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Hollywood Exposed

There’s evil in Hollywood, and it’s not on your local theater’s movie screens. No, it’s in the underbelly of this giant industry that controls much of the public’s entertainment. If actor Drake Bell, producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, actress Gina Carano, or singer-songwriter Kanye “Ye” West have anything to do with shedding some sunlight to expose the evil, they are doing so in recently filed lawsuits and through their bully pulpits. Below are some of the specifics of how and why each of the four celebrities are speaking out to see that change occurs and that Hollywood’s overlords are held accountable.

Nickelodeon’s Pedophile Problem

The new docu-series Quiet On Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV exposes how child actors for Nickelodeon were abused – including child sex crimes – by monster adults who worked for the network.

Drake Bell, who starred in Drake & Josh, claims dialogue coach and actor Brian Peck sexually abused him when he was 15-years-old, according to Business Insider. It should be noted that Bell pleaded guilty to child endangerment in 2021 after he was accused of sexual contact and grooming an underage fan since she was 12, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bell claims he had no physical contact with his accuser but did acknowledge that he had communication with her that was reckless and irresponsible.

The series also exposes writer and producer Dan Schneider, now 58, and his toxic children’s show business behind hits such as The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, Drake & Josh, Sam and Cat and iCarly that starred child actors such as Jamie Lynn Spears, Jennette McCurdy, Miranda Cosgrove and Victoria Justice.

The child stars operated in a nightmare environment alongside at least three convicted sex offenders — production assistant Jason Handy, animator Ezel Channel and Peck – and they all had access to children, according to the New York Post.

The series also highlights how there were many shots of young girls’ feet – which has led many to believe that Schneider has a creepy foot fetish – and many porn-style scenes involving actresses having liquids and slime squirted on their faces and bodies in a seductive and/or suggestive manner.

Schneider was let go after two Viacom CBS (Nickelodeon’s parent company) investigations in 2017 and 2018 that found he had been verbally abusive on set yet allegedly committed no sexual misconduct.

The series can be viewed on Max.

Criminal Lawsuit Filed Against Music Mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs

Producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones filed a lawsuit against Sean “Diddy” Combs in federal court in late February, accusing the music mogul of sexually harassing, drugging, and threatening him for more than a year.

Jones also claims Combs forced him to procure sex workers and pressured him to engage in unwelcomed sex acts with them and others and that Combs gave laced alcoholic beverages to guests who attended parties at his homes, according to NBC News.

The lawsuit includes evidence of screenshots allegedly from parties hosted at Combs’ homes that showed underage girls and sex workers, some of whom Jones said were provided drinks laced with drugs at Combs’ direction.

Combs said in a statement that he “categorically denies these absurd allegations.”

Gina Carano Reveals Hollywood’s “Unforgivable Sin”

Actress Gina Carano, who has recently filed a lawsuit against Disney for firing her from The Mandalorian for expressing her opinions, called out Hollywood’s “unforgivable sin” of punishing those who do not conform to their agenda.

Carano said that Hollywood’s “unforgivable sin” is being “a person who wouldn’t perfectly conform at a time when emotions were running wild in the world,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Carano filed a wrongful termination suit against Disney in early February after the corporation fired her for expressing contrary opinions to the company’s leftwing agenda – a punishment Carano’s male colleagues did not receive, according to Breitbart News. Elon Musk has been helping her fund the suit.

Kanye “Ye” West Calls Out Hollywood’s Control Over Celebrities

Kanye “Ye” West called out how celebrities are kept on a short leash and handled, how he was banished, kept from his kids and that stars are commanded on what voting agenda to push.

“I went so far past any level of acknowledgment – I was banished,” West said on Big Boy TV. “I was exiled. I was canceled multiple times.”

West also discussed Hollywood handlers and how stars are put on a short leash.

“I’m crying to see my daughter and all of the usual suspects, the handlers, Dave Chapelle, Meek Mills, Diddy,” West said. “All these people are in a position for us, the celebrities, they got to call and put a leash on them.”

“Tell them right now this is the voting agenda for the celebrities that are black, make them do exactly what LeBron [James] would do, make them do exactly what Drake would do.”

Whether you love or dislike West, he’s been exposing the truth about the dark underbelly of Hollywood for many years at a high cost to his personal life and career!

Mason Weaver is a Renaissance man. He is a multi-published author, broadcaster, entrepreneur, and a dynamic commentator and public speaker who is true to his belief that “we’re all here for a reason and a purpose…to pay attention and act.”

