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Freedom – On The March

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The media has taken to calling Donald Trump a dictator because they’re scared. They’re not scared that he’s really a dictator. Of course not — they know who the real dictators are. No, the ruling class is scared because the election interference plot that’s being managed by the Department of Justice is failing. They’re running out of options and are getting desperate with less than a year before the 2024 vote.

The lawfare scheme to strip Americans of their right to elect the candidate of their choice has backfired. The federal and state cases against the 45th President and Republican frontrunner are coming apart at the seams. His supporters aren’t abandoning him like the political and media establishment planned. Rather, he’s rising in the polls.

It’s no miracle, just the common good sense of the American people. They can’t help but see how the current White House has turned the country upside down in only three years.

The media says that the middle-class is just too dumb to understand how good the economy really is. But working Americans deal with the reality of surging inflation every day, with food, energy, and housing costs soaring. With mortgage rates at their highest in decades, younger Americans are seeing the dream of home ownership slipping away.

Our cities have been turned into garbage heaps with George Soros funding district attorneys to set felons loose on American communities and families. New York, Chicago, San Francisco are in ruins with others on the verge of collapse thanks to the millions of illegals the government has invited to cross our border. And of late, our great metropolises have been besieged by pro-Palestinian terror mobs, again supported by Soros-funded organizations, calling for a second Holocaust.

Americans want our country back. We want peace and prosperity, law and order, and our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And thus, in spite of the attacks coordinated by the media, federal law enforcement, and political operatives left and right, Americans are looking to the man who promises to restore the country to where it was just three years ago when he left. African-Americans, Hispanics, women are trending toward the opposition candidate and — and you’ll even see Hollywood celebrities on social media reversing their earlier positions and embracing America First. That’s because it’s the natural inclination of all Americans — to put our great nation, our communities, and our families first.

And that’s what’s rattled the political establishment — not only that they’ll lose power but also that they’ll be held accountable for the crimes they’ve committed over the past decade. They’ve spied on U.S. citizens and failed to protect our borders; they’ve violated our rights to freedom of speech and assembly and worship and have unconstitutionally detained political dissidents. They’re the tyrants.

It’s no wonder at this late hour, with their backs against the wall, that they accuse their opponents of what they themselves have done. If Trump is elected, they say, he’ll become a dictator, he’ll strip Americans of their rights and silence dissent and use the DOJ to jail opponents. But it’s always the same with our unholy ruling establishment — every last thing they accuse their opponents of planning, they’re already doing.

So stand strong Americans, block out the noise, the fearful bleats of a herd-like ruling class. They’re losing. And We the People are on the march.

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