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Do Not Look Away Patriots

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Danger is at the doorstep when the President of the United States of America’s mental state is deteriorated to the point that he is referred to as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

But last week it happened when the Joe Biden administration’s Department of Justice stated as much in a report from the Special Counsel investigating Biden for mishandling classified documents, in which the report also stated that Biden had, in fact, “willfully” mishandled the documents.  And then they cleared him. So why not charge Biden? Because it would be hard to convince a jury, the report explains, that “a former president well into his 80s” was guilty of a felony that “requires a mental state of willfulness.”

It can hardly come as a surprise that Biden was cleared by officers of the law serving under him — or that he struck investigators as someone out of touch with reality. And both spell danger for the country.

Biden aides became aware he was in possession of classified documents, dating back to his time in the Senate, in March 2021. Nearly a year and a half later, Biden’s FBI raided the home of his predecessor Donald Trump to search and seize documents the former president said he had declassified while still in office. The Justice Department’s actions fueled speculation that the raid and subsequent charges against Trump represent a cover-up. DOJ’s decision to clear the sitting president while indicting the former are only the most prominent pieces of evidence of a two-tiered justice system.

January 6 defendants rot in a Washington, D.C. gulag while protestors who set U.S. cities on fire during the George Floyd riots are free to once again lay waste to those same cities, this time on behalf of Palestinian terrorists. Pro-life activists, Catholic worshippers, and school parents rejecting radical educational agenda are all in the FBI’s crosshairs, while Biden and Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas open our borders to foreign felons, terrorists, and spies. In this context, it’s clear that from the outset there was no chance Biden would be held accountable, even as his political opponent is prosecuted under dubious legal theories.

As for Biden’s competence, after he has stumbled the last three years while America unravels, the only surprise is that DOJ had the temerity to call him “well-meaning.”  This is the same man who raged like a deranged despot to denounce half of the country he ostensibly governs as “domestic terrorists.” Not since pre-revolutionary times under the reign of Mad King George have the inhabitants of this great land suffered to be led by such an inconstant hand and ruled by such an incoherent mind.

Talk that the presidential handlers may move to replace him now is perhaps wishful thinking. He is the same shadow his faction pushed into office in 2020 and with him as an avatar they’ve checked-off several big-ticket items on the uniparty wish list, from open borders to foreign wars, the depreciation of middle-class wealth and the climate agenda.

In any case, our fight the remainder of this year is the same as it has been for the last three years — to hold accountable the regime that is driving our great nation into ruin. Don’t look away— we will build again and we will win. We were born for this moment, our forefathers are watching and may they guide us, too.

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