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Do Not Look Away Patriots

Newsletter | February 15, 2024

American Eagle with Flag

Danger is at the doorstep when the President of the United States of America’s mental state is deteriorated to the point that he is referred to as “a sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”

But last week it happened when the Joe Biden administration’s Department of Justice stated as much in a report from the Special Counsel investigating Biden for mishandling classified documents, in which the report also stated that Biden had, in fact, “willfully” mishandled the documents.  And then they cleared him. So why not charge Biden? Because it would be hard to convince a jury, the report explains, that “a former president well into his 80s” was guilty of a felony that “requires a mental state of willfulness.”

It can hardly come as a surprise that Biden was cleared by officers of the law serving under him — or that he struck investigators as someone out of touch with reality. And both spell danger for the country.

Biden aides became aware he was in possession of classified documents, dating back to his time in the Senate, in March 2021. Nearly a year and a half later, Biden’s FBI raided the home of his predecessor Donald Trump to search and seize documents the former president said he had declassified while still in office. The Justice Department’s actions fueled speculation that the raid and subsequent charges against Trump represent a cover-up. DOJ’s decision to clear the sitting president while indicting the former are only the most prominent pieces of evidence of a two-tiered justice system.

January 6 defendants rot in a Washington, D.C. gulag while protestors who set U.S. cities on fire during the George Floyd riots are free to once again lay waste to those same cities, this time on behalf of Palestinian terrorists. Pro-life activists, Catholic worshippers, and school parents rejecting radical educational agenda are all in the FBI’s crosshairs, while Biden and Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas open our borders to foreign felons, terrorists, and spies. In this context, it’s clear that from the outset there was no chance Biden would be held accountable, even as his political opponent is prosecuted under dubious legal theories.

As for Biden’s competence, after he has stumbled the last three years while America unravels, the only surprise is that DOJ had the temerity to call him “well-meaning.”  This is the same man who raged like a deranged despot to denounce half of the country he ostensibly governs as “domestic terrorists.” Not since pre-revolutionary times under the reign of Mad King George have the inhabitants of this great land suffered to be led by such an inconstant hand and ruled by such an incoherent mind.

Talk that the presidential handlers may move to replace him now is perhaps wishful thinking. He is the same shadow his faction pushed into office in 2020 and with him as an avatar they’ve checked-off several big-ticket items on the uniparty wish list, from open borders to foreign wars, the depreciation of middle-class wealth and the climate agenda.

In any case, our fight the remainder of this year is the same as it has been for the last three years — to hold accountable the regime that is driving our great nation into ruin. Don’t look away— we will build again and we will win. We were born for this moment, our forefathers are watching and may they guide us, too.

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America Patriots - Trent Talbot

Trent Talbot is founder and CEO of children’s book publishing company BRAVE Books. As a new father, he was looking for wholesome books for his own family but was alarmed that so much of the current crop was driven by the progressive agenda — which is fundamentally anti-family. So Talbot left his career in ophthalmology and started BRAVE Books, which celebrates families and honors traditional values. The catalog lists dozens of great books for kids, with authors familiar to our America’s Future family, including Kash Patel, Sara Carter, John Solomon, RaeLynn, and America’s Future Chairman General Mike Flynn.

Recently, we spoke with Trent about kids, books, and America.

Why did Brave Books decide to focus on publishing children’s books?

When I began to notice the attack on children through books like Antiracist Baby, I couldn’t stop thinking about the ideas that were going to dominate the culture that my children grew up in. After being consumed with the topic for a few months, I decided to leave my career as an ophthalmologist and create a children’s publishing company to equip families with tools to teach their children. Stories are so impactful on children because stories stay with you forever.

What are parents saying about Brave Books?

Just about every parent we hear from is so thrilled to have classic bedtime stories for their children that instill biblical, foundational principles and they appreciate the universe and characters that we have created that keeps children looking forward to their monthly book arriving on their doorstep.

Which of your great authors has had the most success so far?

Kirk Cameron’s first book with us, As You Grow, took us to another level due to the controversy of libraries across the country not allowing him to come do story hours in their libraries.

What were your favorite books as a kid?

I loved the Berenstain Bears and Grimms’ Fairy Tales. Those stories have stuck with me till today.

What is your prayer for America?

