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Team America Rising

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UFC fighter Bo Nickal recently relayed a story about a golf game with two former NFL superstars and the 2024 Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump. According to Nickal, the former President hit a 150-yard approach shot right onto the green, and the fighter congratulated him. “That was clutch,” said Nickal. Trump turned to him and said, “don’t you want your president to be clutch?”

Don’t you want your country to be clutch, too?

With 2023 coming to a close, Americans understand that the coming year will be unlike any in our history. The same actors who have turned America inside out the last eight years — the intelligence services, Big Tech, the media, and Wall Street, among others — will stop at nothing to undermine our Republic and subvert democratic processes to advance their rolling coup against the constitution. Time to prepare ourselves because if we aren’t ready to stay the course, we’ll lose our country. It’s clutch time. Is Team America ready?

In fact, the momentum is going our way. The plots have failed. The lawfare operation against Trump to destroy him during election season has been exposed. The special counsel weaponized to target Trump has faced repeated setbacks. The legality of the bogus obstruction charge leveled against the 45th U.S. President, as well as hundreds of Jan 6 protestors, is going to be tested at the Supreme Court. The conspiracies have unraveled. There’s no longer any question that the censorship of Americans is run by a powerful consortium of oligarchs that want to turn America into a one-party state. The mask has dropped, and now it’s clear for all of America to see the ugliness of our elite educational institutions as professors, administrators, and students riot at campuses across the country in defense of a Palestinian terror group that killed 1200 people, including 30 Americans. Our anti-American ruling class has been exposed for what it truly is — a demonic caste determined to remake our country in its ugly, misshapen, and perverted image.

Thus, a clear-eyed reckoning shows that it was a good season for Team America. Parents stood up for their children and fought against vile ideas like critical race theory and transgender identity promoted by our deracinated and destructive elite. That’s a victory. And it’s another win when Americans turn away from legacy media and get their news from independent and alternative sources. And it’s a key indicator Team America is rising when, in spite of all the attacks, President Clutch is surging in the polls.

Stand up and give yourselves a round of applause because this last year, you were clutch, too. You met the challenges and kept fighting. Now it’s time to gird ourselves for 2024 and ring in the new year resolutely. Our freedom is on the line.

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