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America’s Future Statement on the SCOTUS Decision in the Dobbs Case, June 24, 2022

The U.S. Constitution is the rock-solid pillar of America’s system of government. As such, our nation is a Constitutional Republic created with the promise of freedom from tyranny and the lasting endurance of our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

America’s Future mission is premised on those very same principles and applauds today’s landmark decision by the Supreme Court of the United States in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization (No. 19-1392). By overturning Roe v Wade (1973) and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v Casey (1992), the Supreme Court heeded the Constitution, recognizing that both cases were plainly decided in error and fatally flawed.

Today’s historic decision returns to the people, through their elected representatives, the right to protect the life of the unborn. America’s Future urges citizens across this country and their state lawmakers to preserve the traditions, values and laws our country was founded upon just as the Supreme Court did in Dobbs.

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