Book Monitor

What Women Really Want

Ann-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany, and Dr. Gina Loudon

The authors of What Women Really Want came from different backgrounds to arrive at their conservative viewpoints. Together they own a website, PolitiChicks, that provides news, commentary, and interviews with conservatives from many walks of life. The website allows conservatives to speak their minds and encourages readers to actively take control of events, rather than just watching them unfold.

Ann-Marie Murrell's family supported Democrats and she was one, until the 2001 attacks. She gradually saw the errors of progressive thought and finally registered as a Republican on Sept. 12, 2001.

Morgan Brittany grew up as a Hollywood actress and saw the liberal bias of the entertainment world early on. She decided she could no longer "go along to get along" and finally spoke of her conservative ideals, even though she knew it would harm her career.

Gina Loudon rejected the teachings of her liberal father and expressed her own conservative heart, although it greatly harmed her relationship with him.

A concern of the authors is that conservatives have been falsely accused of waging a "war on women." They maintain that Democrats have, in fact, waged a war on all Americans by attacking our values, liberty, and security, and by ruining the economy.

What Women Really Want describes the entertainment industry's slide from quality entertainment into immoral, anti-Christian depravity that uses the shock value of reality television shows that reward the lowest of behaviors. The book says the mainstream news media has been biased ever since the days of Walter Cronkite, who claimed to tell it like it was but who actually had an agenda.

The authors offer suggestions for changing the nation and halting the communication-stifling rigidity of political correctness. They say the time to be part of a silent majority is over and they encourage talking politics on blogs, on social media, and especially with friends and family. The authors also encourage conservative women and men to run for office.

Grassroots efforts and routinely calling or writing to politicians puts them on notice that you listen to what they say and watch how they vote.

According to the authors, the more people speak up, the harder it will be to deceive the public. Progressives, who they call "statists," should be aware that many Americans join the PolitiChicks in saying, "I see what you have been doing now, and you can't do it anymore."

(WND Books, 2014, 223 pp., $25.95)