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Tools Of Tyranny

Tools Of Tyranny

Some of us once may have believed the advice given by graduation speakers that you can have anything you want and be anything we want to be — if only you want it badly enough.  But during our lifetimes we have learned that this advice (attributed to Abraham Lincoln) is an empty platitude.

The truth is that a small group of elites exercise disproportionate influence over our nation, often controlling governmental decision-making in ways that change how we live our lives.  While some of those elites want to be known and seek public office, others operate in the shadows like the “man behind the curtain.”  Whether we know their names or not, these elite individuals have proven that they are frequently able to impose their will on ordinary Americans.  There are many reasons offered for what motivates some people to seek these positions of control.

The truth is some elites are no better than criminals — and some ARE criminals.  One website has collected 492 instances of alleged and actual misconduct by Congressmen since 1789, including bribery, corruptions, sexual abuse, etc.  Since those in power are only rarely held accountable for their misdeeds, that is just the tip of the iceberg.

An explanation offered by public choice economists is that some elites realize it is easier to make money from the abuse of political power than making money in a competitive marketplace.  These people focus all their attention on gaining favors and financial benefits from government.  These elites succeed because they have a greater motivation to grab benefits (termed “rent-seeking”) than others have to resist them.  Financially empowered by government subsidies, these elites then have the means to repeat the process.

psychological explanation is that those in public office are narcissists who have such a deep need for public acclaim and power that they will sacrifice themselves and their families to gain office.  Narcissists care little about others and cannot be expected to prefer the public good to their personal good.

A spiritual analysis is that “God rules in the affairs of man.”  That phrase is a popular paraphrase of Daniel 4:17, which states: “the most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.”  (Emphasis added.)  Many leave off the final words of that verse, as they are too upsetting.  Does God really put in charge of government “the basest of men.”  God’s word doesn’t need to be proven true, but there is plenty of historical and current evidence that this is the norm.  And, there are many reasons to believe that our nation, which repeatedly has rejected God, is now under His judgment.  However, even if we are under judgment, that does not diminish our responsibility to resist evil and stand for truth.

For whatever reason, the elites are doing quite well and usually get their way.  A 2014 study by professors at Northwestern and Princeton analyzed the relative influence of elites and ordinary Americans in decision making concluded:

  • Compared to economic elites, average voters have a low to nonexistent influence on public policies. 
  • In cases where citizens obtained their desired policy outcome, it was in fact due to the influence of elites rather than the citizens themselves.
  • Regardless of whether a small minority or a large majority of American citizens support a policy, the probability of policy change is nearly the same.  [Emphasis added.]

Some years after that study, the key decisions made by our federal government reflect even less the views of most Americans.  Most Americans do not want the nation to leave its borders open to all comers.  Most Americans do not want Congress to spend money on endless wars.  Most Americans do not want the FBI to investigate Catholics attending Latin masses.  Most Americans do not want to prosecute nonviolent January 6 protestors.  Most Americans do not want the NSA to capture and review their emails, text messages, and phone calls.  Most Americans want to have the freedom to buy a gas stove and incandescent light bulbs.  So, how are the nation’s elites able to win so many battles — and how are they doing it?

To take the nation back from the dark forces that are now controlling it, first we need to understand HOW they are doing it.  What tools and techniques are our elites using to rule over the American people?

This is not the first time that Americans have needed to examine the tools of their controlling elites.  At the time of the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence set out the practices which King George III had been using to suppress liberty in the colonies.  Among these abuses are that:  he has resisted the laws enacted by the colonies; he interfered with elections; he obstructed the administration of justice; and he sent “swarms of Officers to harass our people.”  Do any of those techniques sound familiar?  The past truly is prologue.

The Declaration of Independence made clear that Governments derive “their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  The American People have never consented to being ruled by elites that reject the God of the Bible, the Constitution of the Framers, and the will of the People.  Therefore, following the pattern set out in our Declaration of Independence, America’s Future, beginning today, is setting out to identify and expose the tools that modern-day tyrants are using to thwart our will and control us.  Stay tuned, as we together seek to lay the groundwork to restore the Republic that our Framers bequeathed to us.

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