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Court Monitor
Alabama Supreme Court Rules for Dry Counties  
Two pastors from a small town in Alabama won a stunning, unanimous victory before the Alabama Supreme Court against the sale of alcohol in their tiny community. 05-25-15
California Supreme Court Orders Judges to Leave Boy Scouts  
The U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of association as a fundamental First Amendment right, but that did not stop the liberal California Supreme Court from telling judges in its court system that they cannot belong to groups disfavored by the Court. On January 23, 2015, the California Supreme Court ordered all California judges to stop belonging to the Boy Scouts. 05-11-15
"Hackney Carriage" Owners Versus Boston (and Uber)  
"Hackney carriage" is the predecessor in the horse-and-buggy era to the taxicab, and this term continues to be used in many municipal codes in Massachusetts. Hackney carriages, or taxicabs today, are fully regulated in big cities such as Boston.  04-26-15
Tour Guides Lose Free Speech Appeal  
Tour guides lead visitors in many cities to the local landmarks, teaching some history along the way. But in recent years several cities enacted laws requiring tour guides to be certified in history before they can charge the public for their tours.  04-19-15
Keystone Pipeline Wins One, For Now, in Nebraska  
The much-publicized Keystone XL pipeline project would send heavy crude oil through an enormous pipeline stretching from western Canada through the heartland of the United States, down to refineries along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The southern portion of this pipeline has already been in operation from Oklahoma to Texas, but opponents have held up construction of its longest segment: from Alberta, Canada, to Steele City, Nebraska.  03-25-15
Court Turns the Lights Out on Intrusive Solar Cell Project  
Solar power is a favorite of liberals. When a solar power company was founded by a prominent member of the Kennedy family, that combination would seemingly be unbeatable in a judicial proceeding in Massachusetts. So ordinary townsfolk faced grim odds when they challenged a permit to build a massive solar array, by suing a solar power company founded by former Democratic Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy II.  02-28-15
Court Blocks Sheriff from Arresting Illegals  
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was courageously enforcing Arizona laws against illegal aliens who used stolen identities to gain employment. Two Arizona laws make that a felony, and the sheriff was doing his job in finding and arresting the felons.  02-23-15
Kansas Judges Demand More School Funding  
Judicial supremacy has reared its ugly ahead again, this time in Kansas. A three-judge panel of state court judges there has ruled that the Kansas legislature must pour more money down the drain of public school education.  02-07-15
Cert. Granted against Obamacare!  
For liberals, it was a double dose of bad news in the same week. First they lost big in the midterm elections, and then a few days later the U.S. Supreme Court issued a surprise grant of certiorari to consider the legality of how Obamacare is being implemented.  01-31-15
Stunning 5-0 Victory for the Right to Work  
After a trial court struck down Indiana's Right to Work law as being in violation of the Indiana Constitution, unions had every reason to think they would win again at the Indiana Supreme Court. Instead, in a stunning 5-0 decision, the Indiana Supreme Court upheld the Right to Work law, and reversed the trial court decision.  01-17-15
Can't Read, Can't Sue  
Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually on public school education, yet millions of the students trapped in that system are not even being taught how to read. Lawsuits have sought to force states to spend more on public education, but it is obvious that the real problem is not a lack of money. It does not cost much to teach anyone how to become an excellent reader based on phonics. But perhaps some politicians prefer an illiterate population that votes as they are told on Election Day, because phonetic reading is typically not taught in public schools, and the results are disastrous.  12-22-14
Victory for Traditional Marriage Sets the Stage  
The U.S. Supreme Court may have thought it could duck the demand by liberal groups for a constitutional right to same-sex marriage. In October, the High Court denied certiorari on a petition for it to overrule decisions declaring that same-sex marriage is in the Constitution.  12-06-14
Voter Photo ID Upheld!  
