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Newsletter | December 16, 2021

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The true power in the fight for freedom rests in the hearts and souls of determined, active citizens willing to come together with one voice. Our Founding Fathers led the way for citizen participation. They wrote the Constitution to reflect and fortify the struggle against tyranny. They knew that “We The People” must reign sovereign over government. They realized that if this experiment in democracy was to survive over generations, it would take citizens to fight fiercely for it and remain ever vigilant. That was over two centuries ago. Now, it is our turn to be the force that passes the torch of freedom to the next generation.

To reach this important goal, America’s Future has launched its Champion For America membership campaign. Join forces with the Chair of America’s Future, Lt. General Michael T. Flynn USA (Ret.), and sign up to be a Champion For America member. Commit to getting involved.

Under General Flynn’s leadership, America’s Future members follow in the footprints of our Founding Fathers, coming together as a community to wage the fight for freedom and protect our individual rights. Watch a video and become a Champion For America member.

Champion For America Members Benefits 

America’s Future annual memberships are available for individuals and families. As a member, you will receive a membership package that includes an exclusive individual membership t-shit(s), a 20% online store discount, access to our members-only webcasts with General Flynn, VIP access to America’s Future events, a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution signed by General Flynn and other exclusive benefits.

Join the America’s Future Champion For America member community today, and look for your exclusive coupon code and a special welcome message from General Flynn. America needs you to be a champion with us in the fight for freedom and our Constitutional Republic.

To learn more about joining the America’s Future Champion Community, please watch an important message from our Executive Director Mary O’Neill.

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