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Arab Winter Comes to America:
The Truth About the War We're In 

Robert Spencer

There is a "jihad against talking about jihad" in America, according to author Robert Spencer, who for years gave briefings on Islam to the FBI and various military and intelligence communities. He no longer offers them his expertise since the nation has been conditioned to demonize and marginalize those who voice resistance to Islamic encroachment.

Arab Winter Comes to America warns readers of the dangers we face now that anyone who examines Islam is labeled a bigot. Since 2012, the Obama administration has "purged more than one thousand documents and presentations from counterterror training material" from the FBI and other agencies. This was done to assuage concerns from Islamic groups that teaching law enforcement the truth about the intent of Islam, as expressed in the Qur'an, is considered "Islamophobic."

Islamophobia is the "politically correct label used to suggest that any criticism of Islam must arise from an irrational fear of and prejudice against Muslims."

The Qur'an exhorts Muslims to "commit acts of violence against unbelievers." It targets Jews and Christians, and states that the world must either accept Allah or become subjugated to his followers. Four separate studies conducted independently of one another between 1998 and 2011 all found that over 75% of U.S. mosques were "teaching jihad, Islamic supremacism, and hatred and contempt for Jews and Christians."

The 2009 killings at Fort Hood continue to be called "workplace violence" by the Department of Defense, although it was clearly a terrorist attack. The Boston Marathon bombers' Islamic beliefs are not incidental to what they did but rather the reason for what they did. Russia warned the FBI about the dangers posed by the Tsarnaev brothers but the FBI failed to flag them. Has the scrubbing of information about Muslim extremists from their training rendered FBI agents incapable of or afraid of identifying extremists?

The aim of Muslim organizations is to shut up critics, not to protect the persecuted. A 2009 FBI report on hate crimes showed that 75% were perpetrated against Jews, while only 8% were reportedly against Muslims. Islamic groups encourage Muslim-Americans to refuse to help law enforcement identify potential extremists.

The author offers five measures that should be taken immediately to protect Americans but states that in the current political climate "none of these recommendations will be adopted."

(Regnery Publishing, 2014, 288 pp., $27.99)