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Hold The Line Patriots

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This week, we’ve watched the total collapse of another elite American institution. Add Ivy League universities to the growing list of once-esteemed public and private sector enterprises — the FBI and Department of Justice, the CIA, and the Pentagon, the free press, Wall Street, Big Tech, the Democratic and Republican parties, among many more — that have betrayed their missions and the trust of the American public.

Since Hamas massacred 1200 people in Israel October 7, pro-Palestinian protests have erupted at college campuses across the country. Reportedly, the mobs are made up of radical leftists as well as privileged Arab and Muslims, typically connected to the leadership of anti-American regimes, who have been granted student visas in order to fulfill the schools’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion quotas. In some instances, the protestors’ vile antisemitic chants — e.g., “we want Jewish genocide” — have turned to physical intimidation of Jewish students and even violence.

Recently, the presidents of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University, historically America’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning, were called to testify before a congressional committee to shed some light on how U.S. campuses have become a hotbed of anti-Jewish hate. When New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik asked if they would denounce the protestors’ calls for genocide of the Jews, all three presidents equivocated. It depends, they said, on the context.

The university heads were not being asked to ban speech, or throw provocateurs in jail, or even out of school. House members just wanted to know where they stood — and now we know where they stand. They’re either cowards or complicit. And now we also have a better grasp of why the U.S. ruling class is morally corrupt: Elite U.S. educational institutions are in the business of producing vile and corrupt elites that end up staffing top private and public sector organizations.

But here’s the good news: Some of the universities are already being held accountable. The President of U Penn, Liz Magill, was forced to resign her post. Harvard President Claudine Gay finds herself embroiled in another controversy as well, as accusations of plagiarism dog her academic publishing record. One Harvard donor, Wall Street titan Bill Ackman, has publicly campaigned on X (formerly Twitter) to convince other donors, Jewish and non-Jewish, to withdraw their money from Harvard and other universities.

We might lament that it took so long for people with the power to change things to recognize that things needed to change. But our fight to restore America and preserve our freedoms is a long one. And this constitutes a big victory — thanks in no small part to all of us. Linking hands with your family, friends, and neighbors, you held the line. This win belongs to all of us fighting for America.

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