government.  But now, the waters have risen to catastrophic levels – President Trump’s indictment, Russiagate, Hunter Biden’s Laptop, etc. – and now the levees can bear no more. There is a solution, however.  It rests with the Judicial branch, and it demands that those culpable be held responsible for their actions – accountable to We The People.

Turning back to the question asked of General Flynn with respect to the procedural legal nuances governing the filing of class action lawsuits, the threshold issue is whether to file in state court or federal court.  State and local rules of procedure as well as judge-specific rules vary to such an extent that they cannot be neatly presented in one article.  But here are some facts to keep you informed.

A state survey of procedural prerequisites for filing class action lawsuits in state courts, coupled with the incalculable and diverse state and local rules governing different stages of litigation once court intervention is formally initiated by a plaintiff, is not for the faint of heart. Above all else, any person who is wronged and reasonably believes there are many other similarly situated persons should first contact a class action attorney practicing in the state in which they reside.

As for filing in federal court,  the governing rule is Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP).  Prerequisites for class action litigation in federal court include, as follows:

One or more members of a class may sue or be sued as representative parties on behalf of all members only if:

  1. the class is so numerous that individual lawsuits are not practical and are inefficient;
  2. there are questions of law or fact common to the class;
  3. the claims or defenses of the representative parties are typical of the claims or defenses of the class; and
  4. the representative parties will fairly and adequately protect the interests of the class.

Noteworthy, a court that certifies a class of people appoints counsel for the class. The initial document filed with the court is generally a Class Action Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief. Once a class action lawsuit requires an answer from the defendant(s), generally, a court will entertain a motion to officially certify the class.  In other words, the court will determine the characteristics of the class members who may be entitled to damages stemming from harm suffered at the hands of the culpable.

To review an example of a federal court filing in an ongoing class action lawsuit, please see the Complaint from Blades v Garland, et al. D.D.C. Dkt. No. 1:22-cv-00279-ABJ.

Defund The Federal Beast

Time to Defund Foreign Aid

This is the eighth entry in our IN FOCUS section highlighting some of the most abusive and oppressive federal agencies and programs that House Republicans should target for ending. Readers will find the previous articles of the series here.

As of this writing, the national debt is approaching $32 Trillion.  The actual number is about $31,912,753,000,000, but it is hard to be more specific as the amount of debt grows so fast, you cannot even discern the actual number at any point.  If you want to see for yourself how fast it grows, take a look at the digital display at U.S. Debt Clock.  As President Ronald Reagan once said:  “We could say the government spends like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors, because the sailors are spending their own money.”

A comparison of our national debt with our Gross Domestic Product reveals the growth is not just due to inflated dollars.  While in 1960, America owed about 53 percent of our GDP,  now we owe about 121 percent of all the goods and services produced each year.  Everyone concedes we are heading off a cliff.  The founder of The Conservative Caucus, Howard Phillips, frequently observed:  “The only difference between the two parties is that Democrats are driving the country over the cliff at 100 miles an hour, while the Republicans want to slow down to 60 miles an hour.”

When a nation owes this much money, so that it cannot even afford to pay its basic obligations, one would think that it might stop — or at least cut back — on giving away money to other countries.  However, that kind of logic has no appeal to a politician.  After all, it’s not their money — it’s the taxpayer’s!  Actually, much of it is not really from taxpayers — it comes from borrowing!!

In 2021, the website OpenTheBooks issued a report on U.S. Foreign Aid showing that the U.S. spent at least $282.6 billion on foreign aid between 2013-2018 — almost $47 billion on foreign aid in FY2018, alone.  The biggest government distributors of foreign aid were:  USAID, the Department of Defense, and the State Department.  The top two recipients in FY2018 were Afghanistan ($56 billion) and Israel ($53 billion).  Other big beneficiaries included, in descending order: Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Ethiopia, Syria, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, Lebanon, D.R. Congo, and Yemen.  And, the nation spent an additional $12.2 billion on international organizations in FY 2019.  American taxpayers spent more on foreign aid than was spent in any state other than California and New York.

