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Court Monitor
Court Establishes Precedent in Favor of Land Use  
The Virginia Supreme Court has established an important precedent in favor of property owners and against environmentalist limitations on land use. Wetlands America Trust v. White Cloud Nine Ventures, 2016 Va. LEXIS 12 (Feb. 12, 2016). 06-18-16
Patent Settlement Largest Ever for Computers  
America produces more than 90% of the useful inventions in the entire world, in part because the United States has always had the greatest protections for the property rights of inventors. Ever since our Founders took a break from the Constitutional Convention to watch a demonstration of a new invention known as the steamboat, and then inserted the Patent Clause into the U.S. Constitution, inventors have been inspired to create and obtain patents here. 06-07-16
Arrest for Interrupting Officer Leads to Invalidation of Ordinance  
When a passenger gave advice to the driver of a car that he did not have to comply with a request by a police officer to submit to a voluntary field sobriety test, the officer arrested the passenger for repeatedly interrupting him. The passenger was then convicted for violating a Carson City, Nevada ordinance that made it a crime to "for any person to hinder, obstruct, resist, delay, molest or threaten to hinder, obstruct, resist, delay or molest any city officer or member of the sheriff's office . . . in the discharge of his official duties." 05-30-16
Justice Scalia's Last Words from the Bench  
When Supreme Court Justice Scalia unexpectedly passed away at a remote hunting ranch on February 13th, he left us with a legacy rich in colorful writing. His best work was not in cobbling together majorities on the Court as liberal Justice William Brennan had done from the other side, but in tossing the literary equivalent of Molotov cocktails at incoherent liberal opinions. 05-22-16
Second Amendment Victory for Patients  
In a long-running legal battle called "Docs vs. Glocks" (a Glock is a popular handgun), which includes liberal medical societies challenging a Florida pro-Second Amendment law, a federal appellate court has ruled in favor of the Second Amendment. This highly watched litigation is a tremendous victory for gun owners everywhere. 04-30-16
Farmers Win Property Rights in Raisins  
A popular American love song in the 1960s, "I Heard It Through the Grapevine," was later featured with singing animated raisins in a humorous ad campaign in the 1980s. The wildly successful ads were actually sponsored by a state governmental entity, the California Raisin Advisory Board, in its promotional efforts for California farmers. Today California produces 40% of the raisins in the entire world, and exports a third of its massive raisin crop. 04-26-16
Freedom for 'Happy Birthday' after 80 Years  
The most popular song in the world is the familiar "Happy Birthday," which hundreds of millions sing every year by heart: "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. . . ." Some may be astonished to learn that restaurants, theater groups, movie producers, and other businesses have been forced for decades to pay royalties for their every use of this song, based on a 1935 copyright. 03-26-16
Decision on Birthright Citizenship  
The father, Mr. Thomas, was an American citizen serving in our Armed Forces in Germany, whose wife was a citizen of Kenya. One day in 1986, they welcomed the joyous birth of their son Jermaine Amani Thomas on an American military base in Germany. Nearly three decades later, the question arose in a U.S. Court of Appeals as to whether this baby boy had acquired "birthright citizenship," meaning whether he became an American citizen automatically at birth. 03-03-16
