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The Strength Of Our Nation

Newsletter | November, 17 2022

America Eagle with Flag

The strength of our nation is and will always be the courage, resourcefulness, and good-naturedness of its great people. Americans are also resilient, generous, and self-reliant. Our culture is steeped in faith and the sheer force and hopeful spirit of pioneers and visionaries, relentless in their quest for a better life and a brighter future.

Many Americans looked to the recent midterm elections for relief, if not salvation, from government policies crushing the middle class, like record-high inflation, soaring energy and food costs, rising crime rates, open borders, indoctrinating school children with radical race and gender theories, using federal law enforcement to target political opponents. Understandably, there was disappointment in the results. 

But as Americans, the source of our spirit can’t be one election or politics alone. At its core, it is about how we connect to each other as a people. A renewal of connectedness and reawakening is occurring in America, reminding us that America is a great nation.

Author Lafayette Lee, a veteran of America’s wars in the Middle East and a prolific writer and patriot, says we Americans are now in the “wilderness.” And, that is a good thing.

Moses made a nation of the slaves he led out of the fleshpots of Egypt and toward the promised land. It took them forty years to finish the short journey from the Nile river to Canaan, and Moses never entered the land of milk and honey. Rather the Hebrews wandered in the wilderness, where they shed their habits of servitude and unlearned the corruption that bent and twisted them under the Pharoah’s cruel reign. 

The pilgrims who first settled this land, our forefathers, understood the new country they created in biblical terms. They crossed the ocean to escape not only persecution but also the moral rot eating away at the Old World. They went to the wilderness, and through hard work and faith, they built America. The pioneers pushed through the prairies and turned us into the greatest country in history.

We’ve always understood our history and culture in terms of the wilderness, which represents what’s true and most pure and where we test our character. By contrast, the city stands for riches and reputation and tempts our modesty and virtue. And that’s where our politics was, in a place riddled with corruption, as lobbyists and our leaders traded favors at the expense of middle-class Americans. We left that sordid place to build something new again, an America that cherished the values the country was first founded on. Elections can’t reverse that.  

We’re going to keep rebuilding America just like the pilgrims and pioneers before us — bit by bit, starting with our families and our communities. Eventually, the politicians will have no choice but to follow our lead. The reawakening is here. In the meantime, take heart, for the wilderness is a good place to be.

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Voting Dilution Compromises Election Integrity

Masked Man Voting

Election Day has come and gone. Republicans have regained control of the House, the Senate remains in limbo, and the predicted “red wave” is now history. So, what happened?

Some blame GOP campaign underfunding and GOP spending priorities, while others blame the “quality of republican candidates” put forth to the American public.  These theories may have been acceptable during pre-COVID elections; however, they are no longer convincing. The rational and much more persuasive argument rests on the opportunistic conduct and strategies implemented by the Democrat party cashing in on the unforeseen circumstance of newly created fast and loose voting laws in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the stay-at-home, social distancing, and quarantine mandates that followed.  To this end, in the wake of COVID-19, states abruptly amended their voting laws to permit widespread early voting, mail-in ballots, and absentee voting, all of which have a well-documented history of casting aside safeguards like voter ID requirements and bans on ballot harvesting, otherwise known as ballot-collecting.

Turning specifically to ballot harvesting, ballot-harvesting occurs when organizations, groups, or individuals, make coordinated efforts to collect absentee voters’ ballots and drop them off at polling locations and/or in ballot collection boxes.  Some argue that ballot-harvesting assists elderly voters and increases overall voter participation.  Some see it a different way – as an impairment to the ability to elect representatives in free and fair elections.

Eligible Americans are entitled to vote in a manner that is meaningful and not diluted.  Vote dilution is most often connected to notions of gerrymandering and redistricting.  But we are in a new age and ballot harvesting, without adequate controls and oversight, is positioned to be the most powerful and aggressive system of vote dilution to date, taking place locally but with far-reaching national impact.

Ballot harvesting is a ground-game mechanism used to collect and deliver early voting ballots on behalf of one party or the other – knocking on doors, targeting voters registered as either Democrat or Republican to ensure a vote is cast in his or her name.  This tactic is accomplished, and ballots are submitted even if the target voter had no intention and would otherwise have not taken part in an election.

This “knock and vote” scheme is rife with controversy and intrinsically dilutes votes cast by citizens who participate at the polls and in elections on their own accord and absent prodding, coercion, or bullying by strangers who knock on your door and now know where you live and other details about your private life and affairs.

Ballot harvesting inherently increases the likelihood of federal and state law violations, voter intimidation, unlawful “assistance” with casting a vote, and the fraudulent use of absentee ballots through “Requesting absentee ballots and voting without the knowledge of the actual voter; or obtaining the absentee ballot from a voter and either filling it in directly and forging the voter’s signature or illegally telling the voter who to vote for.”

At least since the 2020 Presidential election, the integrity of our elections is highly suspect and must be a priority for all Americans. Ballot harvesting should be among those issues investigated if future elections are to be free, fair and transparent.