Six years ago, in 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld by a 6-3 majority a voter photo ID law that had been challenged in Indiana. Liberals were furious with their own local Democrats for appealing that case all the way to the Supreme Court, which resulted in a strong conservative precedent that applies nationwide. Since then, any state has had the power to pass a voter photo ID law similar to what was upheld for Indiana.  11-16-14
Judicial Supremacy Holds Legislature in Contempt  
It is not every day that a court holds the legislative branch of government in contempt. Under our basic doctrine of separation of powers, a court should never hold a co-equal branch of government, the legislature, in contempt. But the liberal Supreme Court of the State of Washington sunk to a new low by declaring its own state legislature to be in contempt for not doing what the Court wanted.  11-03-14
Canada Rejects Birthright Citizenship  
Many mistakenly assume that anyone born in the United States is automatically a citizen of the United States. This is not true, and is the erroneous concept known as "birthright citizenship." The mere location is one's birth is not, by itself, a guarantee of a right to citizenship.  10-29-14
Update in War on Patents  
Our patent system has given America the greatest prosperity in the history of the world, fostering "Yankee ingenuity" and rewarding it handsomely. An inventor obtains exclusive rights over his patented invention for 20 years, thanks to the United States Constitution.  10-18-14
Public Unions Barely Survive Court Test  
The Supreme Court came tantalizingly close to ending forced membership dues in public sector unions, such as the liberal Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Public sector employees work for government, which is accountable to voters and prohibited by numerous laws from engaging in unfair labor practices. As a practical matter, public sector unions such as teachers' unions advance their own liberal political agendas.  09-29-14
Supreme Court Held that Obama Violated Constitution  
A unanimous Supreme Court held that Obama violated Article Art. II, §2, cl. 3, of the Constitution by making appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) without Senate approval, during a brief three-day break in the Senate. Obama claimed that an adjournment of merely three days in the Senate constituted a "recess" which justified Obama sneaking "recess appointments" through without Senate confirmation.   09-25-14
Victory for Religious Liberty!  
It was a long wait, until the very last day of the Supreme Court's term, but the wait was worth it. On June 30th, the U.S. Supreme Court established a right of religious liberty for the Hobby Lobby corporation not to be required to pay for contraceptives that cause abortion.  08-31-14
Common Core Strikes Out in Oklahoma  
Common Core is widely opposed for how it deprives parents of local control over education. But parents in Oklahoma have one less thing to worry about when they send their children back to school this fall, thanks to action taken by the Oklahoma legislature which was then successfully defended before the Oklahoma Supreme Court.  08-21-14
Setback for Vaccine Police  
A groundbreaking decision by a New Jersey appellate court just established that the State cannot endorse a religious exemption from vaccination -- as nearly every state allows -- without also endorsing a philosophical (non-religious) exemption.  08-16-14
Icing on the Cake  
Like most states, Colorado defines marriage as between a man and a woman, but that did not stop two Colorado men from traveling to Massachusetts to be married, and then demanding that a baker in Colorado provide a wedding cake for them with two men atop the cake.  07-30-14

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Book Monitor
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The End of Socialism   
Author James Otteson is a professor at Wake Forest University, a Senior Scholar at the Fund for American Studies in Washington, D.C., and a Research Professor in the Freedom Center and Department of Philosophy at the University of Arizona. His newest book is geared toward scholars and lay readers alike.  05-21-15
A Choice Not an Echo   
Faced with the inevitable nomination of Ronald Reagan, liberal Republicans at the 1980 Nominating Convention promoted a deal that would have made Gerald Ford a co-president with Reagan. It was understood that Ford would take orders from Henry Kissinger.  04-23-15
What Works   
The popular syndicated columnist Cal Thomas notes that it is "Groundhog Day" in America. Like the movie that depicts a man going through the same day over and over again, Thomas says America is trying failed strategies repeatedly and getting the same results. He sifts through economic and tax theory, health care measures, family structures, federalism, and more to define what has worked and what will never work.  04-14-15
Barack Obama's Rules for Revolution   
In order to understand the political tactics used by Democrats, Conservatives should be familiar with Saul Alinsky and the strategies his followers use. Alinsky was born in Chicago in 1909. He devoted his life to destroying the capitalist system and trying to bring down Western Civilization. Why? He and others like him want to destroy what is, in order to replace it with a perfect utopian society.  04-03-15
The Great American College Tuition Rip-Off   
Why does a college education cost so much? Tuition increases have far outpaced inflation. Graduating with massive loan debt not only has a negative impact on students and on their families, but it also harms society. Paul Streitz explains why college is a rip-off and suggests ways to solve this problem.   02-22-15
Jesus On Trial   
After his personal examination of Christianity, David Limbaugh concluded that "mainstream culture's disdain and disrespect for the intellectual integrity of Christianity is unwarranted, and its conceited assumption that Christian beliefs are a product of blind faith, bereft of reason and intellect, is completely false."  01-29-15
Conservative strategist and marketing expert Richard Viguerie offers a comprehensive plan to take the Republican party away from the "establishment" and to attract voters to the party. He's been involved in campaigns from Goldwater to Romney.  01-04-15
Who Killed the American Family?   