A recent Congressional Research Service report on U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel demonstrated that since World War II, Israel has been the biggest beneficiary of foreign aid — $158 billion in non-inflation-adjusted dollars.  The population of Israel is only about 9 million people, so that means every year we are subsidizing every Israeli man, woman, and child to the tune of almost $5,000.

Is foreign aid accomplishing anything?  A 2011 Cato Institute report noted that “[t]he international dole has created long term dependency and discouraged reform.  Even humanitarian aid has a disappointing record.”  “Most Third World nations are tangential at best to American or allied security,” Cato noted.

In the Biden Administration, foreign aid is used to advance a political agenda.  A 2022 Heritage Foundation report demonstrated that the foreign aid budget under Joe Biden has become just a means of exporting Leftist ideology and cultural perversion to foreign nations.

“U.S. foreign aid has become an appendage of one political party seeking to advance its radical global agenda of ideological indoctrination while simultaneously expanding a domestic political patronage system.”  Biden has “dramatically expanded the scope of programs that are now authorized to pay for abortion services.”  Also, “the U.S. government [has] explicitly endorsed Marxism as the guiding principle for foreign assistance.  Specific topics for funding under USAID’s forthcoming program include ‘Climate Justice,’ and ‘Promoting Gender and Social Inclusion in Movement Building.’”  Under Joe Biden, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has “established Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) advisers and DEI committees ‘in all of its bureaus, offices, and [overseas] missions.’”

The forces supporting spending are strong.  One Establishment Think Tank that employs former government officials waiting for their next opportunity to “serve,” Brookings Institute, argues that the United States spends less than 1 percent of its budget on foreign aid, and really should be doing much more to cover our “fair share.”

Gordon Tullock and other economists in the “Public Choice Theory” school have explained why there is always a strong lobby for spending on every program, but usually little opposition.  The reason is that the burden of spending is spread broadly on taxpayers, while the benefits of spending are narrowly focused on a few.  Thus, taxpayers do not have the economic motive to research and lobby against spending, and they need to fight against an array of forces, including:

special-interest demanders those who desire favors and privileges from the government at the expense of consumers, competitors and taxpayers; there are politician suppliers who offer government-bestowed favors and privileges in return for campaign contributions and votes; and there are the bureaucratic managers of the regulatory, interventionist, and redistributive system, who are constantly on the lookout for ways and means to expand their authority and increase their budgets as avenues to more power and opportunities for promotion and higher salaries.  [Emphasis added.]

President Trump tried, but failed, to cut foreign aid.  In 2019, Trump proposed to cut aid to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, as those countries flooded our southern border with illegal immigrants.  Again in 2020, Trump’s budget director Russ Vought proposed a 21 percent cut in foreign aid.  But the uniparty in Congress wasn’t interested.

As the Future of Freedom Foundation has noted, “Doling out foreign aid is one of the most blatantly unconstitutional things that Congress does.  The list of powers granted to the federal government in Article I, Section 8, of the Constitution includes nothing remotely related to foreign assistance.”

What the Cato Institute concluded in 2011 is exponentially more true today.  “With America drowning in red ink, Washington must cut unnecessary programs…Misnamed foreign aid is a good place to start.”

It was encouraging to see that in its FY2023 budget proposal, the conservative House Republican Study Committee at least talked about cutting U.S. aid to the United Nations, Lebanon, and Iraq, and “cut off funds that allow the Biden administration to implement a new nuclear deal with Iran.”  But despite some encouraging words, the transfer of wealth from American families to foreign governments thus far has gone largely unchallenged in the Republican House of Representatives.

To read the articles in this series, please click here.

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Join hundreds of Americans who have signed up to be a part of America’s Future Project Defend & Protect Our Children (PDPC) nationwide network to help end child exploitation, abuse, and trafficking. Visit the Project’s web page here to learn about the PDPC initiative and stay connected with America’s Future for our upcoming announcement about the Get In The Fight Florida State Summit and Training Programs, kicking off on August 17, 2023 in Sarasota.

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