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Planned Giving

The vision and legacy of our nation’s Founding Fathers was that Americans would be forever more born free with the inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. America’s Future mission and work is designed to ensure that this vision is secured in perpetuity. Your planned gift to our organization builds on the vision and legacy of our Founders.

There are many planned giving arrangements for you to consider that will have a lasting impact for generations to come as you join with America’s Future in our Founders’ vision to pass the torch of freedom forward.

America’s Future gift planning professionals can work with you and your financial advisor to personalize a plan most beneficial to you and your family. Talk to us about how your gift contributes to the future of America.

When you give a gift stocks and/or other securities directly to America’s Future, Inc., you are making a considerable impact and neither you nor the charity will be taxed on the gains for appreciated assets you donate. If you would like to make a gift of stocks, bonds or other securities, please contact us for instructions on how you can transfer stocks, bonds or other securities from your brokerage or investment account to America’s Future, Inc. You may be able to avoid paying capital gains tax on the transfer of appreciated stock; and you may receive a charitable income tax deduction. It is important to work with your attorney or financial advisor to maximize the benefits to you and America’s Future, Inc.

Making a gift through your will is the most common method of planned giving. There are no complicated tax rules to follow, and you maintain control of your assets during your lifetime. This type of giving is very flexible, so you can always revise your plans as your needs change. There may also be tax advantages to your estate and heirs with this form of giving. Here is a sample clause to place in a Last Will and Testament: I give, devise, and bequeath America’s Future, Inc. of Venice Florida, a tax-exempt 501c3 Florida Nonprofit [EIN: 13-1549794] the following from my estate: [here, you can insert a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your total estate, a parcel of land, or the rest or residue of your estate] to be held, administered and used by its Board of Directors in support of its mission.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A Charitable Remainder Trust is a gift plan that provides income to the donor or other beneficiary during their life for some designated period of time (i.e. the “trust period”). At the end of the trust period, the remaining assets are transferred to America’s Future, Inc. to be used consistent with the mission. Tax advantages to the donor are substantial, including the avoidance of any capital gains tax in appreciated property and the generation of a substantial charitable deduction. The two most common types of charitable remainder trusts are the charitable remainder unitrust and the charitable remainder annuity trust.

Charitable Lead Trusts

The Charitable Lead Trust is often used by the family that wishes to pass family assets, such as a business or real property, intact to the next generation at substantially reduced estate taxes. Often described as being the opposite of a charitable remainder trust, a lead trust provides America’s Future, Inc. with income for a stated period of time, after which the assets are distributed to family members as stated in the trust document.

Donating a life insurance policy is a generous and convenient way to make a valuable gift to America’s Future, Inc. Usually, it is as simple as naming America’s Future, Inc. [EIN: 13-1549794] as the beneficiary on the policy and continuing to pay the premium. This type of giving is very flexible and you can reserve the ability to change the beneficiary in the future if your personal financial situation changes.

Another option is to change the owner of the policy to America’s Future, Inc. such that the owner and beneficiary will both be America’s Future, Inc. By changing the owner to America’s Future, you will not be able to change the beneficiary in the future. You should receive an income tax deduction roughly equal to the cash surrender value of the policy and documentation should be requested from the insurance company at the time of the ownership change. Your insurance agent or attorney or financial advisor can assist you in this. If you would like to change the beneficiary of a policy, ask your advisor to change either the primary or contingent beneficiary (beneficiary if the primary beneficiary has already died) to America’s Future, Inc.

America’s Future may request information to determine if premium payments are needed and as the owner, may opt to pay the premium or cancel the policy for the cash surrender value if premiums are needed. America’s Future will also ask if you would like to continue to make annual donations.

The gift of real estate to America’s Future is possible and very much appreciated. By giving real estate to America’s Future during your lifetime or at death (especially a gift of a principal residence or vacation residence) may be an attractive way of making a substantial donation to America’s Future, Inc. because you or your estate may avoid taxes, including capital gains taxes, and you may generate a substantial charitable deduction for yourself or for your estate. Donors may give the entire property or a fractional ownership interest in real estate to America’s Future. Gifts of real estate are subject to a review and approval by America’s Future prior to America’s Future accepting this type of gift.

The gift of tangible personal property to America’s Future is also possible. By giving such items during your lifetime or at death, you may produce a deduction equal to the fair market value of the property. Gifts that do not have a related purpose may generate a lower tax deduction but can be attractive for contribution.

Please consult with an attorney or other trusted advisor for special assistance in designing a giving plan. For more information regarding our planned giving options, please contact America’s Future at 941-876-8112.

Sponsorships – Champion Sponsor Circle

Create opportunities for families and communities to expand their knowledge about American exceptionalism through our educational initiatives and engagement resources. Help your fellow Americans show their patriotism and honor our vets by contributing to our flag campaign.  
  • Become a sponsor of our educational series for children, adults and homeschoolers. 
  • Become a sponsor for our “Raise The Flag, Say The Pledge” across America and say thanks to our veterans with a gift of a free flag. 
  • Become a sponsor of our weekly newsletters. 
  • Become a sponsor of our annual “Celebrating America” event.
Talk to us about a customized sponsorship by contacting America’s Future Sponsorship Representative.

Freedom Fund – Champion Leader Circle

Give generously to our Freedom Fund to help us fight for freedom and our Constitutional rights for all Americans by filing Amicus briefs and conducting legal research on important issues to secure our Constitutional Republic form of government. Your contribution to the Freedom Fund will also support our Scholarship-In-Excellence program to build America’s leaders of the future.

Talk to us about how you can make a difference by contacting America’s Future Freedom Fund Representative.

Further Information And Contact

There are many ways to give to America’s Future. Please consider supporting our organization’s mission and work through your estate plan. America’s Future gift planning professionals can work with you and your financial advisor to personalize a plan most beneficial to you and your family. Talk to us about how your gift contributes to the future of America.

You may also give to America’s Future by sponsoring our programs or giving to our Freedom Fund, and by making a donation through our website, by mail and by text.


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