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America’s Future Launches “Project Defend & Protect Our Children” To Eradicate the Exploitation and Trafficking of Children in America

Florida – December 7, 2022 – America’s Future, Inc. announced that it will stand up one of the nation’s most aggressive and comprehensive initiatives to eradicate the exploitation and trafficking of children with its launch of “Project Defend & Protect Our Children” (PDPC) as part of its mission to protect the individual rights of all Americans, including children, and promote strong American families as the cornerstone to the survival of our communities and the Republic.

The announcement was made before hundreds of America’s Future supporters and donors yesterday (December 6, 2022) at its 76th-anniversary celebration at The Mar-a-Lago Club-Palm Beach, hosted by Lt. General Michael T. Flynn USA, (Ret.), America’s Future Board Chair.

“Children hold the promise and dreams of the future of America,” said Mary O’Neill, Executive Director of America’s Future. “Yet, thousands of children are inflicted with unimaginable pain and suffering in our society today through trafficking, neglect, exploitation, and abuse that goes unabated. This must end if our nation is to survive. America’s Future is initiating this Project to end this tragedy. We urge all Americans to join us in taking a stand and speaking up. Every child has the right to be nurtured, protected, defended, and to always feel safe. When children cry out for our help, we must not let them down.”

PDPC will be overseen by The Little Flower Advisory Board, branded as such with a single white rose representing the delicate nature and precious life of a child, and includes acclaimed experts and leaders in the professional areas of the protection and rescue of exploited and trafficked children, investigative journalism, law, policy development, and business. Members of America’s Future PDPC Little Flower Advisory Board of experts include Lara Logan, Bazzel Baz, Jaco Booyens, Lynz Piper-Loomis, and Liz Crokin, among others.

The expert team of advisors will focus PDPC’s work in the areas of education and policy development, law and research, and media production and communications to achieve the following objectives:

1) Expose the causes and truth of trafficking, neglect, and abuse inflicted on children by predators including cartels crossing into our country through the open southern border selling children for sex and slave labor, to government agencies and NGOs’ that are too often willing partners in the neglect of our children in their care, to schools exploiting children by forcing curriculum in classrooms that defy morality and decency, to politicians and policy-makers whose failure to act allows the nightmare of horrors imposed on our children to escalate in America;

2) Educate the public with facts to raise awareness that this tragedy requires a nationwide response starting in our communities and states; and,

3) Eradicate child trafficking and the exploitation of children in America once and for all.

As part of the Project’s strategy, America’s Future intends to expand its national champion-leaders network in 2023 with a dedicated force committed to advancing the Project’s goals and objectives. Moreover, America’s Future PDPC will conduct a historic review of policies and laws at the local, state, and national levels to identify those that are not enforced or no longer serve the welfare and well-being of children so as to create change or establish new policies and laws that truly benefits children, including using the legal system as necessary.

“No single organization in the nation has taken on the comprehensive approach to educating the public about the tragedy of child trafficking and exploitation in all environments or gathered the team of experts necessary to take on the scope that this initiative requires,” said O’Neill. “America’s Future PDPC work has already commenced, our team of experts and advisors are in the field, and we will not stop until the reprehensible horrors of child trafficking and exploitation ends.”

To learn more about PDPC, its Little Flower Advisory Board members, and how to get involved and support this initiative, visit the Project Defend & Protect Our Children page for details and contact information.

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