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Newsletter | May 30, 2024

American Flag

Maybe you’ll be tempted to say we’re not a serious country. Or we’re a “banana republic.” The nation is lost, you might be saying to yourself. There’s no way back.

After all, a New York City jury voted to convict the 45th President of our country and the 2024 Republican candidate on 34 counts of a crime that no one can really explain. All we know is that there is a poisonous political faction determined to jail Donald Trump. The verdict is a travesty of justice for all Americans.

They’ve been trying since he first appeared on the political scene. The FBI spied on him to dig up some evidence of something to stop his 2016 bid for the White House. And after he won, the Department of Justice named a special counsel to find some crime — conspiracy, obstruction, whatever — to push him out of the White House. He was impeached twice by congressional Democrats and indicted by a malicious Justice Department in Washington, D.C. and Miami on absurd charges. A prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia, indicted him. And now, finally, mission accomplished.

You wouldn’t be wrong to despair for the fate of our nation, undermined by a cadre of pathological elites now congratulating themselves on their efforts to topple the pillars of our Constitutional Republic. But as we know, they also celebrate, among other ghoulish things, Palestinian terror groups, election fraud, open borders, the mutilation and sterilization of children, and, of course, the murder of innocents. That is, it’s not our country that’s gone off the rails, it’s just them. Our country is not lost — they are.

And you’ve known for a while they despise America. That’s part of Trump’s genius — he exposed them all, dragging them out of the woodwork so there was no way to mistake their contempt for our country and its people. That’s why they work so hard to destroy him — given a fair choice, no one opts for the colossal failure that the current White House embodies.

They may think they can rule us like slaves, but we are not a banana republic. We are a serious country — the greatest country in the history of the world. What makes it so is us, We the People. We’re blessed to be Americans, and we’re blessed at present to have an opposition leader who is tireless, remorseless, and unstoppable. When others would abandon the fight halfway through, he seems to get stronger with every blow he absorbs. For Americans like him, like us, there are no setbacks, no losses, only challenges and opportunities that make the fight sweeter and victory finer. God Bless America. 

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Mark Moyar holds the William P. Harris Chair in Military History at Hillsdale College and is the author of numerous books, including his crucial re-assessments of the Vietnam War, Triumph Forsaken: The Vietnam War, 1954–1965, and Triumph Regained: The Vietnam War, 1965-1968. He served in the Donald Trump administration as director of the Office of Civilian-Military Cooperation in the U.S. Agency for International Development. His latest book, Masters of Corruption: How the Federal Bureaucracy Sabotaged the Trump Presidency, is a remarkable first-person account of how he was targeted by administration colleagues for his efforts to implement Trump’s policy to drain the swamp.

We spoke with Mark recently to get his insights on the Deep State, the Vietnam war, and why U.S. elites have made a habit of lying to the American public.

Your great new book Masters of Corruption is your first-hand account of what happens when someone tries to take on Washington, D.C.’s permanent, and too often corrupt, bureaucracy. Were you surprised when your Trump administration colleagues retaliated against you for blowing the whistle?

The majority of the political appointees at my agency were patriots who wanted to advance the administration’s agenda, but I learned the hard way that some of the appointees had joined for self-serving reasons. The political appointee who joined forces with career bureaucrats to fire me was married to the top lobbyist for the agency’s contractors. Such a glaring conflict of interest should never have been permitted, but she managed to do it thanks to a friend at the Presidential Personnel Office and a crooked career lawyer.

Is it possible to dismantle the sprawling bureaucratic monster that we’ve come to call the Deep State, or do we need to approach the problem differently?

A full dismantling will require Congressional action, but the next presidential administration can undertake major changes on its own initiative. Most importantly, it can appoint senior leaders who have the commitment required to make the bureaucracy carry out the president’s agenda—the types of senior leaders who were sometimes lacking in the first Trump administration.

