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EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MESSAGE – MARCH 2023: In this inaugural edition of the PDPC Bulletin, you’ll learn how to spot the signs of grooming behavior, plus why a former stuntman and Hollywood director turned the spotlight on the dangers of propaganda and pedophilia in our society, and what brave parents are doing to keep children safe in their communities. Please share this newsletter with your family and friends and post the link on social media. Protecting our precious children against harm is our shared obligation to our children – the future of America. On behalf of the PDPC Advisory Board, thank you for joining our nationwide network of Americans helping to fight the war on children and end child exploitation, abuse, and trafficking in their communities — Mary O’Neill

PDPC Executive Director's Message

In this inaugural edition of the PDPC Bulletin, you’ll learn how to spot the signs of grooming behavior, plus why a former stuntman and Hollywood director turned the spotlight on the dangers of propaganda and pedophilia in our society, and what brave parents are doing to keep children safe in their communities. Please share this newsletter with your family and friends and post the link on social media. Protecting our precious children against harm is our shared obligation to our children – the future of America. On behalf of the PDPC Advisory Board, thank you for joining our nationwide network of Americans helping to fight the war on children and end child exploitation, abuse, and trafficking in their communities — Mary O’Neill

Know How To Spot the Signs of Grooming & Stop It

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Grooming is the process child sex predators use to train a child victim for the purpose of a sexual relationship. The groomer gains the trust of the child, and often their guardians too. From that point forward, the predator breaks down the child’s defenses to manipulate the victim to engage in sexual acts.  Child molesters are often trusted adults, and many predators position themselves in professions or environments where they have access to children. They can be family members, neighbors, teachers, coaches, clergy, and counselors.

Stages of Grooming

  • Target the victim.
  • Earn trust from the victim and their guardian(s).
  • Fill a need.
  • Isolate the child.
  • Lower inhibitions.
  • Sexualize the relationship.
  • Maintain control over the victim.

The predator will establish trust and affection with the victim and make the child feel special. The predator may seduce the child and the child’s guardians with gifts, bribes, special privileges and even vacations. The offender often starts with nonsexual touch and then progresses toward sexual contact. The groomer will also manipulate the child into becoming a cooperating participant. This increases the likelihood the child will return to the offender and decreases the odds of being detected. The groomer then will demand the child keeps their sexual relationship a secret and sometimes will use threats or blackmail to achieve this.

Spot a Groomer

  • The adult is overly interested in the child.
  • The adult creates opportunities to be alone with the child.
  • The adult is more interested in a relationship with the child than the adults.
  • The adult has age and/or gender preferences for children.

Social Media and Online Grooming

In this day and age, child predators frequently use social media sites, gaming rooms and other online forums and chats to target and groom children via electronic communications.

Signs of Online Grooming

  • Child becomes secretive about online activities.
  • Child is online too frequently.
  • Child receive gifts, money or messages from strangers.
  • Child is asked to meet up with people they’ve met online.
  • Child has knowledge of inappropriate sex.
  • The child is told to keep their online communications secret from their guardians.

Online Grooming Prevention

  • Hold family meetings about the dangers of online grooming.
  • Know what apps your children have on their phones.
  • Monitor your child’s social media use.
  • Teach your children what is not OK behavior such as sharing personal
  • Information with strangers online or agreeing to meet up with them.
  • Talk to your children and keep the lines of communication open.
  • Be clear with your children what sites and apps are allowed.
  • Consider installing parental control software on their devices.
  • Use Google Alerts with your child’s name to keep track of tags of comments and photos of your child.
  • Report online grooming.

Reality Check

It’s easy to think your child could never fall victim to these monsters; however, crimes against children happen more often than most realize in all kinds of communities, and the media fails to cover these stories enough. Below are only two examples of tragic stories that have not been widely reported.

  • Investigation Discovery has a new three-hour docuseries currently airing on convicted pedophile Jared Fogle called Jared from Subway: Catching a Monster. This informative series showcases how the Subway spokesperson – famous for his 245-pound weight loss from eating Subway’s low fat sandwiches – groomed children and their parents. Jared launched a charity in 2008 called the Jared Foundation, which pledged to give money to schools to help promote healthy eating, and this placed Fogle in a position where he had close access to children.
  • Jorge Camacho, 34, used social media to groom a 13-year-old Texan girl for months and then lured her from her home in the Dallas area to his car. He brought her to North Carolina where he raped her and locked her in a shed. The victim’s mother told a Dallas news affiliate that her daughter met the predator while playing an online video game, and they had been chatting online via Discord for months. Fortunately, authorities found the child and arrested Camacho in March.

