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The Founders’ Vision – Individual Rights

The individual’s right to freedom was fundamental to what the Founders of this country envisioned when they created this country and our Constitution. They knew that if this country was to survive over generations, our rights of liberty and freedom

Our History

Supporting Citizen Participation

General Flynn – We are champions of American traditions. America’s Future has been around since 1946. We have a set of guiding principles. We get involved in issues that impact our lives by sharing information, education, and helping other nonprofits

Judeo-Christian Values

Judeo-Christian Values & Our Way of Life

General Flynn – This country was founded upon a set of Judeo-Christian principles and values. When we talk about the Bill of Rights and the 10 Commandments…they are promises that we make to each other. God and faith are at

Strong American Values

Strong Families. Stronger Nation.

General Flynn – At the very essence of a strong America is the family unit. Working together with other organizations and individuals, we can raise the importance of the bond developed in families because it is a strong family structure


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