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A Christmas Message

Newsletter | December 21, 2023

Girl with Christmas Tree

Christmas 2023 is upon us now. The sights and sounds are all around. Our homes are decorated, Christmas cards have been sent, and children impatiently wait for the arrival of Santa, hoping he leaves that special present just for them.

For years gone by, our memories of family gatherings bring us joy in our reflections that those we love will once again be by our side on this Christmas Day. Mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles – the special people in our lives who celebrate our achievements and help us overcome challenges. They bring us faith that all will be well and that we are loved.

Family also gives us freedom. Their gift of freedom to us is to be who we are – even with all our imperfections, like when we laugh too loudly or show up late or stay too long.

Freedom is also the precious gift bestowed on us as Americans by God’s grace and the men and women who shed their blood for us to be free, speak freely, live free, and raise our children to be free.

In these turbulent times, our country’s declaration of freedom for all is being tested. The test is ours to bear on this Christmas Day 2023, just as it was for our forebearers on Christmas days gone by, in wartime on foreign lands and domestic battles in the homeland. Our nation of Americans – free, generous, and brave – have weathered them all.

Freedom and family give us strength and courage – and our faith sees us through.

On this Christmas Day, America’s Future prays for the guardians of freedom, who for nearly 250 years gave their all for our freedom, and with our American family and the grace of God, freedom will endure for generations to come. 


Share Your Christmas Memories

What is your favorite Christmas memory with your family and friends? On Christmas Day morning at 9 a.m. on America’s Mondays With Mary, America’s Future Executive Director Mary O’Neill will be live to share some of your stories and comments. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wreath

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