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Resolve To Never Quit The Fight For Freedom 

Newsletter | December 31, 2021

Never Quit The Fight For Freedom

Freedom is the principal human right. It is God-given and enshrined in our founding documents. The men who wrote those documents were thinking not just about themselves but were laying the course for the future of this country. That is, they were also thinking about us, our children, our children’s children, and all the way down the line. Proof of their care and forethought to protect freedom for us and later generations is the US Constitution.

With the New Year upon us, it’s a good time to reflect upon that unbreakable link tying us to them and to future American generations. With freedom comes responsibility – to be accountable, to be engaged, to act with conviction, to be informed. It also comes with opportunity — opportunity as large and expansive as our great nation.

Opportunity to determine your own future. Opportunity to choose your path to happiness. Opportunity to raise your children in your home without interference. Opportunity to question government without retribution. Opportunity to show pride in our uniquely, exceptional nation. Opportunity to influence America, too, when and where you are able like at your local school board meeting. And the opportunity to stand resolute for your freedom without fear. God did not make us Americans to live in fear.

Stand with America’s Future this New Year and re-commit to the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities inherent in our God-given right to freedom. Let’s commit to showing pride in our great country every day in this coming year. Americans will live as we were born to live — in freedom. Freedom Born. American Proud.

As we continue our new series on America’s Future core principles and mission, please watch a video on “The Founders’ Vision” with our Board Chair Lt. General Michael T. Flynn, USA (Ret.).

Building Leadership For America

Scholarships Available For Deserving High School Seniors

America’s Future invites applications for its “Scholarship Award For Excellence” program. Scholarships will be awarded to five deserving high school seniors who have created a program, project or initiative aligned with at least one of America’s Future guiding principles that informs, educates, inspires and has a positive impact in their local community, region or nationwide. For details about the scholarship program, eligibility requirements and to apply, please click on Scholarship Program.

Eligible Nonprofits Encouraged To Submit Grant Applications

In fulfilling America’s Future commitment to supporting other charitable nonprofit organizations that are equally devoted to ensuring the principles fundamental to our Constitutional Republic, America’s Future invites eligible organizations to apply for a grant. For details and information on the submission and selection process, please click on Grants Program.


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