You’ve written two ground-breaking, and controversial books about the Vietnam war. What were you most surprised to discover about the war that you didn’t know before?

I was most surprised to find out that the main rationale for American intervention in the war—the so-called “domino theory”—was actually valid. For decades, journalists and historians of the Left had convinced Americans that there wasn’t really a threat of Communist expansion in Asia in the 1960s. As it turns out, the threat was very real, and there is every reason to believe that if the United States had cut and run in 1965, most of Asia would have fallen to Communism.

Why has the ruling class, from government to academia, made a habit of hiding the truth from the American public?

As Orwell said, he who controls the past, controls the future. The country’s liberal elites have a limitless devotion to the idea of equality, and hence are constantly trying to find new people whose rights they must uphold, whether they are biological men seeking to play women’s sports or illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in this country. Their fervor is so intense that they will try to conceal any and all facts that call their aims into question.

What is your prayer for America?

I pray for a revival of Western Civilization at our institutions of higher education. Leftists have removed Western Civilization from most colleges and universities and replaced it with a toxic mixture of secularism, multiculturalism, and socialism. Radical doctrines that used to be confined to academia, such as critical race theory and transgender advocacy, have seeped into the rest of society. I joined the faculty at Hillsdale College a few years ago because it is one of the institutions leading the effort to preserve Western Civilization.

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Born To Fight For Freedom
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death

America’s Founding Fathers stood firm for individual rights of freedom and united against tyranny and oppressive policies. They may not have agreed entirely on how much power should be held by a new federal government, but in the end, they created a Constitutional Republic form of government – a structure of representative governance in which the power rests with the people.

Among these freedom-loving visionaries was Patrick Henry, born in Virginia on May 29, 1736, 288 years ago yesterday. He is remembered as a great orator, a firebrand behind the War of Independence, and is reported as saying during the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774, “The distinctions between Virginians, Pennsylvanians, New Yorkers and New Englanders, are no more. I am not a Virginian, but an American.”

But his greatest and most famous remarks were made during the Virginia Convention one year later in 1775 – words worth recalling today as We The People fight for the rights inherited from our forefathers like Patrick Henry.  

“Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? … Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!”

For Henry, like future generations of fearless warriors for freedom and citizen rights in America, surrender was not an option. Happy Birthday to Patrick Henry, who sounded the call, setting this nation on a journey where rights of the individual bestowed by God shall not be denied for those willing to stand up, speak out, and fight.

Editor’s Note: To read more about the birth of our nation, our founding documents, and our form of government, please read America’s Future digital books, Exploring America’s Founding Documents and Understanding The Separation of Powers Principles. They are available free online, or you can order print versions here. 

Expanding The Citizen Army Ready To Take Action

America’s Future Get In The Fight state summits and training is expanding the army of citizens across the country engaged in combatting child exploitation and trafficking. Hundreds of citizens are now armed with the knowledge and tools to take action in their communities in which state campaigns have taken place over the last several months: Florida, Michigan, Illinois, Texas, and Washington State.

In two weeks, on Friday and Saturday, June 14-15, America’s Future Get In The Fight team, comprised of experts and leaders with unparalleled first-hand experience in the areas of trafficking prevention, rescue and recovery of trafficked victims, and survivor services and assistance, will be in Ravenna, Ohio at Portage Community Chapel, located at 6490 State Route 14. The Get In The Fight Friday night summit, starting at 6 p.m., will feature remarks by General Mike Flynn, America’s Future Board Chair, followed by a panel discussion moderated by Lara Logan, an esteemed investigative journalist on the Board of America’s Future. The evening program will also unveil a uniquely designed digital resource library of federal and Ohio laws and regulations governing child exploitation and trafficking, along with best practice strategies to effectively drive legislative action and policy development.

