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America's Future Inc., a nonprofit, 501c3 tax-exempt educational organization, was founded just after World War II in New York City by a group of businessmen dedicated to the preservation of two great fundamental American principles: the competitive, private enterprise system that has made our country strong and prosperous, and the constitutional form of government that has kept us free from the tyranny of individuals or factions.

Over the decades since its founding, America’s Future has led efforts to promote American exceptionalism and American principles through print, radio, TV, and other means.

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 Club 45 Dinner with Keynote Speaker General Michael T. Flynn

RSBN reported that approximately 900 tickets were sold for the April 26 Club 45 Dinner, in West Palm Beach, Florida where General Michael T. Flynn was the keynote speaker. His speech focused on Faith, the Strength of Family, the current political landscape, and getting involved at the local level. America’s Future Board Member, Joe Flynn, introduced his brother, and the speech starts at the 51-minute mark. RSBN exclusively covered the evening’s festivities. #FightLikeAFlynn

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We believe in, we stand for, above all, the God-given freedom of the individual.

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