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Thank you General Flynn for all you are doing for America. We love you. I pray for you every day. God Bless You!

- Jackie A.

Thank you for what you’re doing to Save America

- Stephen M.

We the people need you. God bless you.

- Johnny A.

Thank you for this opportunity to help save America!

- Jason S.

God bless you! Thank you for all that you continue to do for this country.

- Ariel Del R.

Thank you General Flynn for everything you have done for this country! God bless you, your family and everyone working with you to make America great again.

- Ronald D.

Thank you General Flynn for standing for righteousness and for your service to our country even now! May God Bless you.

- Beatriz L.

I was going to give $1000, but I added a little due to inflation. Thank you for the great work you are doing to serve our nation and the cause of individual.

- Samuel W.

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