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A Triumphant America – Reaching Our Potential To Soar

Newsletter | May 19, 2022

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America is the only nation on earth uniquely declaring that her citizens are “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” It’s our inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness that we continue our series on faith this week. The operative word being pursuit.

Each of us, endowed with a God-given right to pursue happiness are also endowed with inner strength, determination, and ability to achieve. Happiness is always within reach. Having faith in one’s self and faith in one’s own potential to soar to great heights and to achieve whatever you set out to do opens doors filled with opportunities.

It’s the faith in the freedom Americans have that allows for each individual’s pursuit of Happiness and the faith in the American way of life that provides the independence and motivation to reach one’s own potential.

At the time the Declaration was written, if you were born in England the son a carpenter or tailor, likely as not that would have been your trade, too. But if you’re a freeborn American and the son of a working man, there’s nothing to stop you from possessing great wealth or hold the highest office in the land. Success doesn’t depend on what station in life you were born to, poor or rich. Rather, fulfilling your potential is a test of will and character, inner strength and spirit that drives us to reaching our potential.

And it’s work. Often, we find ourselves in uphill battles. Somehow, we make it through those tough times; pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps, conquering obstacles along the way. These are the very moments that give us pause to realize our resilience and potential for greatness, success, and most important, happiness. It takes determination, nerves of steel and some elbow grease.

As Americans, there’s room for everyone to reach their potential. And so, when we do soar, the entire country triumphs. And thus, reaching one’s own potential improves the country as a whole. At America’s Future, we have faith in the potential of all Americans, whose success helps realize the potential of our great nation, ever striving for excellence. Go get it!

No other nation can lay claim to the phrase “the world is your oyster” more than America. In our Reader’s Survey this week, we ask if this is still true for you in the current environment. Take our survey and let us know what you think. Thanks for your thoughts and insights. And watch America’s Mondays With Mary to hear some of the comments we receive from our readers.

Keeping You Informed

Separation of Powers – Legislative Branch

Last week’s Keeping You Informed column introduced a new series about the fundamental constitutional legal doctrine of “Separation of Powers” of the three branch of government – Legislative, Executive and Judicial. Essentially, the principles and policies that shape the Separation of Powers doctrine is the concept of a limited federal government vested with powers intended to protect our territorial integrity and ensure our civil rights are preserved as laid out in our multifaceted federal system of three branches of government, functioning independently but related to one another through the policies and principles of checks and balances. 

This week, we turn to the Legislative branch of our government, defined under Article I of the U.S. Constitution. This Article is comprised of ten sections, each section dedicated to some aspect of the branch including legislative duties, powers, composition, compensation, eligibility requirements, and legislative procedures. 

  • Article I, § 1 stipulates that the legislative branch is vested with broad powers designed primarily to create the laws of our land and to establish rules and process for effective governance. Article I, § 2 – § 7 establishes the qualifications necessary to be a candidate for office and those necessary to be a member; provides rules for orderly process and proper function; enumerate powers of impeachment and revenue regulation; and sets forth congressional powers regarding elections.  
  • In Article I § 8, the breadth and scope of congressional powers are set forth.  This section is both specific and vague.  It lists 18 specific congressional powers delegated to the Legislative branch. But it is the 18th clause, “the necessary and proper” provision that causes concern and is often the cause of abuses of authority by members of Congress.
  • Article I, § 9 places constitutional constraints on Congress such that congressional powers are not boundless.  It is significant to view the limitations provided in this section in light of the examples of tyranny found within our Declaration of Independence.  The limitations, here, are markedly similar in both content and form to the acts of tyranny identified in the Declaration.  It is clear each limitation on congressional power was purposeful – a deliberate effort to protect liberty and prevent tyranny.
  • Article I, § 10 places constitutional constraints on the states’ powers in three specific situations.  Common to each situation is a consequential impact on other states if any state were to act in contravene to these provisions.  In other words, this section regards circumstances that would lead to conflicts between state laws and privileges.

The Framers went the extra mile and above and beyond in order to ensure America was a nation of limited government and expansive individual liberties.  Their efforts were extraordinary.

Of note and until recently, there was little hubbub over the preliminary provisions of Article I related to elections and impeachments.  Today, these provisions are now ultra-controversial and have caused traditional notions of civility and decency like finding middle ground, trying to see the other side of an argument, and engaging in meaningful spirited debates without regressing into name-calling and threats of violence. Worse yet, it appears judicious thinking and well-reasoned arguments are now subject to abuses of power, threats and intimidation. For America’s three branches of government to survive, the majority of people need to be on the same page before we can turn the page.

Editor’s Note: This article is the first of a three-part series on the three branches of government and how our system of checks and balances is a fundamental doctrine of our Constitutional Republic system of government.


Election Season Is Here – VOTE


Primaries are happening around the country. While many individuals and organizations continue to work on election integrity issues to ensure free, fair and transparent elections, every eligible American citizen must vote. Voting is sacrosanct in this nation – never to be taken for granted. Do your part. Get involved and make sure you are registered to vote and that your registration information is recorded properly. When primaries come around in your community and state, vote like your very life depends on it…because it does


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