My prayer for America is that the simplicity and innocence of being a kid is upheld in our nation again.

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America’s Future Files Amicus Brief With SCOTUS In Blockbuster Censorship Case

On Friday, February 9, 2024, America’s Future filed an Amicus brief with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in Murthy v Missouri, Dkt No 23-411, a case concerning politically motivated online censorship carried out by bad actors embedded in our federal government. America’s Future filed its brief in support of the plaintiffs-respondents, the states of Missouri and Louisianna, along with five individual litigants.  This is the second brief filed by America’s Future in this case. The first brief was filed in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on August 7, 2023, and can be accessed here. The SCOTUS public docket in this case is located here.

SCOTUS has scheduled oral arguments in this case for March 18, 2024, which will be live streamed and available to the public through the SCOTUS website at

In this case, the SCOTUS announced it will resolve the following issues:

  1. Whether respondents have Article III standing. 
  2. Whether the government’s challenged conduct transformed private social-media companies’ content-moderation decisions into state action and violated respondents’ First Amendment rights; and
  3. Whether the terms and breadth of the preliminary injunction are proper.

A summary as to how this litigation came to be, is explained in our brief, as follows,

On May 5, 2022, Missouri, Louisiana, and five individual Plaintiffs filed suit against President Biden and a large number of officials in his administration.  The lawsuit alleged a large-scale government “Censorship Enterprise” that partnered with Big Tech social media companies to censor and suppress speech about major topics. The Plaintiffs alleged that the Biden Administration had pressured social media companies to promote government-approved speech and censor speech critical of the administration and its policies, including with regard to COVID, election interference, and posts critical of Biden personally.

Our brief further expresses the travel of this case from the federal district court of the Western District of Louisiana (i.e., the trial court) to the SCOTUS, stating,

On Independence Day, 2023, a district court judge, the Hon. Terry A. Doughty, issued “a comprehensive opinion and preliminary injunction forbidding most of the federal government ‘urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner social-media companies to remove, delete, suppress, or reduce posted content protected by the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution’.”

The Independence Day decision and order of Judge Doughty, detailed above, was 155 pages and included blockbuster revelations that at least twenty White House officials communicated with Twitter, now X, about misinformation and censorship.  And to quote the plaintiff-respondents SCOTUS brief of February 2, 2024, this was just the “tip of the iceberg.” 

Following the Independence Day ruling, the government defendant-appellants appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.  After the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the preliminary injunction issued by Judge Doughty, the government applied for a stay of the injunction with the SCOTUS, which was granted.  Currently, the SCOTUS is treating the government’s application for a stay as a petition for a writ of certiorari and therefore, will hear arguments and resolve the case on its merits.
The First Amendment of our Constitution states, in part, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech.” Therefore, as enshrined in our Bill of Rights, the federal government is prohibited from taking action that abridges, suppresses, or censors our right to speak freely.  

Social media platforms serve as our public square.  As Americans, we have every right to discuss and debate issues that impact us, our families, and our communities. When government officials silence dissent, they reject the Constitution, pervert freedom, and demonstrate a destructive fear of truth.

Our brief urges the SCOTUS to affirm the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and further resolve this case in favor of the plaintiff-respondent states and individuals. As pointed out in our brief,

If the First Amendment’s prohibition on the government “abridging freedom of speech” is to mean anything, it must mean that the government cannot censor public speech by threatening the entities that control the forums where the public gathers to discuss the important topics of the day…

The record contains undisputed evidence that, as repeal of Section 230 was discussed, government agents communicated coercive demands that platforms censor opposing views. Based on this long track record of coercion, and how it continues, injunctive relief is fully justified.

Consistent with our Constitution and God-given rights to live in freedom as opposed to merely existing in tyranny, we, at America’s Future, stand for freedom, liberty, and the American way.  We stand against government censorship, compromised government officials, and exactly the type of covert corruption that has been brought to light over the past few years.  We applaud Judge Doughty’s courage, thoroughness, and brut honesty from the bench.  America needs more judges like him – judges faithful to the law, willing to stand up for America, speak truth to power, and impartially decide cases and controversies without fear or favor.

Editor’s Note: To read all of our Amicus briefs, please visit our Law & Policy page.