Revealing Truth Inspires Out of Shadows Documentary

PDPC Mike Smith

Meet Mike Smith, who courageously lit the world on fire with his viral film Out of Shadows, which exposed the Deep State’s infiltration of Hollywood and corporate media and the prevalence of an elite pedophile ring known as Pizzagate. The former stunt double to the stars turned director independently funded the documentary and put it out for viewers to watch at no cost in 2020. Out of Shadows views surpassed over 100 million despite Big Tech and several mainstream media platforms banning and shunning the film. His masterpiece triggered a mass awakening and activism for countless individuals around the globe. However, Smith’s bold move was no easy endeavor and did not come without consequences.

What was it like to work at the top level of the Hollywood film industry?

Most of my career I was living the dream – I was traveling around the world and working with A-list actors and films with the biggest budgets. It was a life that most people dream about and very few get to do. But in 2014, I was catastrophically injured, and while that was one of the worst things that happened to me, it turned out to be the beginning of my salvation which was a huge blessing. My walk as a stuntman ended, and my walk with God began.

What inspired you to make Out of Shadows?

Once I found God, I realized if I was truly serving as a Christian, then I had to stand up and expose what I believe to be the truth. If I wasn’t going to stand up and say something – I thought, who’s going to do it? I know one day I’m going to stand in front of God and he’s going to say ‘I showed you all this stuff and what did you do?’ and I don’t want to be that guy who replies ‘nothing.’ I want to be the man who tells God I did everything I could.

What kind of sacrifices did you make to put out this film and what kind of backlash did you receive?

I knew making Out of Shadows would more than likely be the end of my career in Hollywood, but that was a sacrifice I was willing to make. It did get me kicked off Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and PayPal but I was willing to accept that. If I wasn’t telling the truth, then why did they kick me off all those platforms?

In your film, you discussed how your physical therapist helped you understand Satanic Ritualistic Abuse – can you expand on that?

After I got injured, I was going to a pelvic floor therapist who treats victims of Satanic Ritualistic Abuse. That’s what really opened my eyes to this dark reality. I didn’t want to look into it at first, but the more I did, and remembered situations and conversations over the years, I realized this was all real. I didn’t find God because I went to church — I found God because I realized Satan was real.

What’s next for you?

I’ve been working for the past three years on several projects, and I hope to have them completed in the near future.

Editor’s Note: Follow Mike Smith on Truth Social @crux1765 and watch Out of Shadows for free at

NOT ON MY WATCH! Taking A Stand For Our Children

PDPC Children

Parents and concerned citizens are mobilizing across the country to take local action against radical policies, inappropriate school curricula, and other serious issues that are harmful to children. These brave activists are engaging with their communities to incite positive change for the well-being of the children in this country in so many ways such as speaking at city council and school board meetings, organizing and attending protests, running for local office, and much more.

These changemakers are taking a stand and addressing important issues adversely affecting children such as the dangers of allowing boys and men in women’s bathrooms, pornographic and other inappropriate content in books at schools and drag queen shows and story hours for kids.

Here’s a few inspirational stories on real-life concerned citizens who took local action in their communities that had a national impact.

  • In January, a California teen gave a powerful testimony after she encountered a naked man at her local YMCA. At a Santee City Council meeting, Rebecca Phillips, 17, tearfully recounted seeing a biological male, who identifies as transgender, in the female locker room where her five-year-old sister and her friends change and shower. Phillips said she was “shocked” and “frightened” after seeing the penis of a biological man in there. She said she hid behind a shower curtain until he was gone. “This is the YMCA where hundreds of children spend their summer afternoons in childcare camps,” Phillips said. “This is the YMCA where my little sister took gymnastics lessons. The locker room was supposed to be her safe haven to gossip with her friends, and shower and change.”
  • An Arizona mother recently went from a parent speaking out to a school board member who has alerted parents about radical science curriculum that’s under consideration at Peoria Unified School District. In January, Heather Rooks leaked science curriculum that states that biological sex isn’t binary. “Now on the other side, I can go back and ask questions,” Rooks said. Rooks said she was shocked that proposed textbooks that would be used in the district’s high school dismissed the reality of biological sex which inspired her to expose this issue in her community.
  • In February, 11-year-old Knox Zajac and his father, Adam, addressed the Board of Windham Raymond School District in Maine at a meeting to address “pornographic” content found at Knox’s school. Knox read aloud sexually inappropriate content from a book titled “Gender Queer” that he checked out from his school’s library. His father scolded the board insisting there shouldn’t be literature in schools showing little boys how to perform gay sex acts.
  • A group of concerned Michigan citizens protested in March at a bookstore that regularly holds storytelling events for children that feature drag queens. On March 11, protestors held up signs that read “Don’t Exploit Children,” “Protect Children’s Innocence No Grooming” and “Sex Predators Groom Children” outside of Sidetrack Bookshop in Royal Oak. The Oakland County Republican Party sent a newsletter out prior to the event urging members to appear at the protest.

