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IN FOCUS – Destroying Life

Throughout history, capturing the minds of children has been viewed as the key to the future — the best way bringing lasting change to a society. Thus the indoctrination of children has been a priority of tyrants.

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IN FOCUS – Government Schools

The “public school” system — better thought of as the “government school” system — is so well established as an institution of modern society that few take time to consider whether schooling is a legitimate function of government.

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IN FOCUS – Social Credit System

When Americans watch the FBI arrest pro-life demonstrators and conduct pre-dawn, heavily armed raids on the homes of those with different political views, many conclude our nation has devolved into some form of a “police state.”

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IN FOCUS – Lawfare Against Lawyers

Although there are some circumstances in which individuals may represent themselves in court, such as in a small claims court and as criminal defendants, in most cases, even the chance to obtain “equal justice” is dependent on the availability of a licensed attorney.  That right to counsel is now under attack.

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IN FOCUS – Lawfare to Win Elections

The term “lawfare” is obviously derived from a combination of the words “law” and “warfare.” It is used in several contexts, but here it is used to describe the calculated efforts of Leftist organizations and operatives to achieve electoral victories unfairly.

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Get In The Fight – Training Program Highlights

America’s Future Get In The Fight state summit panelists and training program instructors are highly qualified and provide knowledge and information to attendees through their years of experience in various disciplines and professions and their frontline work helping individuals and communities end child exploitation and trafficking. Watch the video for highlights of the training programs that take place.

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