Mobilizing Communities For Our Children

For two days, Texans have an opportunity to join hundreds of Americans in the fight to protect the innocent lives of children by attending America’s Future Get In The Fight Texas campaign on February 23 and 24 at the Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth.

America’s Future is crisscrossing the country to raise awareness, educate, and mobilize local residents and communities to help end child exploitation and trafficking in America. Florida, Michigan, and Illinois Get In The Fight campaigns have been held since the effort began as part of America’s Future Project Defend & Protect Our Children (PDPC) initiative to build a grassroots community of informed Americans across the country armed with the facts, knowledge, and tools to help end the war on children. Following the Texas campaign this month, campaigns are scheduled for Washington State on April 26-27 and Ohio on June 14-15, with more states planning to participate in 2024.

“People from across America are attending state campaigns regardless if they live in the state we are scheduled to be in any particular month,” said Mary O’Neill, Executive Director of America’s Future. “We encourage Texans to attend their upcoming campaign and welcome all those who advocate for children, wherever they reside, to attend as well. Protecting children from predators and criminals who seek out and cause our precious little ones to suffer should be everyone’s goal – throughout America and worldwide.”

Register here to attend Get In The Fight Texas.

On February 23, the Texas campaign will begin at 6 p.m. with a showing of the highly acclaimed movie Into The Light, directed by Mike Smith, an America’s Future Board Director, followed by a summit panel moderated by Lara Logan, an award-winning investigative journalist, who is also on the Board of America’s Future. Summit panelists include Bazzel Baz, founder and president of the Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC); Tara Lee Rodas, HHS whistleblower; Tina Baz, ARC Human Trafficking Program Director; Jaeson Jones, CEO of Omni Intelligence, and Liz Crokin, investigative journalist and author. General Mike Flynn, America’s Future Board Chair, is also scheduled to give remarks.

The training programs on February 24 will run from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Among the courses taught by experienced instructors include seminars for healthcare professionals, parents and caring adults, first responders and real estate professionals, and overcomers. Other training programs include sessions on “Navigating the Emerging Threat of Sextortion,” “Artificial Intelligence and Media Manipulation,” and a program specially designed for teenagers 14 years old and older, “Just For Teens – Healthy, Unhealthy, Toxic Relationships.”

In addition, a seminar on federal, state, and local legal resources and regulations governing child exploitation and trafficking is offered. This course introduces a uniquely designed digital resource library of laws, hotlines, and other important state-specific information created especially for Texas residents. As an extension of America’s Future Get In The Fight campaigns and in cooperation with ARC, a six-day “Fight Child Sex Trafficking Comprehensive Equipping Course” is being scheduled regionally. The next program will be held from March 11-16 in Highland, Indiana.

Individuals or organizations interested in coordinating a Get In The Fight campaign in their states are invited to email Lisa MacDonald, America’s Future Director of Strategic Planning, at [email protected]. Click here to join the PDPC network and receive news and information about upcoming events and other important educational material.

Tools Of Tyrants
Birthright Citizenship

This is the ninth entry in our In Focus series identifying and exposing the tools that modern-day tyrants are using to thwart the will of We The People for power and control. To access previous articles, please click here.

Aristotle built his political theory on basic principles, one of which was the concept of citizenship.  A citizen is a person who has the right to participate in the processes by which his nation is governed.  Aristotle distinguished citizens from mere inhabitants of the nation who did not have such rights, such as resident aliens.  Although the definition of “citizens” is now much broader than in the third century BC, the concept of citizenship is central to the political system of every nation in the modern world.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service website explains that “Citizenship is the common thread that connects all Americans.  We are a nation bound by the shared values of freedom, liberty, and equality.”  The determination as to which persons are deemed “citizens” is crucial to the identity and survival of a nation.

Our Declaration of Independence makes clear that “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”  It is the “citizens” who constitute the Polity of the nation — We the People.  It is the People who formed the nation, and reserve the right to “alter or abolish it” should “Government become[] destructive of” the rights of the People.

Historically, the only way a foreigner can achieve U.S. citizenship is to begin as a lawful permanent resident — possessing a “green card.”  But today, the very concept of citizenship is under attack.  Some Republicans like Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC) want to change the rules to create a “path to citizenship” for illegal immigrants.  Should that happen, we will have undone ourselves as a nation, as few of these immigrants share our common “values of freedom, liberty, and equality.”

