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America’s Future Files Amicus Brief with the SCOTUS Defending Free Speech and Free Exercise of Religion

Venice, Florida – June 8, 2022 – America’s Future, Inc., a national leader in the fight to preserve individual rights, promote American values and traditions, and protect the nation’s Constitutional Republic, announced that it submitted an Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) on June 2, 2022, in the case, 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis (Dkt. No. 21-476), along with seven other amici organizations supporting the position of the Petitioner, Lorrie Smith, in her fight to protect and defend her Constitutional rights to free speech and free exercise of religion.

Ms. Smith, a resident of Colorado and sole owner of 303 Creative LLC, is a graphic artist specializing in custom website design, “branding, marketing strategy, and social-media management.” Her “religious beliefs—along with those of other Abrahamic faiths— teach that marriage is only between one man and one woman. For Ms. Smith, the marital relationship mirrors Christ’s relationship to the Church and fulfills the complementary nature of God’s first institution. Ms. Smith believes that her creative abilities are a gift that must be used in ways that glorify and honor God.”

At issue in the case is the “Publication Clause” of Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act (“CADA”). As described in Ms. Smith’s SCOTUS filing, CADA’s Publication Clause “makes it unlawful to publish any communication ‘that indicates that…services’ will be declined ‘or that an individual’s patronage or presence…is unwelcome, objectionable, unacceptable, or undesirable because of’ someone’s ‘disability, race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, or ancestry.’” Notably, the SCOTUS rejected Ms. Smith’s request to have this case decided on both speech and religious grounds. Instead, the Court indicates its decision will focus solely on the issue of free speech.

Ms. Smith’s litigation has been ongoing for over six years and lower courts have ruled against her on multiple occasions. Realizing CADA investigations and lawsuits often go on for years and years, including the well-known SCOTUS 2018 Colorado wedding cake maker case, Ms. Smith sued Colorado and moved for injunctive relief to prohibit the state from restricting her speech and/or compelling her to speak in a manner inconsistent with her sincerely-held beliefs.

“We urge the SCOTUS to address both Constitutional issues raised in this case,” said Mary O’Neill, Executive Director of America’s Future. “In fact, our Amicus brief did just that. Our rights should never be violated, and it is the duty of the SCOTUS to ensure our individual rights are protected at all times, in all matters.”

In addition to this case, America’s Future has joined in a number of other Amicus filings. To read more about these filings, please visit our Law & Policy page.

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