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Nov. 8, 1998
Let's Celebrate "World Freedom Day"

F.R. Duplantier

by: F.R. Duplantier

November 9th is the anniversary of the most important event in modern history. You lived through it yourself, and you probably don't even know what it is!

"November 9, 1989 is probably the most important date of the 20th century," declares Arnold Beichman of the Hoover Institution. "On that night," he recalls, "the Berlin Wall, symbol of a cold war which might have gone nuclear, came down. It was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union, its mastery of Eastern Europe, an end to the Kremlin's dream of a globalized communism."

In a Washington Times commentary, Beichman argues that November 9, 1989 "symbolizes mankind's liberation from the fear of the victory of totalitarian communism and the peril of nuclear confrontation." He considers this historic date "more important then V-E Day 1945, because, however terrible was World War II, the risk of global extinction did not then exist. So why has November 9th been forgotten?" Beichman asks. "The answer," he responds, "is not complicated.

"The man responsible for that victory over communist totalitarianism, President Reagan, is still the target of the left-liberal media monopoly and the academic social science profession," Beichman explains. "It is this camarillo which decides about presidents: who are villains and who are heroes, who are the great presidents and who are the failed presidents. As far as the left-liberal media monopoly and American social scientists are concerned, Mr. Reagan is the great failure. Since such a thesis flies in the face of historical fact, the camarillo has fallen back on an old technique -- ignore the Reagan presidency by pretending it never happened."

Beichman insists that "any objective reading of the historical record would show that the fall of communism . . . happened under President Reagan -- not overnight but by a campaign of steady resistance which included Angola, Grenada, Star Wars, Central America, Libya. It was a campaign which included an arms program that had amplitude and, consequently, credibility." Beichman emphasizes that "this victory came without bloodshed, without marching armies or armies of occupation, with little or no loss of life, without nuclear fallout." He recommends the establishment of an international holiday on November 9th, to be celebrated annually as World Freedom Day.

Such a holiday would surely be a more appropriate way to honor the greatest President of the 20th Century than some gargantuan government structure in which bureaucrats perpetually plot to delimit his legacy. What a fine counterpoint its voluntary celebration would make to the martial and mandatory May Day extravaganzas of tired old tyrants. How unsettling it would be for these dying despots to wonder, each November 9th, just how many of their oppressed peoples are celebrating this forbidden holiday in spirit if not in body! With each passing year, God willing, the celebration of World Freedom Day would grow more prevalent and more energetic as new nations throw off the shackles of their slave masters and participate openly for the first time. Then maybe, one November 9th, decades hence, World Freedom Day would be celebrated for the first time by every single country on earth.

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