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1997 Column Index

January 5, 1997

Union Wages War On Small Business

Prescribing Ritalin For Misbehavior

"Anti-Terrorists" Pose Threat Too!

January 12, 1997

Capitalists Should Crow, Not Cower

Foundations Are Buying Legislation

Ford Foundation Funds Its Flunkies

January 19, 1997

In America, Breaking Up Is Easy To Do

Working Women Eschew Victimhood

Senselessness Of Defenselessness

January 26, 1997

Pay No Attention To This Warning!

EPA's Halloween Memo Is A Scream!

Fallacy & Folly Of Fool-Proofing


February 2, 1997

Privatization Is Good For Taxpayers

Middle Class Is Hooked on Handouts

HUD Wages War on Neighborhoods

February 9, 1997

Congress Should Judge the Judges

Anthony Lake Is Wrong Man for Job

Media Refused to Accept Hiss's Guilt

February 16, 1997

This Century's Greatest President

Reagan Rescued Us From Defeatism

Al Gore Theme: "If I Had A Hammer"

February 23, 1997

Offering a Choice in Tax Assessment

Pols Favor False "Privatization"

Pull The Plug On Electric Monopoly!


March 2, 1997

Russians Plan To Circumvent Treaty

Weapons Treaty Is Seriously Flawed

1996 Books Are Still Worth Reading

March 9, 1997

Time To Condemn Subsidized Housing

Judge Bork Says, "Stop Slouching!"

Acting Like Apes Instead Of Angels

March 16, 1997

Missle Defense Is Urgently Needed

A Job Training Program That Works

Those All-Natural Know-It-Alls

March 23, 1997

Overdosers Are Dying For Attention

Capital Punishment: An Act Of Mercy

This Gift Is Yours, Absolutely Free!


April 6, 1997

President Clinton's Place in History

What Is The Purpose Of The Military?

Stand Up For The Ten Commandments!

April 13, 1997

Temporary Cuts & Permanent Hikes

The Key To Campaign Finance Reform

Loot, Loot, Loot For The Home Team

April 20, 1997

We Don't Owe The U.N.; They Owe Us!

The Gulf War Syndrome Cover-Up

Military Strength Is Best Deterrent

April 27, 1997

Will the Senate Wink at Vote Fraud?

Bogus Balloting in "The Big Easy"

Voting's A Sure Thing For Gamblers!


May 4, 1997

Usurpation Is Not "Good Behavior"

Training Good Little Worker Bees

The Common Sense Of Ward Connerly

May 11, 1997

Why Are We Being So Nice To China?

Policies That Promote Persecution

Getting a Law Degree the Hard Way

May 18, 1997

Put the Kibosh on Condescending Kids

A Professor of Constitutional Law

Big Government is Corrupting America

May 25, 1997

You Don't Know What You're Missing!

How Much Will We Pay For Low Prices?

Proposed Changes Patently Ridiculous


June 1, 1997

Smoke & Mirrors of Tobacco Litigation

No Right to Make an Ass of Yourself

Dying to Legalize Drugs & Euthanasia

June 8, 1997

Clinton's Cornucopia of Corruption

Clinton Can't Tell Right From Huang

Union's Arrogance Will Be Its Undoing

June 15, 1997

A British Journalist Looks at Clinton

Don't Stop Thinking About Mañana!

Why School-to-Work Will Never Work

June 22, 1997

Squandering Social Security's Surplus

Military Leadership: Mincing in Action

Too Much Data, Too Little Wisdom

June 29, 1997

(Teaching) Reading Is Fundamental

Teaching the Teacher Unions a Lesson

The Degradation of Independence

---------------------------------------------------------- hre----------------------------

July 6, 1997

Preparing for the Unpredictable

Free Love, Safe Sex: False Advertising!

NEA: The Lewd, the Bad, and the Ugly

July 13, 1997

Sure-Fire Way to Save Social Security

What Ails Medicare: Central Planning

Run for Your Lives, It's Gridzilla!

July 20, 1997

Vince Foster's Death Still a Mystery

Pinpointing Persistent Predators

Rangers Neglecting "Bear Necessities"

July 27, 1997

'Power Elite' Precipitate Public Panics

Sixty Minutes Offers Toxic Television

Dial P for Panic on Cellular Phones


August 3, 1997

Conservative Pursuit of Unhappiness

It's Time to Deregulate the Individual

Three Big Lies That Hollywood Tells

August 10, 1997

End Welfare for the More Fortunate!

Congress Must Give Us Honest Money

Most Favored or Most Threatening?

August 17, 1997

Who's Running The Republican Party?

Is it Just Me, or Is it Not Getting Hot?

The "Acid Reign" of Air-Quality Czars

August 24, 1997

Workers Labor Under Misconceptions

Will You Please, Please, Please Behave?

August 31, 1997

PeTA Puts Pet Owners in the Doghouse

NAFTA Faces Strong Court Challenge

You Get What You Pay For, or Do You?


September 7, 1997

The Real Purpose of "Campaign Reform"

We Can Learn a Lesson from Kentucky

I'm Okay, You're Okay, We're Both Stupid

September 14, 1997

Lehman Declares War on Unreadiness

It Takes Village to Raise Village Idiots

September 21, 1997

Treaty More Dangerous than Warming

EPA & UN Power Grabs Bode Ill For U.S.

Heritage Audit Smacks of Intimidation

September 28, 1997

Congress in Contempt of Constitution

If the Brits Can Do It, So Can the Yanks!

Making Sense of the Official U.S. Census


October 5, 1997

Get The "Village" Off The Family's Back

Fomenting Class Envy with Tax Myths

A Permanent Ruling Class in Congress

October 12, 1997

Put an End to Public School Monopoly

Advice for the Voter: Caveat Emptor!

Lending a Hand or Twisting an Arm?

October 19, 1997

May We Use Our Own Property, Please?

Another Scandal for the Smorgasbord

Put an End to the Lawyers' Monopoly

October 26, 1997

Uncle Sam is Saving Us from Ourselves

Welfare For (Or Warfare On) the Poor

Top Lawyers are "Deeply Concerned"


November 2, 1997

Opposition to Treaty Is Growing Daily

Jury System Requires Qualified Jurors

Is it Time For NATO to Close up Shop?

November 9, 1997

Employment Law Limits Opportunities

Mandatory Charity Is an Oxymoron

Every Man a Millionaire! Hey, Why Not?

November 16, 1997

Treaty Is Act of Aggression Against U.S.

How The Government Gets in The Way

Did Your School Make The Honor Roll?

November 23, 1997

Global Warming Is Greatest Hoax Ever

Socialism, Not Warming, Is the Problem

Beware Al Gore's Vision For America

November 30, 1997

Hard-Core Pornographers like Clinton

Taxpayers Lose Big on Sports Subsidies

Top Cops Make Sure Crime Doesn't Pay


Christmas Poem: A Visit From the Christ Child

December 7, 1997

Lott Should Put Warming Treaty on Ice

Clinton Seeks Unilateral Disarmament

Go Not Abroad in Search of Monsters!

December 14, 1997

Scary Truth About Global Governance

Two New Books That Cannot Be Ignored

Will Clinton Spare Us An Impeachment?

December 21, 1997

America Requires Strong Middle Class

The Pursuit of Happiness, but What Kind?

Show Gratitude For The Gift of America

December 28, 1997

Socialism Is Hazardous to Your Health

A Dose of Socialism for Sexagenarians

Grant Puerto Rico Independence in 1998

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