Book Monitor

Jesus on Trial:
A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel 

David Limbaugh

After his personal examination of Christianity, David Limbaugh concluded that "mainstream culture's disdain and disrespect for the intellectual integrity of Christianity is unwarranted, and its conceited assumption that Christian beliefs are a product of blind faith, bereft of reason and intellect, is completely false."

Jesus on Trial portrays Limbaugh's journey from skeptic to true believer. He states that "at a certain point I could no longer deny the overwhelming weight of the evidence in favor of Christianity." He explains that death was the reason for Jesus' life because His death meant our salvation. Jesus was also a way God revealed himself to us.

Limbaugh relates Scripture, stories of those who were transformed by their faith, and events that could only be divinely orchestrated. Combining his own insights with the writings of theologians, Biblical scholars, and leading Christians, he determines that the Bible is the word of God. He invites readers to enjoy the peace and fulfillment of an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Limbaugh says, "Our children are bombarded with secularist indoctrination from the culture, our educational institutions, the media, and the entertainment industry, all of which tend to glamorize secularism and disparage -- and often demonize -- Christianity."

Although he recommends that someone new to Scripture might read The Daily Bible by F. LaGard Smith, which is arranged chronologically into 365 days, Limbaugh suggests eventually reading from Genesis through to Revelations.

Limbaugh provides clear and insightful explanations for what can seem paradoxical, like God's sovereignty and our need for personal responsibility. He touches on archaeological proofs and the problems inherent in Darwinism.

The author believes it's good to engage Christianity on an intellectual basis, along with belief due to faith. Limbaugh quotes scholars who state 27% of the Bible is predictive and of that, about half of those prophecies have come to pass, giving credence to a belief that the rest will also occur.

Limbaugh's book would make an ideal read for one who is doubting, for one who has never doubted, or for anyone in between. For the believer, Limbaugh quotes: "But in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you." (1 Peter 3:15) Jesus on Trial prepares one to offer just that defense. For doubters, Limbaugh suggests: "Come to God with a contrite, open, and humble heart. Seek Him in earnest and you will find him."

(Regnery Publishing, 2014, 406 pp., $30.99)