He minces no words in episode 11 of Not On My Watch with host and investigative journalist Liz Crokin when he recounts his journey through life as a young boy in a small rural town in Missouri to a life-changing event while serving in the Navy that brought him to death’s doorstep; as a member of the Black Panthers in California during the civil rights era and a student of the origins of slavery. It was after learning about slavery through his studies of literature and the Bible that he came to the realization that “my freedom depends on the worship of God.”

Mason has written extensively. During the interview, he explains why he wrote one of his many books, “The Democratic Party Hates America.” He speaks his mind, sharing his opinion about what he thinks about the democratic party and how it took hold of the black community. “The democrats hate success, prosperity, and liberty.” When he worked for the Trump campaign as an advisor on the Black Voices For Trump board, his job was to “stimulate thinking” about the contrast between political ideologies and parties.  Government is not the answer to prosperity, he believes. “Hard work, works…you can’t depend on anyone for success but yourself.”

On the issue of child trafficking and exploitation in the black community and across the country, he cautions that “the government isn’t going to do anything about it because the government is involved with it.” To combat child trafficking, he says that it will take a united front of black people and white people working together. “It’s the most vital issue we have in this country that babies are being abused as we speak.”

Watch Episode 11 to learn more about Mason’s near-death experience on a ship back to San Diego after serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War and how it eventually changed his life. Listen as he shares his wisdom and insight about the history of America’s political parties, racism, and the political environment of today, and the importance of opening minds to the true value of self-determination as the guiding light to living a life of freedom and prosperity. 
To access his website and books, visit www.masonweaver.com.

Legislation Signed – Lawsuits Filed
Epstine Updates

DeSantis Signs Bill To Release Epstein Records

In late February, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill intended to release secret documents detailing the proceedings of a 2006 Palm Beach County grand jury that issued only one criminal prostitution-related charge against Jeffrey Epstein despite police uncovering dozens of victims, according to The Palm Beach Post.

“We are happy in Florida to be leading the effort for transparency and for accountability, because what happened was clearly wrong, and the punishment was simply wholly inadequate to the crime,” DeSantis said before signing the bill at the Palm Beach Police Department. “And I know people have seen that for many, many years now. So I thank the Legislature for doing this.”

In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to two felony charges of soliciting prostitution and procuring a minor for prostitution. He received a plea deal – that’s been called a sweetheart deal – that was highly criticized for being way too lenient.

The law takes effect July 1.

Epstein Victims Sue His Close Advisers

In February, lawyers representing victims of Jeffrey Epstein sued two of his closest advisers accusing them of “aiding, abetting and facilitating” his sex trafficking of teenage girls.

The lawsuit seeks monetary damages from Epstein’s longtime personal lawyer, Darren Indyke, and his longtime accountant, Richard Kahn, according to The Virgin Islands Daily News. The lawsuit claims that Indyke and Kahn helped build “the complex financial infrastructure” that Epstein used to sexually abuse hundreds of young women and teenage girls for at least two decades.

Jeffrey Epstein Victims Sue FBI

Twelve Jeffrey Epstein victims sued the FBI for failure to protect them in federal court in the Southern District of New York in February.

The lawsuit, filed under the pseudonym Jane Doe to protect the plaintiffs’ identities, claims the FBI had specific information about Epstein and they failed to act, according to CBS News.

The complaint states the FBI was negligent with their investigation into Epstein and claims the agency knew he was abusing and sex trafficking young women and children and allowed the abuse to continue unchecked.

“The FBI has turned its back on survivor victims,” explains Jennifer Plotkin, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs. “And this lawsuit seeks to hold the FBI responsible for failure to act when it absolutely should have.”

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In this edition of the Bulletin, our PDPC advisors open their notebooks to share their “reader’s choice” selections to watch, read, listen to, and learn more about why it is critical for all Americans to stay informed and get involved in eradicating child exploitation, abuse, and trafficking in America and worldwide.

MUST WATCH: The War On Children exposes the ongoing battle for control of the next generation and their minds. Every parent in America needs to watch this film.

MUST READ: Unbroken Chains: The Hidden Role of Human Trafficking in the American Economy
In this groundbreaking investigation of American trafficking, author Melissa Hope Ditmore unveils the unnerving reality that forced labor permeates many industries beyond sex work. In almost every aspect of consumption, people who create our everyday necessities are working amid inescapable exploitation, often without pay.

MUST WATCH: Surviving Sex Trafficking presented by BBC News, reveals that sex trafficking is not just women being forced across borders and being held against their will. It is now being revealed that many are held captive through drug addiction and slavery. This full- length documentary not only tells the facts about the horrors of sex trafficking through the testimony of survivors but also shows the hope of those who have found a way out.

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