Summit panelists and presenters include Bazzel Baz, founder and president of the Association for the Recovery of Children (ARC); Tara Lee Rodas, HHS whistleblower; Tina Baz, ARC Human Trafficking Program Director; Lynz Piper-Loomis, activist, podcaster, overcomer, and author of I Am Silent No More; Daniel Duval, executive director of BRIDE Ministries; Alicia Hopper, paralegal, and attorneys Ben Moore and Alicia Kutzer.

Saturday training programs run from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and offer a diverse range of courses tailored to various professions and roles. These include seminars for healthcare professionals, parents and caring adults, first responders, real estate professionals, and overcomers. The curriculum also covers essential topics such as “Navigating the Emerging Threat of Sextortion” and “Artificial Intelligence and Media Manipulation,” ensuring that every participant gains relevant and valuable knowledge.

Following the Ohio campaign, campaigns are scheduled for Colorado on September 20-21 and Connecticut on October 4-5, with more states in the planning stage. To register for the Get In The Fight Ohio campaign, click here.

The campaigns are part of Project Defend & Protect Our Children, an America’s Future nationwide initiative. Individuals or organizations interested in coordinating a Get In The Fight campaign in their states are invited to email Lisa MacDonald, America’s Future Director of Strategic Planning, at [email protected]. Click here to join the Project Defend & Protect Our Children network and receive news and information about upcoming events and other important educational material.

Keeping You Informed
America’s Future Helps Score SCOTUS Win in First Amendment Case

Today (May 30, 2024), the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) resolved another three cases from its current October Term 2023. The three rulings are summarized below.

In one of the cases, National Rifle Association of America (NRA) v Maria T. Vullo, SCOTUS Dkt. 22-842, America’s Future is proud to have filed two Amicus briefs, helping score this important win. The SCOTUS ruling in this case was unanimous and consistent with the well-reasoned arguments laid out in our briefs. The public docket for this case can be accessed here.

The ruling stands in defense of the First Amendment rights of speech and association and announces the American principle that all citizens and organizations must be treated fairly and even-handedly by government officials no matter political preference. 

While a government officials can share her views freely and criticize particular believes in the hopes of persuading others, she may not use the power of her office to punish or suppress disfavored expression.

The NRA’s lawsuit was filed against corrupt Manhattan government officials who, while in office, abused their power by using their political positions to coerce, threaten, and intimidate others against lawfully associating with the National Rifle Association (NRA).

To read more about the case, and the two other decisions today, see below. To stay informed about all of the SCOTUS decisions during this term, click here. To access the SCOTUS website for more information, please visit

Thornell v. Jones (22-982)
ISSUE: Whether the Ninth Circuit erred in granting habeas relief, in connection with a post-conviction Sixth Amendment “ineffective-assistance-of-counsel” claim, by misinterpreting and misapplying the holding in Strickland v Washington, 466 U. S., at 687 (1984)?
RULING: Yes.  The Ninth Circuit’s grant of habeas relief in connection to an ineffective-assistance-of-counsel claim was based on an erroneous interpretation and application of Strickland based on the Ninth Circuit rested its decision without proper consideration of the “totality of evidence” that was presented to the judge or jury at trial.  The SCOTUS emphasized the heightened standard necessary to prevail on a Sixth Amendment “ineffective-assistance-of-counsel” appeal, post-conviction.  The standard requires a showing that there is a substantial likelihood that the trial would not have resulted in a conviction, but for the defense counsel trial errors – The judgement of The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit is reversed and the case is remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

National Rifle Association of America (NRA) v. Vullo (22-842)
ISSUE: Did the NRA’s legal pleadings allege facts sufficient to advance its legal theory that the government unlawfully violated First Amendment rights by coercing regulated entities to terminate their business relationships w, ith the NRA in order to punish or suppress the NRA’s gun-promotion advocacy. 
RULING: Yes. Consistent with the urging of America’s Future in its amicus brief filed in this case, the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the NRA, holding that the NRA allege sufficient facts to support its lawsuit raising First Amendment violations by a government intent on coercing regulated entities to terminate their business relationships with the NRA in order to punish or suppress the NRA’s gun-promotion advocacy.  – The judgment of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit is vacated and the case is remanded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

