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Fortified By Freedom

Lawfare schemes of scoundrels weakened this week by a unanimous 9-0 decision by the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that neither Colorado nor any other state that has tried to take Donald J. Trump off the ballot can do so. And thus, the anti-Trump resistance’s Fourteenth Amendment campaign has collapsed. But insofar as the legal gambit compelled the candidate to spend money on legal defense, and energy better devoted to his campaign, it worked.

And the anti-Trump, anti-America First gang has more up their sleeve with the other five lawfare battles Trump is now engaged in as they work at depleting the former President’s financial resources and absorbing his time and attention. And some may cause real damage.

The New York lawsuit that delivered a financial judgment against the President is the only case so far that has drawn blood — $454 million is a lot of money, even for a wealthy man. Of course it hardly matters to the deranged officers of the New York state justice system, from Attorney General Letitia James to Judge Arthur Engoron, that the judgment is likely to drive business out of the state. What corporate executive in their right mind would risk financial ruin under a crime-infested fiefdom that makes financial war on its political opponents? But as we’ve seen repeatedly over the last few years, the resistance will burn down its own house if they think it will advance the anti-Trump cause.

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case is expected to start at the end of the month and as weak as it is, the chances of some charges sticking in a New York City courtroom are high. The Georgia case against Trump has turned into a gruesome version of the “Real Housewives,” with the corrupt financial and romantic relationship between Fulton County DA Fani Willis and her boyfriend, prosecutor Nathan Wade exposed for all to see. There’s no doubt any reasonable judge would throw the case out, but in the current climate, and a Democrat-run jurisdiction, who knows how it plays out?

Both of Special Counsel Jack Smith’s cases are foundering. His classified documents case against Trump won’t start in the Spring, as Smith wanted, and may not start until after the election. Smith’s January 6 case against Trump, the resistance’s show-stopper, is also delayed. And with the Supreme Court scheduled to rule on the obstruction charges brought against Trump, the cornerstone of Smith’s indictment is wobbling. If the court rules that Smith is misapplying the law, it will not only weaken his case, but likely free hundreds of January 6 defendants, convicted on the same charges.

In sum, that’s six different instruments of lawfare that the resistance has deployed in an all hands-on-deck effort to crush Joe Biden’s political opponent. Trump has won some and been hurt by others. But the fact that it is even possible to use the law to hobble then destroy the ruling party’s political rivals shows that our justice system isn’t what it was just a decade ago.

And it’s hardly the system the Founding Fathers designed, but as their vision reminds us, our Constitutional Republic was built for a virtuous people — and what we’re up against is something else entirely. We’re facing down a pathological faction that prizes power at any cost, regardless of the destruction it’s sown across the country. And prepare yourself for more, because there’s no doubt that in the coming months the resistance will pick up more weapons to wield against the Republican candidate, his family, his aides, and supporters.

But it is always darkest before the light breaks at dawn. Prepare yourself, your family, and friends, too, for our fight for the Republic will echo through ages. We’re worthy of our great nation’s history, and let us commit to earning the future praise of our children and grandchildren for whom we fight, and who will pass down the story of this monumental time for years to come.

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