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Fight On Patriots. America Is Our Country.

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Maybe you’ll be tempted to say we’re not a serious country. Or we’re a “banana republic.” The nation is lost, you might be saying to yourself. There’s no way back.

After all, a New York City jury voted to convict the 45th President of our country and the 2024 Republican candidate on 34 counts of a crime that no one can really explain. All we know is that there is a poisonous political faction determined to jail Donald Trump. The verdict is a travesty of justice for all Americans.

They’ve been trying since he first appeared on the political scene. The FBI spied on him to dig up some evidence of something to stop his 2016 bid for the White House. And after he won, the Department of Justice named a special counsel to find some crime — conspiracy, obstruction, whatever — to push him out of the White House. He was impeached twice by congressional Democrats and indicted by a malicious Justice Department in Washington, D.C. and Miami on absurd charges. A prosecutor in Fulton County, Georgia, indicted him. And now, finally, mission accomplished.

You wouldn’t be wrong to despair for the fate of our nation, undermined by a cadre of pathological elites now congratulating themselves on their efforts to topple the pillars of our Constitutional Republic. But as we know, they also celebrate, among other ghoulish things, Palestinian terror groups, election fraud, open borders, the mutilation and sterilization of children, and, of course, the murder of innocents. That is, it’s not our country that’s gone off the rails, it’s just them. Our country is not lost — they are.

And you’ve known for a while they despise America. That’s part of Trump’s genius — he exposed them all, dragging them out of the woodwork so there was no way to mistake their contempt for our country and its people. That’s why they work so hard to destroy him — given a fair choice, no one opts for the colossal failure that the current White House embodies.

They may think they can rule us like slaves, but we are not a banana republic. We are a serious country — the greatest country in the history of the world. What makes it so is us, We the People. We’re blessed to be Americans, and we’re blessed at present to have an opposition leader who is tireless, remorseless, and unstoppable. When others would abandon the fight halfway through, he seems to get stronger with every blow he absorbs. For Americans like him, like us, there are no setbacks, no losses, only challenges and opportunities that make the fight sweeter and victory finer. God Bless America.

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