5 Years in Jail for Having a BB Gun!  
The annual sales of BB or pellet guns total $3.2 million each year. Some are Christmas presents to boys, as in the classic movie "A Christmas Story" (1983), where all the boy wanted for Christmas was a BB gun. 01-30-16
Comics Ride Batmobile to Victory  
The "Batmobile" is the cool car that Batman drove while fighting the bad guys of Gotham. It first appeared in comic books and was then featured in both the Batman television series of 1966 and a movie starring Michael Keeton in 1989. 01-15-16
Teachers' Union Loses Big  
For decades, the Alabama Education Association benefited from automated payroll deductions by the government to collect millions of dollars in union membership dues from the paychecks of teachers. Once these dues were collected by government for the union, some of it was spent by the union on politically liberal goals. 12-30-15
No Birthright Citizenship for American Samoa  
Birthright citizenship is the notion that anyone automatically becomes an American citizen if he happens to have been born on American soil. Never in American history has that actually been true as a matter of law, yet millions insist that someone can become a U.S. citizen here merely by being born here. 12-26-15
Court Sides with Teeth-Whiteners  
There has been a long-running turf battle between dentists and non-dentists over whether only dentists can provide the service of teeth whitening. Stains and yellowing of teeth can easily be whitened with new technology, and it can be done more cheaply by non-dentists who have not paid for all the training and licensure requirements of dentists. 12-13-15
Obama Administration Ordered to Disclose Mug Shots  
A "mug shot" is a picture, also called a "booking photo," which is taken by law enforcement of a suspect charged with a crime. Often mug shots show the face and upper shoulders of the suspect standing next to a height measurement on the wall, so that it records how tall he is. 11-22-15
Missouri Supreme Court Restricts Photo Tickets  
Multiple decisions by the Missouri Supreme Court in August erect formidable roadblocks against photo-based traffic ticketing. In the past decade, many camera-based, automated ticketing systems have been installed around our country, typically at traffic lights. 10-28-15
Second Amendment Extended to Illegal Aliens  
This case presented a dilemma for a liberal federal appellate judge in Chicago, forcing a choice between two unattractive results. Should the Second Amendment be expanded in scope to include illegal aliens -- or should illegal aliens be denied a constitutional right available to citizens? Liberals are no friend of the Second Amendment, but they do want illegal aliens to have the same rights as citizens. 10-11-15
Court Statistics Expose the Left's Influence  
In the recently concluded Term of the U.S. Supreme Court, the Obama Administration won only 8 cases in which the U.S. Government was a party, while losing 13. Liberal Justices were willing to vote against Obama. But most of these cases were insignificant, and liberals were not willing to vote with conservatives on any of the landmark cases before the Court. As a result, the Left won nearly all of them.  09-13-15
Regulatory State Loses on Last Day  
In a decision held until the last day of its Term, the U.S. Supreme Court delivered a stunning setback to environmentalists by requiring the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to consider the costs of new regulations before imposing them on the public. This decision sets a good precedent extending far beyond the facts of the case.  08-28-15
Obamacare is now 'SCOTUScare'  
For millions of Americans, their participation in Obamacare is propped up by subsidies from the federal government in the form of tax credits. This law, whose official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, provided for subsidies to flow to those who enroll on "an Exchange established by the State."  08-21-15
A Roe v. Wade on Marriage, by 5-4  
By a margin of only 5-4, the U.S. Supreme Court held that millennia of tradition on marriage is wrong, the vast majority of the States are wrong, and the Bible is wrong. The Court invented a new constitutional right to same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges, and thereby engaged in judicial supremacy reminiscent of Roe v. Wade. The Court demands that all 50 States, and all territories of the United States, begin performing same-sex marriages despite local laws prohibiting them.  08-05-15
Big Brother Is Watching Your Cell Phone Calls  
The full Eleventh Circuit, sitting en banc, upheld the power of government to obtain, without a search warrant, the locations of anyone's cell phone conversations. The Court declared that no American has any expectation of privacy in his whereabouts when he makes or receives a cell phone call. 07-23-15
Rare Loss for Free Speech  
Free speech claims before the U.S. Supreme Court have almost always won in recent years. An unlimited right to sell violent video games to children, for example, was established by calling it free speech. The Court also recently struck down an overall monetary limit on campaign donations, by viewing it as free speech. And the Court invalidated, on free speech grounds, a federal law that punished people who lie about having received military honors, known as "stolen valor." 07-12-15

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Book Monitor
In December of 2015, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post, titled "The kind of president we need." A synopsis of his op-ed might say that Gates hopes for a truthful, resolute, problem-solving, and unifying President, who understands that power is divided among three branches of government.  06-09-16
Crouching Tiger   
While America focuses elsewhere, the Communist Chinese regime and its citizens quietly gear up to overtake the world, militarily and economically. Little attention is being paid to China, Chinese-Russian, or Chinese-North Korean alliances, as evidenced by presidential debates that don't even include it on agendas. Meanwhile, China is waging economic warfare on the U.S. and is preparing for military domination, of at least its region.  05-29-16