Coming Soon – General Flynn’s Latest Book

Fifth Generation Warfare

General Mike Flynn’s latest book, “Citizen’s Guide To 5th Generation Warfare” with co-author SGT Boone Culter, USA (Ret.) will be available within the month. We’ll keep America’s Future readers updated when it is available for pre-order. General Flynn is America’s Future Chair of the Board and among the most powerful voices for American exceptionalism in the history of our nation. Connect with America’s Future to stay informed and get involved.

Unequal Justice Under Law
The FBI’s Ties to Organized Crime

This is the thirteenth article in our series on the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and its self-destruction over time.

The FBI wants us to believe it is the federal government’s premiere law enforcement agency combating organized crime.  The reality is otherwise.  Largely unknown to the American people is the FBI’s record of assisting some organized crime organizations, supposedly to target other crime families.  In the process, the FBI has committed innumerable crimes and then lied to the American people and the courts to cover up its crimes.

We now know that for years the FBI propped up the violent “Winter Hill Gang” — the Boston crime family led by the notorious James J. “Whitey” Bulger.  On June 23, 2011, the FBI announced that it had “captured Bulger – one of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.” What the FBI press release did not acknowledge was that “from 1975 to 1990, in its quest to bring down the Italian mob, the FBI’s Boston office became partner in crime to Bulger’s ‘Winter Hill Gang.’” At one point, “at least six G-men were taking payoffs from organized crime,” according to Bulger’s partner-in-crime Stevie Flemmi, who eventually admitted in court to taking part in 50 murders.

While one can understand that undercover work can put law enforcement into compromising situations, consider the pain the FBI has inflicted on the American people and the rule of law.

FBI Allows the Bulger Gang to Murder

In 1982, informant Brian Halloran offered to implicate Bulger in the murder of an Oklahoma businessman.  The FBI rejected his offer because Bulger was informing the FBI about the activities of rival gangs.  Worse, Bulger’s FBI contact, agent John “Zip” Connolly, tipped Bulger off to Halloran’s offer.  As Halloran was riding in the car of his friend Michael Donahue, Bulger’s gang, including Bulger himself, riddled the car with bullets, murdering both the would-be informant Halloran and the innocent Donahue, who left behind a wife and three young boys.  The Donahues sued the government, and in 2007, Judge Reginald Lindsay finally ordered the Justice Department to stop denying the FBI’s involvement in the murder and to settle with the family.

That same FBI agent Connolly was convicted of being an accessory in the Bulger gang murder of businessman John Callahan after Connolly tipped off Bulger that Callahan could implicate him in the murder of another businessman.  Agent Connolly was convicted in 2008, and released from prison in 2021 on medical grounds, supposedly being terminally ill.  It was reported as recently as February 2022 that Agent Connolly continues to collect his FBI pension. 

FBI Suborns Perjury to Keep Innocent Men in Prison

After the Bulger gang murdered another hoodlum, Teddy Deegan, the FBI pressured mob hitman Joseph Barboza to testify falsely that four innocent men participated in Deegan’s murder, and the jury believed the story, sending those men to jail.  The FBI’s role was covered up for years, including by then-FBI Director Robert Mueller.  In 2002, Mueller directed the Bureau to fight the granting of pardons to the men, in order to continue the FBI’s cover-up.  Two of the innocent men died in prison, and two finally were released after 35 years behind bars.  The press gave Mueller a pass for his cruelty and duplicity, and he later became famous as being the “squeaky-clean” Special Counsel investigating the myth of Russian collusion with President Trump in 2016.

The two survivors and the estates of the two deceased men sued, and in a scathing opinion, federal district judge Nancy Gertner excoriated the FBI.  Gertner found that the FBI not only knew that Barboza’s testimony was perjured, but actually suborned his perjured testimony. “They coddled him, nurtured him, debriefed him, protected him, and rewarded him — no matter how much he lied….  In word and in deed, the FBI condoned Barboza’s lies.”  Calling the FBI’s actions “absurd,” “shocking,” and “chilling,” the judge stated, “This case is about intentional misconduct, subornation of perjury, conspiracy, the framing of innocent men,” and awarded $102 million to the plaintiffs.  Your tax dollars at work, paying for the crimes of the FBI.  One Boston gangster testified to Congress that after the 1967 trial of one of the men, Louie Greco, one FBI agent bragged about framing Greco.

Judge Gertner noted that the FBI “continued to suppress exculpatory facts over the next thirty years.”  “[T]he FBI wanted them to rot in prison, so the scandal would not be revealed.  In the 1980s, two U.S. attorneys in Boston wrote letters to the state demanding that the innocent men not be released.”  “In 2001, the Bush administration invoked executive privilege for five months to shield FBI documents about the Bulger affair, in what then-Rep. Dan Burton called, “‘an utterly unprecedented’ attempt to drape DOJ in a ‘veil of secrecy.’”

On February 3, 2004, the U.S. House Committee on Government Reform issued a report entitled:  “Everything Secret Degenerates: The FBI’s Use of Murders as Informants.”  The Committee called the FBI’s complicity in Bulger’s gang activities “one of the greatest failures in federal law enforcement history.”  The Committee concluded: “Incalculable damage to the public’s respect for the rule of law” was caused by the FBI and Department of Justice.

As Lord Acton explained: “Every thing secret degenerates, even the administration of justice; nothing is safe that does not show how it can bear discussion and publicity.”  It is time to end the secrecy covering the crimes of the FBI, and then end the FBI.

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