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Department of Justice January 6 Lies and Abuses


Attorney General Merrick Garland used the occasion of the second anniversary of the events of January 6, 2021, to ramp-up his threats against opponents of the Biden Administration.  He issued a press release to warn that “the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for the attack continues to move forward at an unprecedented speed and scale.” 

The Department of Justice (DOJ) always describes the January 6 riot as an “insurrection” that “interfered with…the peaceful transfer of power” so that it can justify abusing the constitutional rights – not just of those few who actually acted aggressively that day – but all others who also supported President Trump and harbored concerns over 2020 election irregularities.  The “insurrection” claim allows the federal government to vastly expand its powers to confront the ostensible “emergency” of the “insurrection.”  It allows DOJ to do much more than arrest the guilty or “round up the usual suspects.

The only problem is that DOJ’s “insurrection” narrative is completely false.

The foundation of the DOJ’s “insurrection” argument collapses on examination.  January 6 will go down as likely the only unarmed “insurrection” in the history of the world.  Out of nearly 1,000 people charged, only five were charged with possessing a firearm somewhere in DC, and none of those were charged with using firearms during the riot.

The only person shot on January 6 was a Trump supporter, Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was shot and killed by Capitol Police despite herself being unarmed.  Four people actually died at the Capitol that day, all Trump supporters.  Besides Babbitt, two died of heart attacks, and one of a drug overdose.

The DOJ, and Democrat shills like new House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, constantly imply that five or sometimes six Capitol Police officers lost their lives “due to the events of January 6.”  They speak of officers who “are no longer with us.”  Yet the facts refute the claim.  Actually, only one officer died in the 24 hours following the riot, and many lies surround his death.

CNN and MSNBC repeatedly reported that he was beaten to death by Trump supporters with a fire extinguisher.  The New York Times reported the same.  Yet in reality, Officer Sicknick texted his family the night of the riot to tell them that he had been pepper sprayed but was in good spirits.  Not until three months later did the D.C. medical examiner admit that Sicknick had actually suffered two strokes the day after the riot, and died of natural causes.  A lengthy and brilliant expose by Glenn Greenwald demonstrated the conspiracy of lies between Capitol Police, Congressional Democrats, and the Controlled Media that have convinced Americans that Officer Sicknick was killed by a pro-Trump mob.

The other four officers cited by Jeffries were all suicides.  One killed himself three days after the riots, another two weeks afterward, and two in July, some six months afterward. Yet the Left, in its desperation to exaggerate the riot into an “insurrection,” is more than happy to add even the July suicides to its January “body count” — when in reality, not a single officer died of injuries sustained in the so-called “insurrection.” 

Why were these lies critical to “the narrative?”  It certainly would not support the myth of an insurrection if the public were to be told that only one person died that day — a female U.S. Air Force Veteran Trump supporter, and her death came while she was unarmed and offering no threat to anyone, came at the hands of a Capitol police officer, Lt. Michael Byrd.  Documents reveal there was no good reason to justify this shooting.

As the FBI uses Chinese Communist Party-style surveillance techniques to identify those who were anywhere near the Capitol that day, it ignores persons like Ray Epps, who tried to get protestors “to go into the Capitol.”  Epps was immediately identified as a troublemaker by the pro-Trump crowd. “Fed, Fed, Fed,” they shouted as he provoked the crowd. The fact that neither the January 6 Committee or the FBI had any problem with Epps’ rousing outbursts speaks volumes about the dark forces for which he was working.

The truth is that many governments have used agent-provocateurs to infiltrate the ranks of protests to encourage the commission of illegal acts so that the government has an excuse to retaliate against peaceful protesters. The FBI was caught using this technique in May 1970 when an FBI informant burned down a building at the University of Alabama to give the government an excuse to arrest 150 protestors.

Indeed, there was no good reason for any of the events of January 6.  The Deep State wanted an attack on the Capitol, as demonstrated by the rabble-rousing of people like Ray Epps.  The FBI knew everything about whatever may have been planned as it has acknowledged that it had infiltrated the Proud Boys, Three Percenters, and Oath Keepers.  Importantly, Department of Defense Chief of Staff Kash Patel has revealed that President Trump authorized 20,000 National Guard to support local law enforcement in defense of the Capitol, if requested, two days before January 6, but no request, as required by law, came from the Capitol police or from D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

With the false narrative of the insurrection, the Biden Administration was able to go on the offense against MAGA Republicans, saying “Democracy was attacked during the January 6 insurrection.” 

President Biden even claimed the middle-of-the night “assault” on Paul Pelosi by a leftist Green Party supporter and nudist activist in October 2022, was a continuation of the events of January 6, to demonize all his political opponents: “the mob when they stormed the United States Capitol on January the 6th when they broke windows, kicked in the doors, brutally attacked law enforcement, roamed the corridors hunting for officials, and erected gallows to hang the former Vice President, Mike Pence…whipped up into a frenzy by a President repeating over and over again the Big Lie that the election of 2020 had been stolen…a lie that fueled the dangerous rise in political violence and voter intimidation….”  Horse feathers!

Two years after the January 6, 2021 riot, the DOJ has been fully weaponized to punish and intimidate the political opponents of the Biden Administration, having arranged for more than 900 arrests, nearly 500 guilty pleas entered by terrified Americans, and the DOJ claims “[a]t least 250 suspects wanted by the bureau on accusations that they assaulted officers on Jan. 6, 2021, are still at large.”  This is exactly the type of weaponization of government that the House Judiciary Committee’s SubCommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government must investigate and find a way to end before we lose our Republic forever.

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