Cantero v. Bank of America, N. A. (22-529) (22-529)
ISSUE: Whether the Second Circuit’s decision can stand when it failed apply the appropriate legal standard for determining when state laws that regulate national banks are preempted by federal law, pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 and in a manner consistent with binding legal precedent.
RULING: No. The Second Circuit’s decision cannot stand because it failed to apply the appropriate legal standard in analyzing when state laws that regulate national banks are preempted by federal law, in contravention of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 and inconsistent with binding legal precedent.
– The judgment of the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina is reversed and the case is remanded with instructions.

Editor’s Note: To read all the SCOTUS October Term 2023 Decisions updates, please click here.

Tools Of Tyrants

Social Credit System

This is the twenty-third entry in our In Focus series identifying and exposing the tools that modern-day tyrants are using to thwart the will of We The People for power and control. To access previous articles, please click here.

When Americans watch the FBI arrest pro-life demonstrators and conduct pre-dawn, heavily armed raids on the homes of those with different political views, many conclude our nation has devolved into some form of a “police state” — at least a “soft police state.” When courts defer to action of bureaucrats in abusive federal agencies like the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, writing and enforcing regulations, and then impose penalties for violating those regulations, many believe government is exercising “dictatorial” powers.  It seems that all governments have a tendency to drift toward acting in a “tyrannical” manner.  The Framers of our Constitution tried to guard against the exercise of what they called “arbitrary” power.

We are fortunate that America has not yet entered the stage where the federal government’s power could be described as “totalitarian.”  That term is usually reserved for governments which exercise absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life — i.e., “total control” over the “totality” of our lives.  We are not there yet, but that does not mean that many of our ruling class are not lusting to acquire such unchecked power over the rest of us.  And, at the moment, some of our elites are watching with admiration a new technique being perfected in the People’s Republic of China (which many freedom-loving persons still call Red China) — a Social Credit System.

What is a Social Credit System?

Americans naturally would think that a “credit” system would describe something relating to finances.  Whenever a person applies for a new credit card or a bank loan, it is expected that he is required to demonstrate his financial creditworthiness, represented by his credit score.  The bank orders a credit report to evaluate how reliable the applicant is financially.  To this, our rulers would like to add an evaluation of each person’s “social” credit — to see how reliable the applicant is socially (i.e., politically).

A social credit score evaluates the obedience of a person to the dictates of the state.  If the person has a high social credit score, he can be trusted to be an obedient citizen and to behave properly — including avoiding any criticism of government.  Those persons who follow the rules and are loyal to the regime are deemed trustworthy and can enjoy various privileges.  Additionally, there is a corresponding list of restrictions and sanctions imposed not just on actual “enemies of the state,” but on anyone the government dislikes.

Red China

In 2012, the Chinese Communist regime launched its “social credit” scheme, with two eventual, truly Orwellian objectives (i) continuous monitoring of, and (ii) effectively controlling, every person in the country.  The social credit scheme is capable of evaluating minute details of how individuals live their lives, judging the degree to which they are acting as the government wants, and then granting or withholding the ability for those persons to pursue their lives based on their loyalty to the regime.  This truly could get us to a time where:  “everything which is not compulsory is forbidden.”

China is clear how it will treat persons who do not live up to government standards, subjecting them to a wide assortment of penalties.

There are 14 penalty measures for untrustworthiness, broken into 3 types….  The first is measures by which public management bodies implement reductions of a credit subject’s rights and interests or increase their obligations in accordance with laws and regulations, such as restricting entry in a marketplace or industry, restrictions on holding positions, restrictions on spending, restrictions on exiting the country, restrictions on promotion to a higher level of schooling, and so forth….  [Emphasis added.]  

Thus, the Chinese social credit system uses both the carrot and the stick to keep citizens in line.  You are no longer judged based on being financially and professionally reliable and competent.  Now, the question becomes:

Are you a person that the government can trust?