These courageous citizens are shining examples of how local action can make big waves on a national level. We hope these stories inspire our subscribers to get involved in your local communities too, and we want to hear from you. Please share your local action stories, and we may feature you in a future newsletter!

Lara Logan Launches New Series With Exposé On Child Sex Trafficking

Investigative journalist Lara Logan will launch a new series called, The Rest of the Story, with an exposé on child trafficking later this year. “Once you know the truth,” Lara explains, “I think the only thing that matters is the question that all of us will face in the end when you stand before God and He asks, ‘Once you knew, what did you do?’ There’s only one answer that counts.”

Seeking truth wherever it leads regardless of the politics, Lara’s award-winning journalism career spans decades and has earned her international respect and acclaim for reporting on some of the most cut-throat foreign leaders in some of the most dangerous places on earth. Her trusted reporting has helped the public understand the political and human conflicts that exist in America and around the globe.

Lara will produce the series independently. “I realized I’ve got to do it independently, where it cannot be taken down, it cannot be censored, it cannot be silenced.” Each season of The Rest of the Story will include four long-form investigative shows, she explains, “It’s not news style. It’s not documentary style. It’s storytelling, the way I believe it should be done.”

PDPC Advisors Notebook

America’s Future Project Defend & Protect Our Children Little Flower Advisory Board have dedicated their lives to educating, helping, and inspiring others through their professional work and personal lives. As a unified team of experts and leaders of this important Project, they have pledged their time and talent to the future of America – our precious children. Our Executive Director Mary O’Neill and Board Chair General Mike Flynn lead the advisory team that includes Board member Lara Logan, Liz Crokin, Mike Smith, Lynz Piper-Loomer, Baz and Tina Bazell, and Attorneys Alicia Kutzer, Ben Moore, and Bill Olson.

In this edition of the Bulletin, our PDPC advisors open their notebooks to share their “reader’s choice” selections to watch, read, listen to, and learn more about why it is critical for all Americans to stay informed and get involved in eradicating child exploitation, abuse, and trafficking in America and worldwide.

  • Sex Nation, a Deep Dive Into The Moral Fall Of America & How To Restore A Nation, produced by Jaco Booyens Ministries.
  • I Am Silent No More, an autobiography of the childhood horrors endured by Lynz Piper-Loomer and how God interceded to save her from the chains of trafficking and abuse.
  • The Parents Bill of Rights Act was passed by the House of Representatives in a 213-208 vote on March 24, 2023. Provisions in the bill include parents having the right to access their local public school curriculum, books used in classroom instruction and available in school libraries, how school budgets are spent, and generally allowing more transparency in public education for parents. Dissenting Republicans in the House caution that the bill could lead to further overreach by the federal government into local school systems in time. Parents are urged to read and study the legislation to stay informed and weigh the pros and cons for their families, children, and greater communities.
Reminders and Updates

OPPORTUNITY:  If you are a law school student or know a person in law school who is interested in an internship with America’s Future regarding a legal research project, please email [email protected] for details and further information.

MEET US IN MIAMI: PDPC Advisor Liz Crokin and General Mike Flynn are featured speakers at the May 12 and 13 Reawaken America Tour at the Trump National Doral in Miami, Florida. PDPC Network members are invited to stop by the America’s Future booth for a special gift. Please introduce yourself and bring a friend!

GET INVOLVED: Preparations are in the works for a fall training and information-sharing program on the East Coast. PDPC Advisor Lara Logan will headline and moderate a public panel discussion to kick-off a week of training and other activities. Look for registration information and details in the coming months. If you would like to get on our mailing list for the fall event, please email [email protected].

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