But today we are focused on the citizenship of another group of people that are almost never discussed — those babies born in the United States to illegal aliens.

Anchor Babies

The dominant view today is that a baby born on U.S. soil is automatically a U.S. Citizen irrespective of the nationality of the baby’s parents.  Since the parents of a U.S. Citizen gain rights simply by being the parent of a U.S. Citizen, the children are called “Anchor Babies.”  When we had a border, pregnant women would cross the border in order to have their baby in the United States not just to obtain free medical care — but to obtain a U.S. birth certificate for their child and benefits for them.  That practice was called “birth tourism.”  As far back as 2016, Forbes magazine noted that one out of every 12 newborns was an “anchor baby.”

In 2018, President Trump raised the issue of ending birthright citizenship, he was roundly criticized.  However, in 2020, Trump boldly imposed restrictions on birth tourism.  Once again Trump was right, and his critics were wrong.

A constitutional analysis first published in 2001 is based on the legal research of the Founding Dean of Regent Law School, Herbert W. Titus, demonstrating why children born to illegal aliens in the United States are not citizens.  Here are the key points of that paper.

The Fourteenth Amendment

The Fourteenth Amendment states:

All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.  [Emphasis added.]

Rep. John Bingham (R-IL), the House sponsor of the Fourteenth Amendment, stated,

I find no fault with the introductory clause, which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.  [Emphasis added.]

The Supreme Court read the Fourteenth Amendment in line with the intent of its Framers.  In 1872, the Court ruled that the Amendment’s language:

“subject to its jurisdiction” was intended to exclude from its operation children of ministers, consuls, and citizens or subjects of foreign States born within the United States.  [Slaughterhouse Cases, 83 U.S. 36, 73 (1872) (emphasis added).]

Twelve years later, the Court reiterated:

The main object of the opening sentence of the fourteenth amendment was to … put it beyond doubt that all persons, white or black, and whether formerly slaves or not, born or naturalized in the United States, and owing no allegiance to any alien power, should be citizens of the United States.  [Elk v. Wilkins, 112 U.S. 94, 101 (1884) (emphasis added).]

The Won Kim Ark Case

Sadly, 11 years later, the Court went off the tracks in United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898).  Although the holding of that case involving a child born to parents lawfully in the United States was not wrong, its analysis was deeply flawed, and application to illegal aliens is badly mistaken.   

The Court’s principal error was that it looked to English common law to define “citizenship.”  Under the English common law, anyone born on British territory was a subject of the King, even if that person later moved from English territory.  Dissenting, Chief Justice Fuller explained that the Court was mistaken to follow a rule that applied only to the British:

from 1795, no United States court had followed the English (i.e., British) common law rule that no British subject could ever renounce his allegiance to the crown. And for good reason, observing that the British common law rule arose out of feudal practice where individuals could be bought and sold with the property they farmed.

The Court also noted that the Fourteenth Amendment used the word “jurisdiction” twice in the amendment, as the Amendment also forbids states from “deny[ing] to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”  But, in context, it is clear the Amendment’s second use of the word “jurisdiction” has a different meaning — as it refers to a person’s location within a state.

Thus, in dissent, the Chief Justice correctly concluded: 

If a stranger or traveler passing through or temporarily residing in this country, who has not himself been naturalized, and who claims to owe no allegiance to our government, has a child born here, which goes out of the country with its father, such child is not a citizen of the United States, because it was not subject to its jurisdiction.  [Id. at 718-719 (Fuller, C.J., dissenting) (emphasis added).]

The author of a 2005 paper on this subject agrees, pointing out: 

illegal aliens are … on U.S. territory against the will of the American people, in a continuous state of disobedience to U.S. law, and despite the efforts of the U.S. Government to apprehend them.  Thus … there is no constitutional requirement that the U.S.-born children of illegal aliens be granted U.S. citizenship.

When the U.S. Supreme Court made its mammoth error about “birthright citizenship” in 1898, it was not trying to change the character of the nation.  However, today the Left is taking advantage of that constitutional error to “turn America blue” and ensure Democrat electoral college supremacy, perhaps for generations — perhaps permanently.

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