Human Rights Watch notes that “[b]y rating citizens on a range of behaviors from shopping habits to online speech, the government intends to manufacture a problem-free society.  Those with low scores will face obstacles in everything from getting government jobs to placing their children in desired schools.”  Even CBS News seems concerned:

If your score gets too low, you can be banned from buying plane tickets, renting a house or getting a loan….  The fear is that the government will use the social credit scoring system to punish people who are not sufficiently loyal to the communist party….

China uses facial recognition to monitor human behavior, since when facial recognition is everywhere, anything you do is fair game for public shaming and punishment:

China’s facial recognition system logs nearly every single citizen in the country, with a vast network of cameras across the country.  A database leak in 2019 gave a glimpse of how pervasive China’s surveillance tools are — with more than 6.8 million records from a single day, taken from cameras positioned around hotels, parks, tourism spots and mosques, logging details on people as young as 9 days old….


While it may not be surprising that China would implement such a system, the so-called “free world” is moving rapidly in China’s direction.  During the Freedom Convoy protests by Canadian truckers against COVID lockdowns, the truckers received massive financial support from freedom-loving Canadians and Americas.  Then, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau froze the bank accounts of the protesting truckers, making it impossible for them to access their own funds and donated funds.  Well after Trudeau had crushed the opposition, the Federal Court in Canada ruled in January 2024 that the Liberal government’s decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to the 2022 Freedom Convoy protests was unreasonable, unjustified, and illegal.

However, Trudeau has not backed down.  By one 2022 report:  “Canada, a country once known as a bastion of freedom and human rights on the international stage, is set to roll out a federally mandated framework for a Chinese Communist Party-style digital ID social credit system.”  Canada’s Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, in an article titled “Canada’s Road to Beijing,” explained

In September of 2021, Canada’s provinces implemented QR code vaccine passports, with the federal government joining them to pressure citizens into receiving the new Covid vaccine as a condition of participating in society.  Canadians were radically divided by their governments into first-class and second-class citizens, based on a personal decision to be injected with a substance for which there is no long-term safety data….  In order to visit a restaurant, gym, library, theatre, or other public facility, Canadians had to scan their digital QR code containing their private medical information….  [A]ny right to medical privacy or autonomy suddenly became a thing of the past.

The United States of America

American writers have also begun to sound the warning.  Writing in The Hill, Kristin Tate warned in 2021:

The new domestic “War on Terror,” kicked off by the riot on Jan. 6, has prompted several web giants to unveil predecessors to what effectively could become a soft social credit system by the end of this decade.  Relying on an indirect hand from D.C., our social betters in corporate America will attempt to force the most profound changes our society has seen during the internet era.  [Emphasis added.]

So far, in this country, an “indirect” social credit system is being imposed directly more by large corporations, with government assistance, than directly by government decree.  As Tracey Follows writes for Forbes, “[t]he problem is it’s difficult for western governments to suddenly exert too much oversight, too explicitly.  So it is more likely that private companies, particularly technology companies, will increasingly be expected to carry out this work.”

PayPal announced a partnership with the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to “investigate” the role of “white supremacists” and propagators of “anti-government” rhetoric, subjective labels that potentially could impact a large number of groups or people using their service.  PayPal says the collected information will be shared with other financial firms and politicians.  Facebook is taking similar measures, recently introducing messages that ask users to snitch on their potentially “extremist” friends….

Tate notes that “[s]ome banking platforms already have announced a ban on certain legal purchases, such as firearms….  [I]ndividuals who do not hold certain political views could be blocked from polite society and left unable to make a living.

Should Americans follow the lead of other nations and allow such a Social Credit System to be implemented here, either directly by government or indirectly with government operating through big business, it will be, quite simply, the end of liberty.  Most people would rather be able to buy groceries than criticize the government — and that just may be the choice with which we all would face. 

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