Passing The Torch of Freedom For 76 Years

Nearly two-hundred-and-fifty years ago, visionaries, military heroes, scholars, and revolutionary leaders created the Constitution not for themselves but for future generations of a new nation to ensure citizens of the United States of America were forever free from the clutches of tyranny.

Much like America’s founding fathers and with the same belief in liberty and limited government, in 1946 distinguished leaders of their time founded America’s Future, Inc. as a nonprofit to stand, above all, for the God-given freedom of the individual and to oppose all efforts for an ever bigger and more omnipotent government that would make the state our master rather than the servant of the people as intended by our Founding Fathers.

With World War II just ending and communism rearing its ugly head in America, the founders and trustees of America’s Future realized that the survival of freedom and our system of self-governance – a Constitutional Republic – required renewed energy and effort. These 20th Century freedom-loving trailblazers named their organization, America’s Future, precisely for what they intended to preserve – the future of America.

America’s Future was among the nation’s first pro-American nonprofits to emerge during the post-World War II era. Media mogul Frank E. Gannett, a conservative Republican, publisher, and owner of the Gannett Company was its first president. Others serving in leadership positions through the decades were General Robert E. Wood, later President of Sears, Roebuck and Company, Henning Webb Prentis Jr., President of Armstrong Cork Company, Indiana Congressman Samuel B. Pettingill, conservative firebrand Phyliss Schlafly, a national leader of the pro-family movement, and American military hero General John “Jack” Singlaub, who was a warrior for freedom throughout his life and distinguished service to the nation in WW II, the Korea War, and the Vietnam War.

In 2022, America’s Future celebrated the 76th anniversary of its rich history and legacy as among this nation’s premier nonprofit organizations. Although the scope of its mission has evolved to address the foremost issues of our day, the core tenets have never changed – preserve and protect our individual rights, our Constitutional Republic system of government, and our Judeo-Christian values that make America the most exceptional nation the world has ever known.

From the founders of this nation and through the decades, America has stood the test of time because of the courage and character of men and woman willing to dig deep and never waver in their determination to fight for freedom. America’s Future has followed in their footsteps, working side-by-side with patriots and partners for 76 years to help pass the torch of freedom to the next generations.

If you share our passion for securing freedom and self-governance for our children and grandchildren, join America’s Future now Chairman of the Board Lt. General Michael T. Flynn USA (Ret.) – the People’s General – who will never quit the fight for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every American.

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