The traditional family is the most fundamental institution of society. Conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly tells us that "married couples now represent the minority of American households," "the majority of women are living without a husband," and "more than half of births to women under 30 occur outside of marriage."  12-12-14
"We are facing the prospect of a sharp drop not merely in America's role in the world, but also in America's standard of living," according to Dinesh D'Souza. He cites Abraham Lincoln's prediction that if America ever failed, it would be from internal causes. The downward spiral, which many warn against and some say has begun, is part of a calculated plan by those who believe that only the decline of the U.S. will allow less successful nations to rise. Their aim is to make all nations equal.  11-30-14
What Women Really Want   
The authors of What Women Really Want came from different backgrounds to arrive at their conservative viewpoints. Together they own a website, PolitiChicks, that provides news, commentary, and interviews with conservatives from many walks of life. The website allows conservatives to speak their minds and encourages readers to actively take control of events, rather than just watching them unfold.
Take No Prisoners   
Take No Prisoners identifies two major problems. The first is that Democrats have created "victims" in society but have cleverly managed to convince many people that it's all the fault of Republicans. The second is that Republicans fail to get their message across to voters.
Things That Matter   
Political science student, turned psychiatrist, turned Mondale speech writer, Charles Krauthammer became a journalist at The New Republic on the same day Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President. Things That Matter is a compilation of columns and magazine articles he's written over the ensuing decades.  10-03-14
One Nation   
Ever since famed neurosurgeon Ben Carson gave his gutsy keynote speech at the 2013 National Prayer Breakfast, many have encouraged him to run for public office. Carson believes that the public really wants not so much him, but "the return of common sense and intelligible speech to solve our ever-increasing problems."  09-24-14
Big Tent   
Big Tent evolved from the editor's "Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America" course for Citadel students. It is an examination of the basic principles of Conservatism from the point of view of fifteen of the great minds that drove the movement.  08-27-14
Arab Winter Comes to America 
There is a "jihad against talking about jihad" in America, according to author Robert Spencer, who for years gave briefings on Islam to the FBI and various military and intelligence communities. He no longer offers them his expertise since the nation has been conditioned to demonize and marginalize those who voice resistance to Islamic encroachment.  08-10-14
Living on Fire   
In 1960, many would have been stunned to learn that Barry Goldwater did not write his bestseller, The Conscience of a Conservative. It was ghostwritten by his speechwriter, L. Brent Bozell Jr. According to Living on Fire author Daniel Kelly, Goldwater had little involvement in the writing process and the book reflects the views of Bozell.  07-09-14

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Newsletter Online
March / April 2015  
The Asylum Racket Costs U.S. Taxpayers
Did you know that the Tsar­naev Boston Bombers came to our country with false claims of persecution and then cashed in to receive $100,000 in U.S. welfare handouts? Did you hear about the Somali youths who left Min­neapolis to join Al-Shabaab and ISIS? Did you know that a Burmese Mus­lim, within a month of his ar­rival in Utah, murdered a lit­tle Christian Burmese girl and was sent to prison for life? Did you hear that Alaska has received so many Muslim refugees that they have built a mosque in Anchorage?  Click here for the full story.
Update on China's Propaganda in U.S. Schools
China has opened hundreds of institutes and classrooms in universities, high schools and even elementary schools in the United States. The announced purpose is to teach Chinese language and culture to Americans. A growing number of academics, however, are warning that these institutes are really propaganda arms of Communist China's government. They teach positive aspects of China but clamp down on any attempt to discuss problems such as Taiwan, Tibet, or human rights violations.  Click here for the full story.
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