Social Justice Isn't What You Think It Is   
Reclaiming the term "social justice" from progressives may seem as hopeless as saving the word gay or retrieving the rainbow from its appropriation by homosexual activists. But authors Novak and Adams make a valiant effort.  05-14-16
Wealth, Poverty, and Politics   
The latest book by this renowned economist exposes false narratives about wealth, as attained by nations and by individuals. He eviscerates progressive redistribution as a means of achieving "equality," and proves that outcomes vary according to effort, not strictly by chance or birthright.  04-28-16
With passage of the $1.15 trillion budget in December of 2015, it's clear that politicians are pushing the U.S. toward fiscal catastrophe. This book examines the specific ways government policies betray young Americans, who will ultimately pay the price.  04-05-16
The Complete Infidel's Guide to ISIS   
2015 ended with terrorist attacks in Beirut, Paris, and San Bernardino, California. These killings were carried out or encouraged by the Islamic State (ISIS), a Caliphate that has far-reaching goals, wields great power, and is wealthy.  03-22-16
Truth Overruled   Truth Overruled first establishes that the Supreme Court made a grave mistake in the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, which forces all states to grant same-sex marriage licenses. Anderson proves this by recapping the opinions of the dissenting Justices.  01-31-16
Point of Attack   
Point of Attack makes the case that modern wars will often be fought within nations, rather than between them, and that recent and likely future threats will come from rogue nations, rather than from major powers.  01-13-16
Self-Evident Truths   
The principles upon which the U.S. government was based must be understood and followed in order for liberty to prevail. Self-Evident Truths is an excellent introduction to civics or a refresher course for anyone seeking the truth about America's government.  12-24-15
A Time for Truth   
Senator Ted Cruz hears Democrat, Republican, Independent, and Libertarian Americans all saying the same thing: "Our elected officials aren't listening to us." Cruz is a Senator who can be trusted to challenge Democrats or Republicans when they discount the wishes of the voters.  12-03-15
The Silencing   
Kirsten Powers, a Fox News contributor and USA Today columnist, is concerned that free speech is being limited, hushed, or destroyed by those on the left. Her assertions are especially powerful since she is a Democrat. Powers exposes the instigators, as well as showing who is targeted for "silencing."  11-11-15
American Made   
Dan DiMicco is a former CEO of Nucor, the largest and most profitable U.S. steel company. In 2010, the Harvard Business Review named him to its list of the 100 best-performing CEOs. He's also a former Dept. of Commerce advisor.  10-18-15
Takedown was released before five Supreme Court judges made same-sex marriage legal in the entire nation. Paul Kengor points out the absurd situation in which we find ourselves: that those who suggest using caution, of sticking with natural law and biblical law, with biology and tradition, are treated as the extremists!  09-22-15
¡Adios, America!   
Ann Coulter says, "America's suicidal immigration policies are the single biggest threat facing the nation." In ¡Adios, America!, the bestselling author sheds light on the plight of an America that is allowing people to flood over the borders. She says the demise of the nation and the safety of its citizens are at stake.  08-27-15
The Pity Party   
Modern American policies are often decided based on emotions, particularly that of pity. "A nation increasingly dependent on heartrending anecdotes to focus and activate its sense of justice is one that's losing the capacity for moral and abstract reasoning," according to William Voegeli.  08-09-15
The Black Book of the American Left   
The third volume of David Horowitz's collected writings begins with the 2001 terrorist attacks and covers the War on Terror.  07-19-15
Crimes of the Educators   
This important deconstruction and explanation of everything that is wrong with American education today should be required reading for parents, educators, legislators, and any American who wants to see our nation survive.  07-09-15

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Newsletter Online
January / February 2016  
Who Should Be Allowed to Enter the U.S.?
Speaking aboard the USS York-town on the 74th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, businessman Donald Trump called on our government to stop letting Muslims enter the United States "until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on." Trump's profanity was justified by the revelation that the Muslim wife who helped her Muslim husband massacre 14 people in San Bernardino received a visa from our government, which gave her official permission to enter the United States last year. She legally traveled from Saudi Arabia to San Bernardino and married her U.S.- born Pakistani fiancé, with whom she jointly plotted jihad against Americans.  Click here for the full story.
Update on China's Fake Alcohol Industry
Drinkers should think twice before consuming cocktails at Chi­nese bars. Recent reports indicate that despite the recent crackdowns on counterfeit alcohol, the legiti­mate alcohol industry in China is still plagued by a huge black mar­ket. This fake alcohol is usually illegally made - and completely unregulated - or, more commonly, is just a cheap but legal liquor that is then rebottled and passed off as an expensive name brand. Brown-Forman, the maker of Jack Daniel's whiskey, estimates that about 30% of the alcohol found in China is fake.  Click here for the full story.
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