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Category: Passing the Torch of Freedom

The Founders’ Vision – Individual Rights

The individual’s right to freedom was fundamental to what the Founders of this country envisioned when they created this country and our Constitution. They knew that if this country was to survive over generations, our rights of liberty and freedom must be protected.

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Judeo-Christian Values & Our Way of Life

General Flynn – This country was founded upon a set of Judeo-Christian principles and values. When we talk about the Bill of Rights and the 10 Commandments…they are promises that we make to each other. God and faith are at the core of our country’s founding and are the bedrocks of our society.

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Strong Families. Stronger Nation.

General Flynn – At the very essence of a strong America is the family unit. Working together with other organizations and individuals, we can raise the importance of the bond developed in families because it is a strong family structure that will help move this country forward and in the right direction.

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Our Most Cherished American Values

General Flynn – American values are those that we hold dearest… our faith in God, our families, true friendships. They’re the ideals that we cherish when we talk about our freedoms, our ability to speak freely, our ability to peaceably assemble, all addressed in our Bill of Rights.

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Free Market Capitalism & the American Dream

General Flynn – The idea of free market capitalism is the ability for any individual to take their God-given talents, and their own initiative and their own hard work, and go out and build something. At the core, small business is the American dream come alive and the engine of this country’s economic success.v

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The Criticality of Election Integrity

General Flynn – At the voting booth, it doesn’t matter if you’re a person of great wealth and great means, or you’re a person of little wealth and little means, our vote counts equally. Our obligation to one another is to ensure our election system is free, fair, transparent and without corruption.

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